Thailand! A Nation Passionate For Its Eats

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 19, 2016

Thai Food: An internationally acclaimed cuisine that needs no introduction for itself, one that every food blogger talks about. Innumerable restaurants, recipes and even street food stalls can be located if one needs to ponder about it. 

It is said that Thailand is very particular about its food; the first question that they would come up with is “Can I offer you something to eat?” You say it’s courtesy; we call it their depth for the travellers, locals and food!

And when we learnt about this heartwarming nature of Thailand and its people what we thought was to explore into the streets and restaurants of Thailand. You know how much we may try to cook a Thai dish but the authenticity, seemingly boundless fragrances and flavors can only be experienced at the magical land itself!

Thailand is blessed with numerous restaurants, cafés and street food, hence talking about them in a full swing may not be a just thing. Therefore, today we will be focusing on the Top 5 restaurants of Thailand, their specials and menu! 

Okay, before beginning let us tip you with an advice. The best way to judge a Thai Restaurant is not through its ambiance, interiors or menu but the crowd where you get to know about its popularity and variety.

Le Normandie Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental The 5 course tasting menu lunch is actually a value for money than the a’la carte or enhanced tasting menu on offer and the dishes served are absolutely cracking. The restaurant staff is charming and full of hospitality. Some of the dishes that can be mentioned are frog’s legs ravioli, truffle and artichoke cream soup and halibut with mustard foam and fennel cream sauce.

DID - Dine in the Dark Dine in the Dark serves a mystery, prix fixe 3-course menu of Modern European cuisine. DID promises one of the most unique restaurant experiences you’ll ever have. Although the concept at Dine in the Dark Bangkok is quite self-explanatory, nothing can prepare you for the moment you actually step inside the pitch black room, try to find your seat, and realize you’re about to have a full four course meal without seeing a thing.

Jin Chieng Seng by Inn A Day Jin Chieng Seng has a good reputation for their Pad Thai. The Pad Thai is a tasty and well made with fresh prawns, one of the best one can have when talking about full-fledged restaurants in Bangkok. The food in general seems to be made with western taste buds in mind, but without losing the «balance». A perfect spot to relax and eat some very good food for lunch after the must visit Wat Pho nearby.

Tsu Japanese Restaurant Bangkok has quite a choice of Sunday Brunches, but only one is a full-scale high quality Japanese: The Tsu and Nami at JW Marriott Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road. Tsu and Nami are actually two distinct Japanese restaurants in this luxurious hotel. Stepping inside this large but welcoming restaurant is a bit overwhelming: there is food everywhere!

Nami Teppanyaki Steakhouse This is a vibrant, family-friendly restaurant, offering premium cuts of steak, lamb and seafood, which is prepared on a hot plate directly in front of you. The highly trained chefs banter with patrons as they whip up their meals with precision and skill. It is evident that this restaurant is a popular choice for special occasions like birthdays, and the staff is both friendly and attentive.

And it was a wrap with the five restaurants of Thailand which you can visit and next we’ll come up with the street foods of Thailand!