Things You Must Carry To Make Your Adventure Trip Better!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Feb 24, 2017

Traveling with friends is so much fun and if it’s an adventure trip then it’s like cherry on the cake as the escapade aligned with bonding gives a divine feeling. 

Yeah, hearing your friend shrieking seeing the depth of the trench or fearing from the coming waves in the sea and later making fun of it, all is part of the adventurous trip apart from the struggles!

The best part about adventure trip is that we don’t have to make a lot of preparations like matching shoes, clothes accessories; instead, we have to pick the least stuffs which are very essential to carry. 

Let’s check out what are the essential things that can make your adventure trip more fun. 

Crib nets

Carry a crib net made up of nylon to take a safe and peaceful sleep after a long and tired day amidst your trip. As it is packed and can be used as a hammock it is easier to install and also protects you from the dangerous insects in the jungle. 

Sleeping bag

As you cannot get find hotels or motels in the jungle do carry a sleeping bag to help your body relax after the tiring day. They are compact to carry hence can be adjusted in your back pack. 


Doesn’t it feel awesome to lie down beneath the glittering sky, surrounded by trees? If yes then you must carry a tent along so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep in the lap of nature.

Life Jacket

Is water sport a part of your adventure trip then do carry a life jacket along to enjoy river rafting in full swing. 


Quiet an old thing but very useful if going for camping in a jungle then it’s advisable to carry this lantern. Kerosene is its energy source and its lights can be adjusted.  

Burner Multi-Purpose Torch

Another useful tool is the multi-purpose burner torch which can also help you open up cans and twist locks etc.