Travel Thailand To Experience The Best Times Of Your Lifetime!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Sep 27, 2018

This Thailand Travel guide will help you find the best places to visit, best things to do, how long to stay, and how to travel on a budget. Read on below to find out how to make your trip to Thailand - the best one!

A country like Thailand is quite a wonderful choice as you can experience the best things there and create many new and best experiences of your lifetime. With being a country that offers a magnificent nature, a rich culture and history, and offers a friendly population and a great cuisine having rich colour and great appearance as in taste. For many travellers, Thailand will be the ideal choice in Southeast Asia and probably it is the first trip that becomes one of a great series.

Our Thailand travel guide is here that will help you with some great travel suggestions and will help you get most on your trip to Thailand. Before beginning, we have rounded up with some simple guidelines below that are aimed for first-time travellers to the country.

Tourism has been growing everywhere in the kingdom since the 1970s. It has several highlights and points that make our visit to these amazing places a time to remember. Today, you can be a part of this well-trodden trail and can indulge in developed travel infrastructure and take out time to take any pain out of travel here. Moderately, it is easy to get around and roam around the regional standard which is quite affordable as the country attracts a vast number of tourists from different places from all corners of the globe.

With a population of 65,068,149 of different religions and caste, you easily adjust and can communicate with the local in Thai, English (secondary language of the elite), ethnic and regional dialects. So, get ready for a joyous ride and book in your flight seats to Thailand from ส่วนลด Expedia and enjoy great deals and discount that allow you to save while travelling.

Absolute highlights

Thailand is a country located in Southeastern Asia, prepares a solid stroke and offers great appealing attractions that are a must see by everyone. When you will visit here, you can create many beautiful memories with some must-see places in Thailand which are sure shouldn't be missed out on your trip. Choose from among some best choices from rates of tropical islands, various places of interesting ruins, trekking destinations in the north and, for those who are seeking an exceptional megalopolis experience, definitely the nation’s capital Bangkok will never mislead you.

Here are few places to visit in Thailand:


The Bangkok country tends to settle at number one choice to travel in Thailand. Here you can find the majestic Chao Phraya River, Bangkok expresses this all good and bad about an Asian mega-city. The city expects to offer something for everyone and the delicious street food, offbeat nightclubs, the serene yoga classes and some more adventures make you enjoy the colourful market shopping. Stay in Bangkok using ส่วนลด and enjoy great facilities on your stay.

Chiang Mai

There is no doubt that Chiang Mai is undoubtedly a place that has something to offer in bulk. You can visit this Thailand’s northern capital, and expect the fewer people around. The Chiang Mai will definitely let you expect the best thing and will let you hope the town with glittering temples, wonderful restaurants and comprehensive shopping markets, all of which can be enjoyed in on foot.

Historic Ruins

The three destinations is a favourable point to travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. These places are home to important historic ruins and are dated back as the 13th century. You can further explore both Sukhothai and Ayutthaya as these places are former capitals and the most popularly visited place to choose. The Kamphaeng Phet is a province in Thailand and one of the most popular choices to travel and appeals those who want to look little off beaten at the trial.


With so much variety and offering a calm environment, Thailand is a place that tends to make it wary of choosing undeniable faves, there are four different islands that are sure the first choice and difficult to beat. Being the Ko Pha Ngan is a highlight for its unusual variety that tends to offer beaches with affordable accommodation. When you will lay back here, you can own a bo-ho laidback vibe and know how the tourism can exist in harmony and peace with some serene option like the tranquil rhythm of the islanders and Ko Kut upmarket making beaches look gorgeous.

Popular Destinations

Here are some popular destinations in Thailand that attract a great number of tourists from all over the world.


If you long for a short trip then plan to visit natural national parks, cavernous caves, dignified rivers, ponds, watercourses and churches. For many though, this place will take them to a back area where they can look at the wider history of the railway as popular as World War II history.


Pai is a popular town in the Mae Hong Soon Province of northern Thailand. It was once a sleepy and fairly remote Shan town. The town is near the valley of the bank and if you want to enjoy a good time then the wanderer of today will be able to create a young traveller on the first trip to Thailand and will take away many beautiful memories with them.

Nong Khai

Do you want the best nearby area that offers you an awe-inspiring place and some of the best locations that are worth a visit? When you visit this Northeastern province, you will be welcomed by the Mekong River within earshot of Laos, Nong Khai that brag magnificent landscapes, waterfalls and forest temples cuddled up into its surroundings. This place is a mix of affordable accommodation, yummy food and what not - from seeing one quirky yet awe-inspiring sculpture to enjoying the appealing destination.

Hua Hin

It is one of the most exotic seaside resorts that offer a big white-sand beach having a thriving scene, tacky tourist sites, seedy bars, hills, golf courses and early 20th-century architecture. Probably here you will be welcomed with much exciting, hastily developed streets, violent plug, exaggerated prices, family-friendly resorts and lots of European retirees. No matter you like it or not, Hua Hin has all the character of its own.


Krabi is a west coast province characterized by a mash-up of funky bars, sense mangrove forests, sheer limestone cliffs, western restaurants and old-school markets, and much more. By visiting the most popular beaches of the destination like Phi Phi islands are the best choice to visit and come with your family to have a fun and fascinating town, also known as Krabi.

What things you can do in Thailand?

For many people having an active Thai holiday might just mean walking and strolling over 20-metre stroll from the hammock to the ocean. But if you are one of those looking for Lord of Rings in a hammock then Thailand fulfils your desire to try such fun things to do.

Learn to dive

The most interesting thing to try your hand at is to learn diving. Ko Tao (or Ko Phi Phi, or any number of other islands) are quite popular places in Thailand where you can learn on diving, also try your hand at rock climbing, particularly by Railway Bay, is the world-class option.

Cooking courses and food walks

Plan to visit the floating market in Thailand and there you can do a cooking course and take a food walk. Both these activities are petty popular and must try in Bangkok’s many floating markets.


If you are in the Northern region of Thailand and want to do trekking then going at Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Son and Pai are all trekking centres that offers a great option to have fun. The trips will lead you to an exciting area where you can visit or stay in a monitory village. You can book your stay by using ส่วนลด that offers you various options of hotel rooms at the best rates.

Courses and personal improvement

You might visit any Thai town, you will be welcomed by one wat (temple) that offers no scarcity to visit and doing meditation courses will also be the best option to try. There are varied languages courses too that offer you different techniques and knowledge and let you learn especially in Chiang Mai. By getting into involved with yoga, high-speed and detox retreats, you will be taken by the more hostile approach and get pampered in most audacious time.


Thailand is a country that offers you an impressive collection of festivals and gave you a reason to make your trip more interesting by getting involved into the water festival of Songkran (Thai new year) which arrives in the mid-April and is known as the biggest festival of all. You might also want to indulge in the rocket festival and Phi Ta Khon in the northeast of the country. Both these areas will let you enjoy the surroundings nationwide Loi Krathong, and make your trip more remarkable (and colourful) imminent into living in Thailand.

How much travelling to Thailand will cost?

When you are travelling to Thailand for the first time, then it is essential that you make a good budget and do not exceed that budget. Your budget will depend based on the number of places you travel and on the basis of your style of travelling.

For instance, the type of hotel room you book, the transport option you choose, the flight seats you book – these all things can be sorted if you book your deals using from ส่วนลด Expedia and from ส่วนลด

Also, you should keep control with the other things you try while travelling like eating street food, not drinking too much alcohol, travelling using cheap transport and steering clear of heavily touristed (and budget-friendly) destinations. By ensuring these things you can easily survive and save huge money.

Get controlled by watching out for fancy pants dorms which will cost you heavy and might misbalance your whole budget.

Here are few more additional tips:

Take advantage of Thailand’s happy hour 

When you have decided that you could have the best time in Thailand, then the best way is to take advantage of Thailand happy hour when the drinks will be half-priced and will have 2-for-1 specials.


Nothing can be cheaper than sleeping for free? What do you think? If you somehow cannot able to find best budget deals then you can choose Couch surfing that connects you with locals and will allow you to live at a place where you will not only get a free place to stay but also a local tour guide will help you introduce with great places to see. 

For how long to travel around Thailand?

How long have you got?! After deciding on your budget, think about your number of days you can afford to stay. For a first-time traveller who is just planning to see the most top places and just a bit of Bangkok, and say Kanchanaburi or Ko Samet, then one- week would be enough and can taste what country has to offer.

But surely, Thailand is a country that really deserves to spend a good amount of time and needs at least a two-week for this, we suggest. 

If you are someone who really cannot just spend your holiday at one place but wish to see all the best attractions of the country then the best option is to take time of at least four weeks of time. And to stretch this much longer, you can make a big budget and look for a visa-free stay by extending your stay for a couple of weeks in the north and a couple of weeks in the southern area.

Also, make sure you are familiarizing with Thailand’s best visa rules. As sometimes, the rules may change very often and can be chaotically, complicating and but knowing if you can make the process simple.