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Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Nov 29, 2017

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When it comes to keeping little tummies filled with healthy ingredients, then suddenly a steep grocery bill bumps into the concerns. Making it Quickly and conveniently is also the prime concern when it comes to snacking during a busy schedule.

But now preparing a budgeted snacks for are these days really affordable and can be really reasonable. Even now you can make it a bit healthy and even easy when you make large batches this will last for you the whole week. Plus, some of these healthy snack recipes are kid-chef friendly and easy to make with some little helping hands.

Big C is the best platform that will serve you with the best snacking options that will also let you enjoy your meal within your budget.

Cheese Broccoli Bites


Adding cheese to veggies is a classic trick for getting kids to eat their greens, but these are just ridiculously delicious.

Black Bean Brownies


Beans are magical little bits of healthiness, and these delectable brownies are as simple as they are scrumptious.

Grape Poppers


On those rare occasions, you want to give your kids a sugary treat, these candy-coated poppers can still be an opportunity to give them their daily serving of fruit. You can also swap the sprinkles for chopped nuts!

Banana Muffins


Sweetly flavored coatings that give you proper health benefits with a full taste. Hiding a fruit and a vegetable in a sweet little muffin?

Fruit Jelly Squares


Make a classic treat wholesome with real fruit juice. The kids can even help you make this sweet snack.

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