Which is the Best Month to visit Phuket

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 19, 2019


As a traveller, one expects to visit a place on the very best of occasion to ensure that he or she may get to see the better side of the destination when everything is at its peak. Now here the thing which actually makes it more tricky is the kind of approach a traveller had towards travelling when he plans to explore a place. Some people are more interested in cultural activities and the social elements of the places whereas others take joy in exploring the natural landscapes and the flawless raw environment wildlife, there are those who relish architectural works and history while some are too adventurous to miss out on the adrenaline-pumping action.

This majorly depends upon the orientation of the person which decides the aptest time to visit a place as the whole purpose of the travel revolves around the theme of the person’s mind. So if you are visiting Phuket, what I would rather insist you is that you should go through the different aspects of weather and climatic conditions you are supposed to come across during the trip and then plan your travel itinerary in accordance. As far as booking is concerned, you don’t need to worry as you can always find the best discounts on travel bookings for Hotels in Phuket using the Hotels.com Code ส่วนลด and make sure to get the best value on your travel plans.

Month Wise Weather Pattern of Phuket

Month_Wise_Weather _Phuket

The basic climate of Phuket is tropical in nature and it is completely under the influence of the monsoon tidal currents rising out of the Indian Ocean throughout the year. Being an area close to the line of the equator, the temperature is naturally warm throughout the year and it is almost impossible for you to find yourself in any kind of discomfort if you don’t carry even a single warm cloth along with you. The seasons are inherently absent at large while some basic changes with the pattern of rainfall and the temperature are witnessed during these months.


The month starting from April right up to the last days of May, are particularly the hottest time period of the year. The temperature does tend to cool down a bit in June, July and August due to more frequent rainfalls but the heatwave strikes back from the month of September forcing people indoors due to extraordinary weather. The September and October are apparently the rainiest months of the year too and have an average humidity ration of over 75%. Being close to The Andaman Sea makes Phuket a bit cooler than other islands of the region.

Best Time to Travel Phuket - December to March


If you wish to enjoy the most during your trip, the best period for visiting Phuket would be during the months of December and March as it is usually less rainy than other months of the year. The cool breeze envelopes the surrounding making for a really present and lively atmosphere all around. Simply avail the Hotels.com Thailand to book your accommodation for hassle-free stays and enjoy your travel experience in luxury. The average temperature during this period of time is more than 24 degrees Celcius to 33-degree Celcius.

Hottest Season in Phuket - April to May


The best time of Phuket of certainly not from the hottest months of April to the month of May. The level of humidity is extremely high too making it, even more, hotter and congestible ti survive. There are various days which tend to feel even hotter than they actually are due to the increased level of humidity and precipitation in the environment.  These months are actually known for the Songkran  Festival wherein a range of different engaging activities can be explored by the traditional and cultural. In spite of being a popular tourist site, the beaches of Phuket are not as much crowded as some of the high potentials areas with the key population.

Heavy Rainfall Season in Phuket - September and October


The period between the month of September and early October is known for having a very dense and repetitive rainfall which makes it worst from the tourism point of view. The heavy rainfall and increasingly high volume of ocean tides make it a good time for the adventure seekers though and if you are one of those looking to get an experience beyond relative comfort and ease, this season is meant for you. The forest grows dense and the wildlife is also at its peak during this time. Book your resorts and hotels Thailand for the Phuket trip now using Hotels2Thailand to avail exclusive exciting offers.