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Black Friday Sale

This Black Friday get your hands on the appealing deals that you don’t want to miss and shop like never before from your favourite online stores in Thailand. The loaded discounts on brand new items of different categories like fashion, gadgets, homeware, and lifestyle will definitely fill your heart with joy. Discover the deals which are best for your pocket and start your Christmas celebration way ahead with flash sales, exclusive offers, fun games, and many more.

What is the Black Friday Sale?

One of the biggest shopping events Black Friday Sale arrives after American Thanksgiving Day to let people shop limitless at the discounted price with the various flash sales, hot deals and offers provided by both inline and online stores. 

This sale is no less than a saviour for those who have missed the 11.11 Sale, especially for the tech-lovers as you get another opportunity to have delightful savings by availing yourself of the Black Friday deals on electronics like Apple iPads, laptops, TV sets etc. without waiting for long. 

When does the sale take place?

You can enjoy the shopping season and holiday season together in the month of November as Black Friday Sale arrives the day after Thanksgiving Day so it won’t be wrong to say that you can shop enthusiastically while finishing the leftovers of the Thanksgiving meal. 

Prepare yourself to binge shop as soon as the clock hits 12:00 am on 26th November and continue till 11:59 pm to unlock the treasure of discount deals available for people living in Thailand.

What is the history of the Black Friday Sale?

The excitement for this annual sale is seen from past many years but you would be thrilled to know that the day wasn’t always this cheerful in history, in fact, the term ‘Black Friday’ was first coined on September 24, 1869, to remember that day for the financial crisis in the US Gold Market when two of the Wall Street financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould created the situation of bankruptcy to feed their hunger for astonishing profits.

The history does not stop there, in a totally different world this term was used by the police of Philadelphia in 1961 when crowded streets after Thanksgiving Day cancelled their holiday and made them work for extra shifts to manage the traffic.

In the late 1980s, retailers started using Black Friday Sale for giving it a positive touch and soon it spread across the borders making this event a global shopping event.

Compare For Big Savings!

How can you make the most of the Black Friday Grand Sale Event? We want you to have the greatest luck this year in shopping but it is always better to have preparation along with luck. All you need to do is compare the price tags of the items during the sale and before to know if the deal is profitable for you or not so start adding the items to your wishlist and on the big shopping day you will be aware of how much savings you are doing.

Where you can find the active Black Friday Sales deals?

From educating you on Black Friday to guiding you to shop like a savvy customer, we have got your back! Visit our website and find merchants having active Black Friday offers from the list. Click on your favourite store and you will be directed to its website for filling the shopping cart. Shop like a maniac and relish savings effortlessly on your bill. 

What stores have Black Friday Deals?

You are one of the luckiest people to have access to the Black Friday Thailand Sale because these crazy deals are hard to find on any other occasion. There are stores like AliExpress, Banggood, Shein, iHerb, Lazada etc. offering unrivalled deals.

Not only this, merchants like Slick Case, and Lenovo are going for a Live Sale in Thailand so keep your eyes locked on these web portals to get surprising discounts and an unforgettable shopping experience.

Is the Sale for real?

Believe it or not, but Black Friday Grand Shopping Day is real and so are the deals appearing on the Home page of online stores of your country. Our website can make your shopping experience better by providing a list of participating merchants in the Black Friday Sale which are legit and prime choices for the customers in Thailand. You can also check the customers’ reviews before confirming your purchase for the brands that are unknown to you.

Pro-Saving Tips on Black Friday Sale

We understand very well that knowing the meaning, origin, when who and how of the Black Friday Sale is not enough which is why here are some tips and tricks listed to guide you for seizing the opportunity and getting loaded discounts without much struggle on the Big Sale Day.

Grab Leaked Offers Before Real Sale Begins!

You can start hunting the best Black Friday deals much before the mega shopping day as several retailers in Thailand start launching pre-sale offers hence making your November end exciting and fun. We suggest you take a look at leaked offers and add unbelievable deals in your basket before it slips from your hand.

It is better to buy the item and cancel or return it if the same deal is available at a lower price on Black Friday than to let it go and regret it later.

Get Notified with Updates

With multiple websites participating in the event, it gets difficult to know it all about the Black Friday flash sale and alluring deals but you can save your time in looking for the updates by subscribing to the newsletter service of your favourite online store without spending a single penny.

They will notify you about any offer launched via email straight to your inbox so that you don’t have to visit their website time and again.

Plan Your Day with Shopping List

Save yourself from last-minute panic by preparing a shopping list beforehand without which you may either end up paying a huge bill or regretting later not being able to get the best deal. Be more specific while you are listing down the items like iPad from Apple, laptop from Lenovo, beauty products from Korean brand etc. as this will enhance your shopping experience to a great level by saving you a huge amount of time.