Cyber Monday Sale

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Cyber Monday Sale

Shopping for your desired items at prices lower than imagined is not a dream anymore as you can get access to surprising Cyber Monday deals with a single click from your favourite Thailand and international stores listed on our website. Add items to your basket without thinking twice about the discounted deals which cannot be ignored. The drooling offers on different brands will surely make you fall for it.

What is the Cyber Monday Sale?

Cyber Monday Sale is an online shopping event that falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day so it won’t be wrong to admit that this sale is the last opportunity for the shoppers in Thailand to get unbelievable discounts on local and luxury brands before Santa knocks on your door.

This global shopping event is celebrated in different parts of the world including Thailand. You don’t need any excuse to add items to your basket because savings are just a click away with Cyber Monday hot deals and offers.

When does the sale take place?

Cyber Monday Deals come right after Black Friday Sale making your November full of surprises and happiness. The sale appears on the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day giving you another chance to shop and save in case you have missed Black Friday deals.

The sale starts sharp at 12:00 am and continues till 11:59 pm but you can find exciting offers on different websites earlier than the real sale begins.

How will this year’s sales be different from last year?

Cyber Monday annual sale comes every year with unique offers which are hard to find on any other occasion. Usually, the gadgets come under the major price drop section so expect your favourite device to appear in the list of discounted items.

Looking at the latest trends it is also assumed that e-commerce will earn more profits than inline retailers. Discover new digital shops entering the severe competition of making more sales and enjoy hefty discounts on the price tags.

What is the history of the Cyber Monday Sale?

The biggest shopping event- Cyber Monday Big Sale Day was introduced by the National Retail Federation to motivate people for changing their ways of shopping by making purchases from online stores. In 2005, press released used this term for the first time announcing that this sale will be the biggest online shopping day.

Soon after Thanksgiving Day Monday was chosen for internet shopping because back in those days people had access to good internet from their workplace hence giving them the perfect way to start their week after the holiday season.

The inline stores also released Cyber Monday deals after noticing the heavy traffic of shoppers on digital shops to make a huge profit. Ever since then people wait for this Monday madness to shop like a maniac and save immensely.

Compare the Deals and Save Huge!

With no traffic, rush and lines you have the comfort of shopping from home but there is always a better way to use this opportunity. If you are into the number games then knowing how much you have saved this year would be really important for you.

Get the details of saving by keeping your eyes on this year’s sale and compare the price of the items on the mega shopping day with the rates available on a normal day.

Where you can find the active Cyber Monday Sales deals?

With us you don’t have to struggle for finding bumper discounts as our website makes sure to hunt down all the active deals of Cyber Monday and present it before you leave only the job of selecting the items, filling the basket and making the final payment for the shoppers. Make us your shopping companion and we assure to give you the latest and finest offers from the big market players.

What stores have Cyber Monday Deals?

Thailand is one of the few countries participating in the Cyber Monday Sale so get ready to explore deals on your preferred shop. Get astonishing discounts from merchants like Slick Case, Lenovo, etc. and enjoy live sales on the Grand Shopping Day. No more budget constraints on your favourite brand as you get to save a lot with the sale.

You should not hesitate in making purchases from international websites too if you are unable to find the same deal in your local store. But make sure to read about the customs duties and taxes before confirming the purchase.

Is the Sale for real?

Every single Cyber Monday offer you see on our website exists and can be trusted with full confidence as we bring the best deals from the retailers chosen by the shoppers of Thailand. If you find your favourite online shop on our website then don’t consider it a mere coincidence because we believe in providing an exceptional shopping experience by making the desirable deals easily available.

Save like a Pro from Cyber Monday Sale

We are gonna give you some handy tips to make Monday your best shopping day so hold your excitement for a few more minutes before you hop on the online stores for getting unimaginable discounts.

Be Attentive for Updates

Simply subscribe to the newsletter service of your favourite Thailand store for getting notified about the updates in your inbox so that you don’t miss out on any saving opportunities. Your heart will be filled with joy on receiving the notification about Cyber Monday deals.

No need to check shopping websites time and again anymore as you will be informed about all the latest offers and events. 

Get Your Hands-on Pre-Sale Offers

Have you saved the date for exploring alluring Cyber Monday offers? You must be thrilled to shop the fancy discounts and deals on Big Sale Monday but to have bountiful savings we advise you not to miss the early sale as retailers might not save the best deal for last and launch it much before the real sale begins.

Plan, Prepare & Purchase!

The formula to shop the best in the least possible time is very simple- 3Ps which says first plan your day by preparing a shopping list and then purchase the listed items. You can jot down the categories, items and even brands for making the list more specific. Go for luxury brands from Thailand and global stores before selecting local brands because these deals are not be missed.

Shop from Gift Coupons

Enjoy the reward of gift coupons which serve as a free token for more shopping. If you have been ignoring e-gift cards all this time then you are doing wrong this whole time. Better late than never so start using the cards during the sale period to do additional savings.