A Quick Insight Of The Newly Launched Hermes Thailand Store In Phuket!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Apr 01, 2019

Hermas Thailand Successfully Opens Its Concept Store In Phuket!

Signaling the brand's increasing confidences in the market, outside the country's capital Bangkok, Hermes Thailand opens its first-ever 172 sqm concept outlet in Phuket. 

Located within the Central Phuket Floresta mall, Hermes Thailand is the outcome of the company's willingness to in the territory. 

Furthermore, the expansion and launch of the new store is also an attest to the emerging importance of the burgeoning population as well as the popularity of Phuket among both foreign and Thai travelers. 

The newly launched store of Hermes Thailand in Phuket is beautifully designed by the leading French architectural firm, RDAI. 

According to an inside source, "to fit with the mall’s main entryway with an exterior and an interior facade, admitting daylight from outside filtered by bamboo claustra and featuring lacquered metal on the inside. The store’s lighting uses the Grecques lights designed for the brand in 1925."

Furthermore, the concept store of Hermes Thailand features an array of curated local materials blending Thai cultural elements with modern architecture. The color of the store is a sheer reflection of its sunny coastal location.