A Survey finds interesting aspects of E-commerce Platforms in Thailand

Post by Anupam Pandey | Dec 14, 2018

There are many challenging tasks for any business looking for success in the online world but one major challenge that has been a struggle for most E-commerce brands in Thailand is the lack of useful data and absence of user insights. The E-commerce sector in Thailand has always found problems in analyzing many vital aesthetics of business such as the segmentation of customers, the income levels and expenditure capability, demographic divisions, the popularity of products which are usually considered the keys of planning for any business as it helps in charting out its go-to strategy in the market.


A recent survey that involved a group of over 1200 market consultants from various part of the country has come up with some interesting results and deciphers the understanding of the e-commerce success in the country.

Some of the key highlights of the survey;


  • Shoppers have a different perspective on different platforms even if they are from the same line of business. People prefer Lazada for mobile and electronics while Shopee got more preferred by the users for fashion and beauty products.
  • Offline marketing tactics still have a vital role in the market and garner much better response than the online advertisements in the E-commerce sector as well. This is contrary to the common market theory which favours online ads for e-commerce than the offline medium.
  • Most online shoppers in Thailand are always looking for a bargain and typically spend much lesser amount per order than the average seen in most of the other countries.
  • The majority of shoppers are from younger generation 16-30 years of age and it has lesser spending capacity. The population of online shoppers is not just concentrated in the urban hubs but equally distributed in rural areas as well.

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