Lawson Thailand plans extension, targets travel amenities

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jun 28, 2019

Saha Group has recently opened its new wave of Lawson Thailand that offers many convenience stores in the subway stations and airports.

The firm tends to offer a joint venture with its partner with collaboration with Thai advertising business establishing a group of the venture along with VGI Global Media. This also specializes in public transportation facilities with a cooperative that will launch today i.e. Friday with their registered capital of THB20 million (US$645,000). The Partnership Saha Lawson will gather their venture for 60 per cent along with VGI taking 30 per cent and the remaining Saha Group 10 per cent.

Saha Group further expects the brand to focus on public transport needs and give an edge to leading competitor Charoen Pokphand’s 7-Eleven that operates in more than 11,000 outlets now. Its plans to further open 30 Lawson Thailand stores in transport facility and each one joining the existing tore network in Bangkok’s towering mass-transit system BTS, by late February 2021.