Yum China Is Eyeing To Launch Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot Chain In Thailand!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | May 24, 2019

Yum China is looking to expansion for the hot-pot restaurant brand!

The well-known quick-service restaurant firm - Yum China Holdings is thinking of entering into the Thai hotpot market, with net capital worth THB5 billion (US$156.7 million).

The firm is looking for a local partner which can launch its Little Sheep Mongolian hotpot chain in the region.

Yum’s senior specialist for franchise development Isa Jiang says “The food and beverage industry in Thailand is one of the most developed markets in the world. Thailand also has a rich history of hotspots, as well as food culture.”

Until last year, a total of sixty-six Little Sheep outlets were opened in China and 10 in abroad. Seventy of the openings were franchised. It is said that the firm is currently operating in over 300 locations across 130 cities.

The business advisory firm Gnosis MD Sethaphong Phadungpisuth said “Ma la, or Sichuan hot chilies, is growing in popularity with Thais,” He further adds, “and we believe that Little Sheep will fit well with Thai tastes.”

Jiang observed, “Southeast Asia and the US have the highest projections for expansion this year,”. He also said “We are focusing on Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Shabu restaurants are quite popular in Thailand, but we are confident in our key product’s characteristics, especially our meat and broth.”