11.11 Satış

11.11 Sale

What is 11.11 Sale?

Do you ever wish to shop relentlessly and not go penniless? It’s obvious that you do, and the 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale is all about letting you go berserk on the top online stores in Turkey without turning your budget into a wreck. Make your way to the biggest sale event of the year i.e. 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale and ditch high-end price tags while clutching in the best of stores like iHerb, Gant, Trendyol, DeFacto, and others!

The Story of 11.11 Sale

Four students of Nanjing University China in 1993 set the idea of 11.11 events in motion when they decided to celebrate their singlehood on this particular day and since that day, the 11.11 Sale carries a different meaning to it. It has undoubtedly picked a lot of mileage since then as a global shopping festival that inspires millions of bachelors to shop their favorite brands from all around the world. The reason behind picking this particular day is its depiction of 4 individuals through 11.11 and dedicating a special day to cherish their singlehood with unhindered access to major online stores.              

Behold, the most-awaited sale is here!

Being the most awaited shopping event of the year, Singles’ Day Sale is all about bombarding you with unending offers, limitless chances to save, and opportunities to grab the best of every brand without having to bust your budget. This annual Sale event of 11.11 starts from midnight of November 11 and takes the world by storm until the next day before it ends at 12 am. 

You can get a head start about the same through the banners put on by shopping portals like Alibaba, Gearbest, Hotels.com, Klook, Shopee, and others.    

Genuine and Reliable 

Tacking together a great range of goods and services, there are various portals that offer 100% authentic products and participate in 11.11 Sale to let its shoppers have the taste of the premium quality goodies at the least prices. Along with the local Taiwanese brands, Chinese overseas brands and international labels also take a part in this sale, offering special promotional prices and exciting offers.  

11.11 Sale- Bigger than any other!

Shoppers from all over the world come together enthusiastically for the 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale, and no matter where you’re this event is bound to beat any other promotional events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Amazon Prime Day Sale. The number of people shopping during the singles’ day sale has escalated and this year, around half a billion people are expected to take part in it. So, be sure to add your loved brands to the cart beforehand.   

Find your favorite brands in this Global Festival

11.11 Big Sale is the world-wide appreciation of singlehood and uplifts those who fail to take the dibs off the valentine’ day offers. Apart from all the top online stores in Turkey like UBuy, Lacoste, Banggood.com more than 140,000 brands join hands to make this mega sale event a colossal hit. Alibaba group organizes glamorous events to boost up the sales and offer something extravagant every year to delight the shoppers in a whole different way. 11.11 is a day to look forward to in countries like Taiwan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and more. 

Why 11.11 Sale is different? 

This festival can be best depicted as a dream come to life when all the high-end designer labels in men’s and women’s fashion wear, household goods, and electronics are available at heavily discounted rates. 11.11 sales expose you to multitudinous offers that are more than the regular price drops that you experience from time and again! You can get up to 99% off on any category you pick, along with chances to win cash backs, coupons, and rewards while bagging the premium quality of goods of your choice. 

Know about 11.11 Sale Deals

Don’t want to miss out on the greatest deals of the year or lay behind while others reap the first benefits? Well, it is quite easy to get all the inside details about this 11.11 global sale event just by keeping a close watch on CollectOffers. Yes, apart from offering you a plethora of coupon codes and discount codes to make your shopping easy, all the top online stores in Turkey conducting 11.11 sales are displayed here.  

With all your preferred stores and stores listed here, it will be seamless for you to discover the most desirable offers without having to waste your time in research, hopping from one website to another.              

11.11 Sale covers all!

Considering how e-commerce players and retailers are ready to kick-start the 11.11 Singles’ Day sale with a bang, it is quite obvious that shopping portals like Lazada, Shopee, and AliExpress are going to be brimming with bumper discounts. It has been estimated that categories like fashion, personal care, and consumer gadgets are going to experience a great hike in sales this year during the year-end shopping festival. However, that doesn’t mean that only these categories are open to offers! You’ll also relish a great bliss of discounts on kitchen appliances, home décor, fashion accessories, gaming and consoles, entertainment, and much more once the sale starts. 

All the shopaholic singles can have their revenge for Valentines’ day offers by adding their favorite goodies to the cart beforehand and cherish their individuality by redefining their looks or reviving their home. This is the rightful chance to smarten up your living space and live a comfortable life that comes without having to put your budget on the line. 

Sale on Services

11.11 Sale on Booking.com, Hotels.com, Klook, and others is another charm that singles look forward to in order to take a trip to their dream destination that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. While exploring the entire wilderness held by the world, you’ll get to taste the flavorful food from all the famous tourist places, and moreover, it will minimize your traveling expenses. 11.11 sale will let you run free without catching the worries of flights, hotels, tour packages, and other costs.  

Make the most of the BEST Sale Ever!

As you’re already aware of the fact how crazy people are when it comes to 11.11 offers and deals and just to make sure that you don’t miss your loved products; you need to prep up before the 11.11 campaign commences! Concocted to add more meaning to the singles’ day, the offers are all about letting you own everything you ever desired for. Therefore, you must take the given tips and suggestions into consideration in order to make the most out of this sale before the stocks run out. 

  1. Being aware of the fact that the sales last for just a day, you need to decide beforehand about what you want to purchase to save yourself some time. You can wish list all your preferred brands add them to the cart for ensuring an efficient purchase and just check them out after the sale starts. 
  2. You can sign up for the mailing list of your favorite e-commerce stores to get notifications and alerts on the 11.11 sale day along with their seasonal offers and discounts.
  3. As a regular visitor of CollectOffers, you can get your hands on all the details that you require to make the most of your money and this sale event. 
Other offers to look for prior to 11.11:

You can look for the seasonal discounts, flash sale offers, free delivery codes, and clearance sale offered by your favorite online stores in order to take advantage of top-notch brands at discounted prices. 

Take a look through the active coupon codes and discounts listed on CollectOffers to get price drops anytime anywhere while shopping online. 

There are various sales events organized throughout the year other than the 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale on brands to ensure that the shoppers aren’t deprived of the luxuries they want even if they don’t have the access to the big budget.