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12.12 Sale


Hitting your year’s end with an extravagance of deals and offers, 12.12 Sale is all you need to bid adieu to the year and ring in the festivities. The merriment following the Christmas season and New Year is doubled once the 12.12 sale offers on brands go live on world-famous e-commerce websites. From local brands, online retailers to international labels, you’ll find all the renowned stores brimful of splendidness at your disposal.   

The Origin of 12.12

12.12 Sale, also known as Double 12, was based on the idea of the 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale targeting people’s instinct to shop more during the festivities. It was originated in 2005 by one of the prominent names of the retailing industry Alibaba for helping the stores clutch in great sales, considering how eager shoppers are during the festivals. Sellers from all over the world are actively participating in the 12.12 sale event with heavy markdowns attracting millions of customers with their benefitting promotional strategies.

When does the 12.12 Sale begin in Turkey?

Widely known as one of the biggest sale events of the year after the 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale, 12.12 marks its beginning at 12 am on the night of December 12. With a plethora of deals on your favourite categories, this shopping carnival is sure to spark the interest of shoppers from all across the globe. If you miss the Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale, the 12.12 sale presets are the perfect opportunity for you to get amazing price slashes on e-merchants in Turkey.

Expectations about this Shopping Carnival

12.12 Sale has become one of the mega sale events of the year because of the gravity of the offers that are cooked up by small and giant retailers and everyone in between. Last year records show that shopping websites experienced 4-5 times larger traffic than usual during the Double 12 event and a new order was placed every 2 seconds. The categories expecting more sales this year are electronics, games and consoles, home appliances, fashion clothing, consumer gadgets, and more.

Brands & Stores participating in 12.12 Sale

The magnificent amount of sales experienced by the sellers during the 12.12 event was led by the bumper promotions and strategies formed by the retailers worldwide. All your favourite retailers like AliExpress, Shopee, Zalora, and others are taking an active part in the 12.12 Sale in order to keep its shoppers hooked and serve them with the finest deals on the internet. You can find major markdowns and unmissable deals during this event.

Get notified about the offers! 

Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking to miss on the goods that have got your interest for a long time? Buckle up to enjoy all the early deals without and dilly-dallying; just subscribe to the newsletter of your favourite store to know about the same in time. You can also visit CollectOffers from time and again to know all about the stores offering 12.12 Sale promotions and great deals that might be of your interest. 

When does the 12.12 Sale event end?

The discounted loot of the 12.12 Sale starts from midnight of December 12 and the thumping offers continue for an entire day. The buyers can go on a shopping rampage on their favourite e-commerce platforms anytime they want between those 24 hours in Turkey and avail the benefits. So no matter if you’re a fan of tech-savvy gadgets or want to get your hands on other premium goods, the 12.12 Sale is just the thing for you.   

What the buyers are looking for during the Double 12 event?

Considering how the 12.12 Sale falls near the Christmas season, it fairly motivates the buyers to empty their shopping desires that they have been holding for an entire year. From gift shopping, toys, smart home devices, kitchen appliances, clothing, and fashion accessories to laptops, computers, and headphones, you’ll get humongous markdowns on your favourite category this season. So prepare your bucket list in advance, so that all you have to do is to make the most out of the 12.12 deals and offers.      

Ideal hours to shop away from the 12.12 offers on brands

If you have missed the specially priced items during the 11.11 Sale, then this last sale event of the year 12.12 Sale is your chance to save tremendously on your purchases. All your favourite stores like Shopee, Lazada, Asos, and others are orchestrating amazing promotional strategies to let you gather enhanced savings that are best enjoyed when you shop at the late-night hours or from 9 pm to 12 pm once the sale commences. You can grab special prices on services as well including airlines, flight tickets, food, travel packages, and more along with goods from all the top-notch online stores in Turkey. 

Are the 12.12 Sale deals authentic?

12.12 online sale Turkey is designed to render some awesome price drops on everything from household essentials to personal and beauty care ones, from comforts to luxuries and more without putting your budget on the line. Also, the local and international retailers participating in this sale are quite reputed for the premium quality of the goods they offer to the customers along with the legit 12.12 deals.

Tips to make the most of the Big 12.12 Sale!

While you plan to raid the branded online stores in Turkey during the pre-celebrations of Christmas Eve, following certain tips might come in handy for you and make your shopping sprees quite fruitful. Although many of the top retailers in Turkey will be taking a part in this 12.12 shopping fest, it is not necessary that all the offers they provide are beneficial for you, and here are certain tips to help you make the most out of it:     

Do your research 

Once you decide what products you want to buy, then make sure that you have had its price compared on the internet to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits out of every purchase. To know which website is the most beneficial for you to buy from during the 12.12 Sale, a price comparison is necessitated. 

Get Offer alerts and notifications 

Set a reminder for the mega sale day in order to join the shopping crusade in time by subscribing to the mailing list of your favourite merchant or online store in Turkey. You’ll get notified about the flash sale, birthday sale and offers, free shipping, exclusive hotel deals and discounts along with the 12.12 sale list of deals that arrive.   

Decide what to buy beforehand 

Before you dive directly into the unending offers of 12.12 sales, you must know what is worth buying and what’s not. Once you decide on the products you’re going to invest in, you must add them to your wishlist or to your cart, so that all you would have to do at the last moment is to check out.