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Scour through this men-centric fashion destination using the D’S Damat indirim kodu for savings on the latest takım elbise designs, fabric collection and patterns. D’S Damat Turkey is known for the finest selection of high-quality menswear that defines elegance and elevates your personality. Add these wardrobe must-haves to your closet today!


D'S Damat Satış - Erkek Tişörtlerinde %70'e Varan İndirimle Alışveriş Yapın

Birçok renk ve desende stokta bulunan bu harika ve tasarımcı gömlekleri ve tişörtleri erkekler için toplayın. %70'e varan indirimlerle şimdi satın alın.

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D'S Damat Satış - Sepette %67'ye Varan + Ekstra %30 İndirimli Erkek Dış Giyim Alışverişi Yapın

Birçok renk ve desende erkekler için tasarımcı ve modaya uygun dış giyim ürünlerinde fırsatları yakalayın. Bunları şimdi %67'ye varan + sepette ek %30 İNDİRİM ile satın alın.

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D'S Damat Satış - Erkek Takım Elbiselerini %74'e Varan İndirimle Satın Alın

Çeşitli tonlarda ve desenlerde stokta bulunan bu harika, tasarımcı ve modaya uygun erkek takım elbise ürünlerini edinin. %74'e varan İNDİRİM ile şimdi satın alın.

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These offers have expired, but they might still work!


D'S Damat Satış - Modaya Uygun Erkek Gömleklerini %55'e Varan İndirimle Satın Alın

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D'S Damat Satış - Sepette %30 İNDİRİM Olan Erkek Aksesuarlarını Satın Alın

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Amit Kumar
by Amit Kumar
Assistant Deal Expert Team Lead
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About D’S Damat

D’S Damat was founded in 2002 to offer unmatched quality and comfort to fashion seekers, especially men who are often overlooked when it comes to their desires and needs concerning their looks.

You will find an extensive range of gömlek, fabrika, ayakkabı, blazer ceket fiyatları, cüzdan kemer seti, deri cüzdan, jacket, pantolon, erkek gömlek (slim fit), mont, and more available on this online store.

Moreover, your purchases can be highly affordable once you apply the D’S Damat kupon kodu on your orders along with using the D’S Damat free shipping and easy returns services. Form outerwear, underwear, accessories, trousers, t-shirt, and suits, it holds all the needed fashion essentials under one roof with the ultimate quality at the most affordable prices. 

Moreover, you can always use the D’S Damat indirim kuponu on your orders to grab some savings. This brand is focused on changing the dressing habits of the style-conscious souls in around 35 countries all over the world. Don’t forget to take a look at the D’S Damat sale and discounted products to save tremendously!

Returns and Refunds

Under the D’S Damat iletişim policy, you can return your order within 30 days of delivery provided the product you want to return is still in its original condition.

Simply go your order history, choose refund or cancellation and select your reason for the same to initiate the returns process. Pack your return shipment with the delivery note and the return cargo code and delivery the package to the MNG cargo within 10 working days.

Please note that you will have to return all the products or accessories that you have received along with your order and the refund will be transferred into your account depending upon the processing time of your bank. 

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All the season’s favorite styles, combo discounts, and sale news will be delivered right into your inbox. You can combine these offers with the D’S Damat indirim kodu to unlock great savings on t-shirts, plaid shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, shoes, homeware, pajamas, sweatpants, boots, and much more. 

Customer Support

  • Reach D’S Damat müsteri hizmetleri at the helpline number 0850 800 63 23 for help regarding beden tablosu, order tracking, and other şikayet.
  • Fill out the contact form with your shopping-related queries for assistance.
  • Follow this brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for regular updates.
  • Locate D’S Damat Sporthink mağazaları near you in Istanbul, Antalya, and other locations.

Get app-exclusive surprises 

Download the D’S Damat app on your smartphone to shop seamlessly for the premium men’s fashion items in just a few taps.

Its application allows you to browse for your kind of fashion at your fingertips no matter where you are and also offers instant check-out facilities with safe shopping.

You will receive instant notifications on price drops and discount alerts through the app along with getting D’S Damat kupon kodu and indirim kuponu with special surprises for making your quest for fashion super-easy!