7 Days In Taiwan - Itinerary Guide To Explore the Whole Island!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Oct 26, 2018

Travelling to Taiwan is one of the best decisions you could take. It has so many exciting and numerous place options that make your itinerary a time to remember. 

Located between the dynamic urban cities, busy renowned night markets, colourful traditions, charming history, extremely friendly people, and striking landscapes, one will surely be stunned by seeing the awesome packed island.

But often most people don’t see Taiwan as one of the travelling destinations and also the country is often left out when visitors map out their epic Asia trip. 

Now, with so many developments going on, visitors have started to realize that this little island is actually an excellent travel destination to travel and create beautiful memories.

Visitors can enjoy the country’s every bit of it and it’s efficient transportation system, low cost of travel, security and kindness of locals are one of the biggest highlights and one of the reasons why travellers love visiting the country and slowly it is becoming one of the popular travel destinations in the world.

Before making a visit to Taiwan, you might look on various resources and travel tips online for travelling in Taiwan but always remember that there are very limited things that make the country one of the smoother places to enjoy. 

This post we have mentioned about how to spend 7-days around the entire island of Taiwan and our list is all geared up towards choosing the curiosity of a tiger and the brave audacity of a dragon.  

Pre-Trip Guide!

Here are few Pre-trip helpful lists on how to plan your trip!

Best Time to Visit Taiwan

Taiwan has the best four-season but the best time to visit is either during late spring from April to May or during autumn in November to experience a great blend of contented temperatures and minor crowds.  

Convert your currency in TWN 

Taiwan currency is the New Taiwan Dollar ($NT).  Another symbol used in Taiwan for currency is TWD.

How To Fly To Taiwan

There are numerous flights options that fly to Taiwan. Based on what flight you are travelling, you can book it from Qatar Airways using Qatar Airways discount codes to enjoy a discount on your bookings. The price range varies based on the place you are flying from like if you’re flying from Asia, there are a number of low-cost carriers to choose from such as Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, and Scoot.  And for the rest of the world, there are two big national airlines - China Airlines (SkyTeam) and EVA Air (Star Alliance).

Where to Stay

There are so many ranges of options for hotels in Taiwan. You can find from mid-range and luxury hotels from Ctrip.  In Taipei, you can look for some big brand names across the country and by using Ctrip discount codes; you can get some interesting hotel options at a very convenient price. 

How to get around

Your best bet to travel around the country is to take advantage of excellent land transportation option for getting at different areas unless you’re travelling to small islands of Taiwan like Penghu or Xiao Liu Qiu.

Here are the best means of transportation option available in Taiwan!

  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail  
  • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system
  • Find buses at the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
  • Hire Taxis
  • Take scooters
  • Choose car rental option
  • Book a private driver.

The 7-Day itinerary!

In this 7-day itinerary, we’ll help you in making your trip fulfilled completely without letting you feel bored or unimpressed!!

Day 1: Hit the Ground in Taipei

Get into the ground of Taipei and start your trip with much excitement. Arrive in the heart of Taiwan and begin your day wandering the Taipei’s iconic landmark that feeds your hunger to enjoy at the bustling night market. Along with this, jump right into the colourful culture of Taiwan.

With so less number of days in Taipei, you surely want to make your day count picking up places that interest you and have your focus on. So, make sure you plan out your trip nicely as you won’t be able to You won’t be able to do everything but remember that you’ll have the rest of your trip to make up for it.

Here are a few places you can visit in Taipei!

Elephant Mountain

The views from Elephant Mountain or Xiangshan are undoubtedly one of the best and to explore the city you need to get as long as you have it planned out ahead of time.  The path to the elephant mountain is little obscure but once you reach the subway, you’ll see some other tourists too making the way there.  

Dine at Jing-Mei Market

If you are a search of something then add a little bit of local and off-beaten path and explore the night market in the southern area of Taipei. 

Day 2: Spirited Away

After you spend your day at Taipei, for next day, fill your next day with more excitement and fun things. So, shake things up and head to the north where you will be asked to launch your own sky lantern, explore the remainder of a Japanese gold mine and walk along the streets to the Miyazaki’s classic “Spirited Away”. It will be a sure treat for you all in a day.

Here are a few places to enjoy on your trip:

Jiufen Pingxi Day Tour

One of the best thing to enjoy in your second day is to visit Jiufen Pingxi Day Tour. It is one of the places that let you get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and you could involve yourself at the big dose of attraction, history, and culture in the northern towns.  You could see here interesting spots like Jinguashi Mines, Golden waterfalls, Jiufen, and Shifen Old street in Pingxi.

Munch at Shilin Night Market

This is one of the perfect ways to fill up your stomach with the utmost delicious food. You can spend some of the best time looking at the world famous and largest night market having a grid of streets with much unique different varieties of traditional, western, and local cuisines and merchandise.  This night market is quite the best option to interact with the locals and also to make your trip more adventurous. So, start your adventure in one corner of the market and steadily make way to the other side.  

Day 3: Twisting Up in Alishan

Alishan is one of Taiwan’s most visited places by many tourists for a number of good reason. From offering clouds, its probably the most magnificent terrain of giant red cypress trees that are quite old of more than 2,000 years old. From the Rivendell-like hiking trails and trains from a different era, Alishan is the well-known places popular for its tea with having such high altitude.  

The trip to Alishan will be a time to remember with an amazing journey and events. You came to construct your journey to Alishan and make it quite adventurous. 

Here are a few things to do on your trip to Alishan:

Visit Fenqihu

Fenqihu is an old town having legitimate refuelling stop for trains heading on their way up to Alishan. Now, the place has a rest stop for travellers that let visitors have a good time and enjoy the fascinating railway museum, the old street that highlights food specialities, like Jiufen famously known as ‘Fenqihu bento box’.

Stay and Dine at Alishan House

Book your hotel stay from Ctrip and relax there after having a strenuous day out. The restaurant there offers great food to taste bud making your mood change with excitement.

Day 4: See the Sunrise in the next morning

They say there are 5 wonders of Alishan but the most popular among them is the beautiful sunrise. Actually, people die to watch the sunrise in the morning time, they plan their trip in Alishan so that they get a chance to see the next morning sunrise. Even, Alishan sunrise is ranked #16 around the world.  So, when you visit Taiwan, make sure you spend your morning seeing this beautiful sunrise.

Here are what else you can do besides seeing the sunrise.

Tour on the Alishan Forest Trails

After seeing the beautiful sunrise, there’s a paranormal network of trails in the National Forest Recreation Area. You could spend your afternoon here, discovering the ancient trees standing tall and a thin-gauge train runs parallel to it.   Here you can click some beautiful pictures from every angle and create memories. 

Day 5: Artsy Urban Kaohsiung

Next, take your trip to the southern city of Kaohsiung also popular as Taiwan’s second-largest city. It is quite enormous and this makes it a worthy destination. When you feel Taipei is ageing or find is sprawling, then you must also take a visit to  Kaohsiung and get ready to see the wider streets and modern urban landscapes of skyscrapers, spacious cafes, gentrified places, bicycle path, and Ferris swing on the tops of malls.  

Here are a few places to spend your time around this second largest city in Taiwan.

Tiger and Dragon Pagodas

If you feel you are out of luck or searching for some exciting thing then look no further and get ready to explore the beautiful twin pagoda. Here you can take a run into dragon’s mouth and out from Tiger’s mouth. This superstition belief makes locals and tourists feel running through one’s fortune to reverse the fortune.  

Pier 2 Art District

If you are required to stay in an abandoned warehouse then do not let away this opportunity slip away as Kaohsiung’s harbours the perfect spot for a quirky arts hub.  Here you can view some remarkably great local artisans who are totally stimulating an area and creating the place turn into fresh urban space to flash commerce, tourism, and creativity.

Day 6:  Take the Surf Challenge

When you are fully engulfed in looking for adventurous things to do, they must try out the surf challenge. Kenting dwell-in at the most southern part of Taiwan is one of the country’s most popular beach destination having long stretches of sandpaper, big effect, turquoise waters, rocky high cliffs, and low mountainous terrace.  The locals as well as travellers come to Kenting and find out some adventurous outdoor things to do in a carefree way.  

Surfing with A-Fei Surfing

Stay at A-Fei’s and then go at Kenting to enjoy the winter season as the wind comes in from the northern direction from Taitung and leaving a great chance to leave Kenting especially for beginners who haven't tried surfing.

Scooter Adventures

The best part about Kenting is not the exotic beaches, but the most exciting part is to live a chance like a local and drive the most popular form of transportation.  You can see a number of scooters all over Taiwan but if you find it in the big city then it is quite overwhelming.

Day 7: Fly with the Wind

Continue your day next to the coastline; reach in the city of Taitung and then ready to explore the most remarkable destination. Your day will be filled with much excitement and could unravel some adventure and excitement. Get dubbed in the culinary gems and experience the garden of Taiwan. 

Here are few must-try activities in Taitung:

Soaring Paragliding

If adventure and fun is the thing you cannot forget then plan paragliding in Taiwan and experience the Taitung and Hualien. These two places in Taitung are the best spot that let you enjoy the fabulous time. Perched upon a giant hillside and find some great adventure in the hillside Luye Gaotai.

Ride bike in Taitung

Taitung is a place famous for its great journey and when you step at this remarkable spot, make sure to see the mountains and rich aboriginal heritage. Book free bike ride and explore the city on two wheels. This has turned as a lot of fun and being able to view the high-end places, parks, and the downtown area. 

Hope, this 7-day itinerary trip would have helped you in having a great time in Taiwan. Follow this above travel guide and make sure you do not get bored even on the single day.