9 Compelling Reasons To Visit Taiwan

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 31, 2018

There is a story famous about Taiwan's discovery. Taiwan first came into notice of the west when Portuguese ships saw this Island amidst the Chinese mainland. Of course, the land was already inhabited by people and had an indigenous culture which was noticed as a flourishing society. But for a matter of fact, this island was not something that the European colonialists knew about until the 1500’s when the mentioned Portuguese sailors discovered it. And to those Sailors, it was a wonderful island that was full of beautiful and gorgeous surroundings in its entirety. Thereby, the first name given to Taiwan by the West was ‘Formosa’ which is a synonym of beauty in the Portuguese language. This was indeed the best word to describe the place beyond any doubt. 

Taiwan is full of incredible landscapes and visual delights that every traveller craves for. But when you are making a plan to visit a place, there are many other factors that you must consider. Fortunately, Taiwan has been blessed with many extemporaneous features that you would love to experience as a traveller. If you had been planning to take a trip anywhere, you must go with Taiwan. One more reason that might interest you is that you can get some amazing offers using Klook Promo Codes

Now let us take a look at some of the most delightful reasons for you to visit Taiwan.

The Food

One thing that you can’t keep the Taiwanese people away from is the food. Taiwan loves to make food and it is an indistinguishable part of its culture. Local people here love to have food and there are a plenty of delicious cuisines to make it more exciting. People of Taiwan never hesitate from experimenting with their food and try to prepare new dishes all the time. Taiwan is closely linked to China, both traditionally and culturally. The influence of China shows its flavour in the food and the culinary practices as well. Other than Chinese cuisines, Taiwan has developed very different regional cuisines as well which are modest variations from the original Chinese food preparations. Although there are some International cuisines as well, they are also having the local variations incorporated in their preparation.

On the streets, you can find food vendors preparing all kind of traditional delicacies. Food is Taiwan’s passion and it highly recommended that you do take a culinary trip of this place. Try any Culinary tours using these Ctrip voucher codes. Even the local population does not abstain from street food rather than cooking food at home. If you have a craving for a new taste and you love the quest for new cuisines, Taiwan won’t disappoint you for sure. 


If you visit a place, your experience of the place largely depends upon the hospitality of the local population and the experience you have while interacting with the people on the streets can give you a very decisive impression about the good side that the place can offer. Thankfully, Taiwanese people are one of the best people that you would ever come across in your life. Just roam around in the streets and start a conversation with any random person and you will know what I am trying to say. 

It is one of the best places where you can walk around in the streets without knowing the specifics about your target and just asking people for directions. In fact, you would love to do it as it will give you a genuine experience and feel of the people and their nature over there. If you ask any traveller that has been to Taiwan to explain his experience about the country, almost all of them would mention the love and the helpful nature that the local people offer. It is nevertheless important for any visitor’s mind to adjudge a place on the basis of the behaviour and attitude that local population shows during the trip. Taiwan clearly passes this criterion with distinction.

The Street Markets

Although Taiwan is a place that is lively during the daytime too there is certainly a special vibe in the night that will attract and entice you. The place is known for its crowded night market and people come out in groups to fill up the street with a ravishing noise of a marketplace. It is rather boring to sit indoor during the nights when the whole of Taiwan is bustling out on the streets.

If you ask any person who has been to Taiwan at least once about one place to experience the local vibe, he or she would most probably suggest you go to the street market in the night. Add oozing charm of the place with the friendly people around and you have the perfect balance for having fun while shopping. The place is full of mouth-watering street food and very inexpensive clothes. Though you can visit the street market during the daytime, the best time to experience the Taiwanese street market happens to be after the sun sets and the light turn on. The market turns into something else once the surroundings go duskier and artificial lights take up the responsibility of brightening the locality.

The Temples

The Taiwanese culture gives a very outright importance to religion and spirituality. People of this region are very religious and take the traditions and customs with serious interest. What makes it even more appealing is the palpable differences and versatility in the forms of religious practices and customs in the small region that Taiwan is. Being a religious place, you will find a huge number of exquisite temples built with very attractive designs and decorative artistry. 

Almost every Temple built in Taiwan lies in very gorgeous surroundings giving a very extravagant background to complement the amazing architectures. The place of worship has a very calm and opulent appearance altogether adding to the spiritual vibe of these places. The local population loves to visit these temples on a routine basis as they find an inner satisfaction and peace of mind in these temples. It is certainly an experience that visitors must not miss. 

The NightLife

You will miss out on an experience of a lifetime if you don’t go out to explore the nightlife of Taiwan. People over this region love cherish during the nights and there is a multitude of places offering a terrific range of options to enjoy and relish amongst themselves during the nights. The options include the famous karaoke centres, the pubs, the clubs, bars and night cafes. 

People of Taiwan love music and Karaoke is a part of their generic lifestyle as they go out for Karaoke nights in groups and enjoy the experience of singing aloud to their heart without any inhibition. You can find pubs and cafes all over the region on almost every other street you would visit. For people who don’t want to go for a loud and noisy atmosphere, there is the option of night cafes where you can find solitude and peaceful atmosphere to spend your time. 

The Mesmerizing Landscapes

As I mentioned at the beginning itself, this place was named as a synonym of Beauty by the Portuguese sailors who found it back in the 1500’s. The landscape of this place is full ecstatic scenery that includes a diversity of places such as mountains, tropical forests, plush beaches, and river valleys with waterfalls etc. Nature has been really kind to Taiwan as it is evident from the reasonably well preserved natural landscapes. Even the filmmakers have been very much impressed with the kind of beauty that Taiwan offers for the cinematography.

Many popular movies have been shot in these mesmerizing landscapes to provide a very gorgeous and well-deserved background for the filming of their scenes. Taiwan has developed many national parks in order to keep the natural biosphere free from the human destruction which has been a serious threat for nature in many other regions of the world. You would find innumerable picturesque locations all over the countryside and it would really hard for you to keep space for each one of those pictures in your memory card or storage device.

The Hiking Trails

When a place is full of exquisite mountains and tropical forests, river valleys and waterfalls, there is obviously a clear way for hikers to find astonishing hiking trails all around the island. Taiwan is a place that offers the satisfaction of hiking to every kind of hiking enthusiast that you could ever find. The place has simple and non-convoluted trails for the beginners and short-term hikers who go for it out for fun rather than passion.

For those passionate hikers who are professionals in it and have completed many difficult trails in the past, there is the option to choose from some really edgy and mountainous trails that will push them to the limits. To sum it all, there is a wide range of options to thrill every kind of hiker to his or her satisfaction. The best part about these hiking trails is the raw and naturally preserved landscapes that reflect the true nature in its most aboriginal form that one could ever wish to see. So, all kinds of hiking enthusiasts certainly have a big reason to take a trip to Taiwan.

The Traditional Architecture

Although there is some really modern construction that has been built over the last few decades including the renowned Taipei 101 tower which is the most famous landmark of the island. Keeping these modern and advance construction aside, Taiwan has a very rich heritage of indigenous architecture that is reminiscent of the medieval times. Even if go by standards, the range of architecture constructed in Taiwan during the medieval past has been decisively amongst the better ones of those times.

Taiwan has been very progressive in terms of the building and architectures which is evident from the transition of their old style architecture in an amalgam with the new age construction. The new areas have been largely developed with the modern ideas of construction and engineering while there are a plethora of old-school architectures spread across the island. You can imagine the uniqueness of the Taiwanese architecture by the fact that it has become a vital identity of the region.

The Festivals

There are numerous festivals celebrated in Taiwan which evenly distributed all around the year. Owing to a very religious and spiritual population, Taiwan has a solitude of traditional celebrations for variable customs practised by the people in the whole region. These festive occasions are usually very charismatic and extremely interesting from the point of view of a traveller. The markets are laden with traditional shops and stuff. People in Taiwan love to shop with their families during festive occasions. The day of the festival is usually a closed day for the market and every government office along with the schools. Though,  the city is still crowded as families go outdoors For picnics and temple visits. The Dragon festival, the Pingxi Lantern festival, the Chinese new year is a few of the many vital festive occasions celebrated in the region. The Dragon boat race competition held during the dragon festival is very popular all over the World as people from different parts of the world come to participate in this race. 

The basic reasons behind the even distribution of these festivals in the calendar are because most of the festive celebrations are attributed to the different seasons. Taiwan experiences a versatile seasonal climate, even though winter season is usually on a dull side due to geographic reasons. Typhoon is a very different kind of season that the region faces between the months of June and September. This is predominantly, the rainy season which tends to bring in an unpredictable cycle of rain and storms invariably throughout the season. To see all these festivals is sheer joy for any visitor and it is, therefore, a key reason why one should visit Taiwan.