A Complete Area Guide of Taiwan to Help You Plan a Perfect Travel Itinerary

Post by Anupam Pandey | Apr 02, 2019

There are rare places in the world that can match the natural grace and aura of Taiwan. The fact which makes Taiwan special and class apart lies in its distinctive eye catchy scenic beauty. In spite of moving along with the developments of the modern era, it is fascinating to see how this region has found the right balance between the two. This essentially makes this place even more desirable for tourists as they now have all ultra-luxurious facilities in the country while enjoying the incredible landscape which the country has on offer.

If you consider Taiwan as a travel destination, there are two options and equally enticing places throughout the country. Therefore, it is always advisable to plan your travel itinerary well in advance with a specific schedule and ample time allotted to each place. It might not be a great idea to explore Taiwan without a well-prepared tour itinerary and every booking made in advance because one would surely fail to explore the best possible experience of such a vivacious place. You can easily chart out a plan by knowing the different tourism areas of Taiwan and then avail the lowest price offers on travel bookings in advance with the help of Trip.com 折扣碼 to ensure a truly wholesome and vivid experience without any hassles.

For your assistance, here is a complete area guide of Taiwan from the tourism point of view to give you a better idea for planning your travel itinerary.


The bewitching charm of Hsinchu sweeps away the mind of travellers with its sheer charm. People of Hsinchu enjoy a life that is neither fast-paced nor hectic as one would find in other urban regions of Taiwan. Being a bit relaxed destination, you would find it relatively easier to explore this city and you won’t miss out on any of the essential visiting sites even with a much laid back itinerary. The majority of the tourism attraction of this city is located in the older city region. Once done with the in-city itinerary, you can also enjoy awesome countryside locales by hiking around in the wilderness of natural terrains.

Chenghuang Temple – This temple is also popularly known as the Hsinchu City God Temple.  The temple is visited by a large number of tourists who visit Taiwan owing to its significantly rooted cultural value amongst the locals. The temple is beautifully carved and the street market located right in front of this temple offers a great chance for the tourists to explore the Taiwanese street food and savour the local dishes to satisfy their taste buds.

Gangnan Coastal Area and Canal It is a coastal area and canal which was a popular swimming beach for the local population till a few decades ago. Once the government spotted the attractiveness of the appealing views offered by this coast, it developed the canal area into a popular tourism site. The development included many tourism oriented faculties such as shaded spots, an artful bridge and walking pathways amongst several others.

Ching-Tsao Lake – It is one of the most popular romantic attractions of the region where you would mostly spot couples. It is a region which is relatively known for being an ideal place for the proposal for the lovers. The lake has a striking feature of a small inland area amidst the waters which makes for a really photogenic site. There are decorative bridges and well-curated gardens to comprehend the attractiveness of this place.


Kaohsiung ranks as the second largest city of the country after Taipei. This place is special owing to its great historical past with the Ming Dynasty. While being one of the oldest cities in Taiwan, you would certainly expect a lot of historical and cultural attractions for sightseeing. The city has managed to turn up as one of the more advanced and modernized places in spite of having a rich history well preserved for tourists. This city was evolved around the harbour that has always served as a major trade hub for the region. The city is beautifully bisected into two parts by the Love River and the bank of the river has been beautifully developed for people to sit around or take a walk while enjoying the great views on offer.

Cijin Island – Koahsiung has 11 districts in total and out of all, Cijin Island stands out as the most popular destination of tourists. It is particularly more preferred by beach lovers due to its great sand beaches and seafood restaurants adjacent to them. The place offers a surreal experience of fishing and then preparing it for the meal, all by you yourself.

Lotus Lake – This Lake is an artificial lake which was built in a manmade effort of years. In spite of being a human made lake, the Lotus Lake looks absolutely marvellous and unbelievably natural. The surroundings of this lake make it even better as it all combines to form very eye-pleasing visual attraction which tourists love to visit and come in huge numbers every year.

Old City of Zuoying – This is an old city that demonstrates the local cultural and traditional roots in its most genuine state. Zuoying is notably a great place to explore the different aspects of local lifestyle and society. This place is often referred by the name ‘Old City of Fongshan County’ as it was apparently the first walled city of the Taiwan. Most of its structure has fallen apart over the period of hundreds of years after being constructed.

Shoushan – Shoushan or The Monkey Mountain as it is actually translates in local language, is a mountain side scenic locale which offers gorgeous landscape views and breathe taking natural beauty. These mountains have two peaks each of them on the aisle side of northern and southern area of the mountains. The whole region has been converted into a reserve in order to preserve the natural ecosystem and biodiversity. 


Yilan has a small but astonishing diverse natural places which would take your breath away with its captivating visuals. This part of Taiwan is particularly popular as a place for those who enjoy outdoor adventures and seek activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, camping etc. This place is a perfect natural getaway where there is an extensively large forest cover worth exploring by such people. Yilan is also known for its three natural hot springs that are considered to possess a very helpful therapeutic impact on the body. Yilan also has many art centres and museums that would certainly engage people who wish to seek insight into the culture and tradition of the natives. These museums are separately created and each one reflects a different aspect of the culture, tradition, lifestyle and heritage of Taiwan.

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area 

National Centre for Traditional Arts 

Gueishan Island 


Tainan is known for its historic value and the significant role it has played in the shaping of Taiwan as a nation. Even though Tainan has a relatively smaller land area, yet it is able to keep the tourist enthralled with its traditional architecture such as temples, forts and monasteries along with a number of beautiful parks and activity hotspots. Tainan is specifically known for having an uncountable number of religious and spiritual temples mostly associated with Tao and Buddhist faith. The city is also known as the city of titans due to its history of getting ruined a number of times and yet bouncing back by overcoming all the odds. Although, it did have an impact on the city like many of its ancient heritage has been lost in those ruining, yet some of them have been recreated or restored at the same place. The best aspect about the re-rise of Tainan is that it has always come up with equally diligent charm as it has always had, if not more.  

Anping Fort 

Beiji Temple

Confucius Temple


This city has proliferated to become one of the leading cities in the world. Taipei is one such place which you would love to associate with superlatives such as ‘the best’, ‘the largest’ ‘the biggest’ etc. To be honest, Taipei is much more diverse than just the popular notion of being a lavish urban metropolis. This is to me, the most captivating feature of this magnificent city. There are a lot of exciting things that one could do in Taipei as a tourist, This city offers a wholesome experience as one could explore the elements of natural attraction in the countryside which include forests, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and a natural hot water spring to name a few. If you actually start preparing a bucket list of things you would like to do over here, you would certainly be troubled by the number of choices you would have pick and choose from.  

Taipei 101 - 

The Maokong Gondola 

The Beitou Hot Springs 


Nantou is known for its lavish greenery and exotic hillside plantations, mostly that of tea plants. The plantations stretch across the hills giving a very magical landscape view. But when it comes to popularity and jaw-dropping visual ecstasy, there is hard to find a place better than the sun moon lake of Taiwan. It is, hand down, one of the best places you would ever get to see in your lifetime. Sun Moon Lake is also the biggest lake in Taiwan. The scenic beauty of the place is beyond writing as it is hard to find the word to match the brilliance of its visually exquisite landscape. The locals say that one half of this lake resembles the spherical shape of the sun while the other held of it represents the crescent-shaped moon.

Bamboo Rock Garden 

Carp Lake 

Meihe Garden 

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