Get Reminded Of Cultural History With Temples Of Taiwan

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Feb 06, 2017

Traveling always bring in exposure to a different world. One gets to unveil the cultural, historical and modern side of the place you travel to. The most basic way through which you can get to know about the three relics are through the architecture. And historically or culturally it is most aptly possible through the visit to the temples. Taiwan is one such place; it has got beautiful temples which speak for the country’s beauty itself.

Taiwan is blessed with more than 5000 temples, making Taiwan a country rich in diversity and history which is the key part in the lives of many Taiwanese people. The temples go range from small shrines to huge complexes as well. There are three main varieties of temple in Taiwan: Buddhist, Taoist and Confucius temples- reflecting Taiwan's religious make-up.  

Taiwanese temples tend to come in and out of popularity depending on their efficacy. That is, one temple might be the chosen destination for those wanting good exam results, while another might be ideal for those wanting children, it may sound funny but if you are out of cash and you want to pay your credit card bills, just ask someone and you will be shown way to the idol of Mr. God of Money and you can light a stick to seek his blessings.

From colorful architecture to elegant simplicity, Taiwan's temples have it all. To discover the must-see temple sites of Taiwan, scroll down the article where you are provided with 5 temples that will leave of awe-struck! 

Mengjia Longshan Temple Built in 1738 by Fujian immigrants, Longsham Temple is most renowned cultural attraction and famous temples of Taiwan. Though the structure was built to specifically worship Guanyin, the goddess of Mercy, statues honoring over 100 other gods and goddesses can be discovered throughout.

Chung Tai Chan Temple:This 43-storey temple is built with an awe-inspiring contemporary edifice. Opened in 2001, it represents an international branch of Buddhism founded by the Venerable Master Wei Chueh, the master who is said to have revived the Chan (Zen) tradition in Taiwan. There are also weekly meditation classes held in English, and weeklong retreats during Chinese New Year and summer.

City God Temple Built in 1748, uniquely and skillfully restored in 1924, this Hsinchu landmark has the highest rank of the entire city God of temples. The temple is so beautifully and artistically embellished with fine works, which are visible through- the elegant structure itself. The temple has artworks like sweeping swallowtail eaves, the shallow but vivid plafond ceiling, and the wealth of carved wooden brackets and beams: look for dragons, phoenixes and melons, as well as panels of birds and flowers.

Confucius Temple The temple that exudes the calm and graces the dignified beauty of the traditional culture of Taiwan. The palace is a must visit, you should look out for the stone tablet in the Edification Hall. The temple is a part of a larger cultural zone that includes the Old Japanese Martial Arts Academy.

Matsu Temple: The Matsu Temple is one of the most popular temples of Taiwan in Makung. The gorgeous woodcarvings and the sweeping swallowtail eave roof leaves you mesmerized. The temple was restored in the 1922, helmed by a master designer from South China.

So, it’s a wrap! These were the 5 temples of Taiwan that are awe-inspiring and should be visited by every person travelling to Taiwan.