How To Achieve A Perfect Glowing Skin?

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Dec 23, 2017

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 ‘Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It’s not something physical.’ – Sophia Loren

Although it is said that beauty is not skin deep, there are things every woman should do to look as beautiful as she feels and that includes taking adequate care of her skin. Every woman needs to implement a few simple steps to maintain the look irrespective of her age, whether young or old.

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Here are some steps towards achieving a proper glowing skin 

Scrub At least Twice A Week

scrub your skin at least twice a week

When you apply scrub it basically exfoliates your skin and your skin pores are completely open and this can remove all dirt and dust and give you a crystal clear skin.  You must scrub your skin to get rid of the dry dead cells on your face to reveal fresh young looking skin. Use a mild scrub for the purpose. You can do this by taking some scrub and apply it to your face in circular motions. Do not rub too hard or you may end up with rashes. 

Apply A Face Pack

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The benefits of face packs are often undermined. We have busy hectic schedules with very less time for sitting back with a face pack. But try to apply one at least once in a week especially on your day offs as they dry off quickly and don’t require you to sit idle for long. You can get face packs over the counter or buy one from any of your favorite e-stores. Face packs restore lost nutrients to the face helping it heal and gain back the original glow. 

Face Masks

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A little bit of difference lies here between face packs and masks and thus it is essential for you to apply it according to your need and will. Face masks are also a great exfoliator and this when applied to your face gives you gentle skin that is again free of dirt and impurities. 

Visit Salon Once A Month

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A routine is again a key role that is required for every beauty conscious people. You should visit your nearby salon once every month as it is again a very imp routine that you got to follow to maintain a proper beauty balance. And at the salon, your skin, hair and whole body will be taken care of and will give you an amazing jerk of happiness.

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