Keep Your Pets Happy And Safe With These Gadgets!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Feb 28, 2017

Are you a pet lover? Love them like your own family members? So, here is a very special article for all you pet lovers. One that will help you take care of your feline friend and canine chum! When we talk about technology it isn’t only growing for human but for animals as well. 

Some people love to keep pets as they love to keep themselves surrounded by lively and active creatures. Pets tend to lose your stress and you know the world may be hard to you but there are your furkids awaiting your arrival at home to play with! 

Pets love to play, eat and stay active all-day long which makes your surroundings happy and lively. You may be the one who treats your pet- be it a cat or dog like royalty or like a family member. We are sure that the list provided to you below will surely help you shower your love for your pets and eventually take care of them in a much more hi-tech way! 

So, now is the time to pamper your pet in a whole new different way that will let you track the health and wellness of your pet instantly and in a better way.

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy For all the cat lovers, here is a very playful device for you cat. You surely would know about cat's mimesis, the laser dot. Yes, the fury little kittens love to catch and follow up some exercise from time-to-time. So, here is the dart automatic pet laser which comes with a 360-degree rotating laser head. You just need to place it on a high surface and where your cat gets quality space to play!

Petcube Do you travel a lot? Then for sure, your traveling makes you keep you away from your pets! Well, there is a great companion for your pet, Petcube. It is a cube that is to be placed on a table and has a camera which lets you see the whereabouts and activities of your pet through an app on your smartphone. The fun fact is that you can also speak and hear your pet through the app, as petcube get you pre-installed speakers and microphone.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine 
After a tiring day at work, it is impossible to play with your dog for long! So, here is technology that gets you yet another gadget to let your pet stay active and happy. The GoDogGo machine throws the ball and all your dog has to do is to bring back the ball and return it to the basket in order to let the machine shoot for another.

Pintofeed As we told you about petcube, there is yet another device- Pintofeed which lets you feed your pet when you are not at home. Well, of course, this one isn't for days but surely a help. The pintofeed is an automatic food dispenser which is by its app on iOS, Android, Windows 8 smartphone. It dispenses food for your pet when you want using your home Wi-Fi and one can also create schedules based on you feeding times.  

Whistle Whistle is an activity monitor for your pet dog. This device enables you to analyze the activities of your pet. It is sometimes hard to track your pet's behavior on initial levels as sometimes you may not get it. However, Whistle lets you track your pet's walk, play and rest hours. One of the best things is that you can also send the collected stats to your Vet which will keep him abreast of the state of your dog's health.

And this was all, there are number of gadgets that have come up and will be coming up that will help you keep your pet healthy, lively and happy! 


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