Spend A Pleasant Weekend In The Inspirational City Of Kaohsiung

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 02, 2017

Traveling is a unique and unexplainable experience, one will always be at loss of words while they travel and discover new places. Especially, when you are sitting in front of your laptop screen (or any tech in that manner!) and reading a number of travel blogs and guides. You get tempted to every mountain you see, every historic and cultural temple you go through! We hope you agree? 

There are some hidden jewels in the chest of mother earth, the undiscovered ones and ones that least knows about. One such fascinating city is Kaohsiung. Yes, once you search for it, you will get to know that it is not only Taiwan’s second largest city but also an industrial center. Confused? How can one think of traveling to an industrial place? Got a picture of pollutants and filthy air? *SNAP!* you won’t get to know how beautiful and pleasing a city is until you step out of the cubicle and step into the real world. 

Well, to give you a picture of Kaohsiung and break the delusion we at CollectOffers unboxes you with 5 amazing spots that you can make a visit to. And don’t forget to make your hotel bookings reserved.

The Old British Consulate The elegant red building that once used to be the colonial mansion for the British Consul is a place visited by travelers to enjoy the sunset. There are small exhibitions inside the building. However, people find enjoying a drink and meal in the open terrace- the top spot in town.

Love River Take a cruise down to atmospheric Love River, a perfect romantic escape one would have visited. Enjoy the serenity, and take a quiet evening walk along the riverside. You can also enjoy the cafes and peaceful little parks lined up alongside.

Martyr's Shrine Do the architecture of places and historic monuments leave you awestruck? Well, then the Martyr's Shrine is a must visit for you. The Shrine is a perfect example of classical Chinese architecture. The area also provides to you the access to lots of hiking trails.

Fine Arts Museum This is another great place where you can find tranquility from the hectic pace of the city. If you are an art lover and inspire to see beautiful artwork, the place has got exactly what you need. The museum displays both local and foreign artwork.

Lotus Pond Travelers passionate about temples, pagodas and old buildings, Lotus Pond will surely come to you as a delight. There are beautiful hidden alleys which you can explore in a plan of an entire day!

So, these were the 5 places which you can visit and make your travel escape to the city unforgettable.