Tourist Attractions Of Taiwan That Will Leave You All Charged Up

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 25, 2017

Taiwan is a country that is a combination of varied flavors. Travelers are often left awestruck with experiencing country’s different layers. The adventure landscapes, vigorous traditions combined with Asian sophistication are what make Taiwan stand diverse.

Holidaymakers have loved to explore Taiwan for three reasons, namely- the exuberant tourist attractions, shopping spots, and culinary destinations. Starting from its natural beauty, Taiwan offers the coastal valleys and vast green forest. When assessed from the history and culture point of view, Taiwan has the most widespread collection of Chinese artifacts relic in its National Museum.

Taiwan is full of surprises if you know where to look. So, we at CollectOffers will provide you a glimpse of the 5 tourist attractions that you must pay a visit while you are on your trip to Taiwan. To know about them, keep scrolling the article and you’ll surely be amazed when you get introduced to the beauty of Taiwan and its attractions! 

Taroko Gorge This 18km marble-walled gorge has been a popular walking and hiking destination since the 1930s. The Taroko National park is one among nine national parks of Taiwan. It is popularly known and named after the Taroko Gorge. 

Building Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Building Chiang Kai-shek Memorial is a landmark of Taipei which is usually used to celebrate national events. In this white marble-walled building, visitors get to know the history of Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of Taiwan and mark a visit to the 20th-century museum located in the basement. For those of you who are not too interested in history, you can enjoy views of the garden hall which is decorated by tasteful Chinese ceramic.

National Palace Museum The museum is considered to be very majestic as it has a collection of priceless antiquities from the countries Taiwan and China. A collection of basically Chinese-owned antiques since Taiwan was chosen as a place to save objects of Chinese art at the time of the Sino-Japanese war and civil war in China. The collection, among others, is various kinds of jade carvings and sculptures of boats made with olive seed material.

Taian Hot Springs Taian Hot springs is one of Taiwan's most attractive sights which offer its visitors an enticing combination of hill walks and rejuvenating hot springs. The hot spring water is abundant and the cherry blossoms are graceful during the blossom season. Visitors can also play with water or fish in the rivers nearby.

Longshan Temple A trip to Taiwan is incomplete without a visit to Taipei where the ancient temple is very famous; Longshan Temple. The temple was built in 1738, where you can see the statue of Guanyin Goddess of Compassion, a pair of dragon decoration in the hall, and the four dragons in the den.

So, these were a few places and sights where one must visit, when in Taiwan.