Why it is Awesome to Visit Taiwan in the Hot Spring Season?

Post by Anupam Pandey | Oct 16, 2018

Taiwan is mostly a cool place considering its weather and surroundings. But after the season of Typhoon pass off, there is a little period of hot spring season which is apparently unique owing to the fact that spring season is known for being not so hot nor too cold kind of weather.  But things work a bit differently in Hong Kong. This might sound unfriendly but I must make it clear that it is not what most people would associate to about hot spring season.

The temperature is not as hot or humid as it is during the summer season but it does offer a plenty of sunshine. As the region sees a lot of storms during the prior season of the typhoon, the people are eager to go out and get themselves some kind of rejuvenation. But what are the things that you can do under the hot sun?  There are a lot of options if you would like to explore and some of them are just mind-blowing, to say the least. I would actually recommend you to visit Taiwan in the hot spring season for an ideal experience of the place and its people. You can also choose a trip online using these Klook promo codes and avail exclusive deals and discounts on your travel bookings.

Here let us take a look at why it is awesome to visit Taiwan during the hot spring season.  

Surf, swim and snorkel

The beaches of Taiwan as good as the best ones you can find on the planet. They are full of ecstatic sceneries, lavish layouts and mild but consistent tides. Now, whenever a surfer would hear the word ‘consistent’ and ‘tide’ in togetherness, his ears would always catch it because it is one of the most important things that are required for surfing. Given that there are a hot sunshine and cool breeze flowing all over the place, Taiwan is an absolute wonderland for surfers, swimmers and snorkelling lovers.

There are many places which offer a great setting to all the water adventure lovers out there. The water is mostly cool which makes it even better for the sake of doing such activities under the sun. The sea is undoubtedly a bit calmer after suffering all those storms in typhoon season. One can also try adventures like scuba diving and kiteboarding too but these are something that needs more professional guidance and safety precautions more than anything else. The average men would do just fine with surfing and snorkelling. One more thing that you can try is jet skiing but it is only available at a few select places.

Escape into the World of Sceneries

We all would desire to visit a place and live there which looked like those sceneries that we find in paintings on the walls of our homes. But sadly, such landscapes are rarely found and are restricted to only a selective kind of places which have a mountain range that isn’t rising beyond a vegetative limit and filled with lush greenery and abundant fresh water sources. Guess what, Taiwan has many such landscapes within its small region which make it an astoundingly beautiful place. The number of such places means a whole lot of options with distinctive varieties.

The best part about such places is that they are cool and the temperature remains on a milder side even during the afternoons.  This is why you would love it even more during the hot spring season as it gives you a perfect reprieve from the hot city life and take you to places that look imaginary and majestic. You can find teas farms at a few such places and it could be great for any tea lover to try out the tea prepared from fresh tea leaves. An unwillingness to leave the place can be felt while leaving such a marvellous landscape but ultimately you have to be satisfied with the memories preserved in form of photographs of those picturesque locales.