Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year Sale

The most-awaited shopping carnival marking the beginning of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar- Chinese New Year is just around the corner and shopping frenzies are already losing their nerve! Preceded by two weeks of celebrations and festivities, gifts are exchanged during this time of the year as greeting within the family members, friends, and loved ones, and a red envelope is handed over to the old couple and unmarried people as a ritual.                           

The History of Chinese New Year Sale 

Known as Chunjie in the layman’s language which is the Chinese version of the Spring Festival, this 14-day long event of merrymaking defines the end of the coldest days every season. As one of the widely celebrated cultural events in East Asian countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea, the frolics include Renri, the Jade Emperor's party, and an awe-inspiring Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year festival is the embodiment of the Chinese zodiac on a 12-year cycle and every year, its spirit is represented through a specific animal and sellers tuned it into a way to offer a shopping feast through 優惠碼.           

From a Tradition to a Shopping Fiesta!

The merriment of the Chinese Lunar Year gradually inspired exciting activities, craftwork, decorations, reckless shopping, and above all, unbelievable deals by retailing giants like Shopee, FARFETCH, AliExpress, Gearbest, and others. Apart from the 11.11 Sale, Black Friday Sale, and Thanksgiving Sale, sellers wait for this shopping festival as a grand profit-making opportunity for themselves. As of today, the Chinese New Year Sale means a global sale event consisting of great discounts and promotions.     

Genuine and Reliable 

Constituting a wide array of offers and deals on various brands and high-end stores, the sellers participating in this fantastic sale event are 100% genuine. The discounts and vouchers active during the Chinese New Year on these platforms are brewed to facilitate some unbelievable price drops on your favourite categories. Apart from local Taiwanese brands, international labels, and Chinese retailers, all strive to spike up their sales and get a fair share in profit.

Chinese New Year- A Global Celebration?

As the name indicates, Chinese New Year is a legacy of China but it is not only confined to the South-Asian region! Sellers on a global level aren’t untouched by the shopping rage that takes fashion, beauty and personal care, electronics, gift sets, home appliances, and every other industry by storm. As per a report by Global Times, 63% of products bought for the Year of the Dog (the year 2018) were purchased from international sellers and their contribution is quite high.

The Relevance of Chinese New Year Sale 

Although the world has forgotten about the Lunar Calendar, China still carries a greater obligation towards it and follows it with its heart and soul. The entire series of festivities is segregated under various parts and celebrated accordingly. This Chinese New Year festival usually falls on any date between January 21 to February 20, and residents from all over the world crawl to their homeland for the festivities. Seeing it as a perfect chance to cash out the shopper’s spirit soaked in merry, sellers like Mr Porter, Net-A-Porter, Lenovo, iHerb, Bnaggood, and others offer bumper discounts and promo codes.

Get Massive Savings and Markdowns

Chinese New Year Sale in Taiwan is going to be fiercer than ever as in the last year only, it showed a growth of 8.6% in shopping. From men’s and women’s fashion wear, computers and laptops, fashion accessories, watches and hats, footwear, edibles, groceries, fruits to traditional dresses, shoppers are expected to experience great price drops up to 99% OFF on several categories. As the sale for gifts and gift sets is definitely going to spike up, shoppers will be able to shop more for less. 

Know about the Promotions and Deals

If you aren’t sure about which stores and sellers are taking a part in the Chinese New Year sale festival, then do not worry. We at CollectOffers are always at your rescue when it comes to helping you bag a bargain and we will inform you about all such names as HBX, Pedro, TicWatch, Watsons, and others conducting this sale. You will get a whole list of Chinese New Year折扣碼 and 优惠码 to shop at fantastic prices that are too good to be true. So eat, drink and be merry, as all these deals will be delivered to you on a silver platter. You can also subscribe to the newsletter of your favourite store to get heads up on their upcoming offers!

Gifts- The Most-Purchased products! 

As a traditional notion and as an idea to bring people closer, gifts are always favoured for expressing goodwill and strengthening the relations, and the Chinese New Year gala isn’t any different. Gifts are considered sacred during this time of the year and the red envelope ort Ang Pao tradition rules them all. The elders of the family hand over gifts wrapped up in a red envelope to the young generation and also to their employees, children, and to those who are less privileged than them. There are various other gifts that are preferred during the celebrations and online gift shops make a fortune due to it:

  • Tea, which is loved by everyone. 
  • Chinese Traditional clothes like Tang suits, Qipao, Hanfu, and similar dresses.
  • Healthy food or fruit basket. 
  • Candies, chocolates, pastries, and toys. 
  • Hats and caps are a mandatory part of the Chinese costume code and make a flawless gift.

Chinese New Year Sale on Services

As a greatly awaited festival of the year, the Chinese New Year sale is like a treat to the shoppers who want to revamp their closet or simply want to reinvent their homes. Along with them, even the travellers are given something to drool over by the travelling platforms like Klook, Kkday,, and others. You can enjoy lavish stays, sightseeing and activities, things to do, domestic and international flights, and hotel bookings more than ever at discounted rates on top of getting decorations, gift boxes, flowers, photo frames, dishes, and more items.