London Pass 折扣碼 & London Pass 優惠碼 August 2022

Book an extraordinary trip using the London Pass折扣碼 to explore all the spectacular landmarks, palaces, art galleries, local tours, activities, and attractions for free in London! This holiday season, get adventurous and unlock unforgettable experiences in the top tour of London without busting your budget with London Pass. 

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London Pass 折扣碼 - 在選定的持續時間通行證上節省高達 15% | London Pass Promo Code!

一張數字通票即可暢遊倫敦景點! 使用給定的折扣代碼獲取您的通行證,您將在結賬時享受高達 15% 的即時折扣。 匆忙!

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London Pass 折扣碼 - 應用代碼並享受高達 13% 的折扣 | LondonPass Coupon

London Pass攻略 | 立即在線獲取您的通行證,並在結賬時使用給定的折扣碼享受高達 13% 的優惠。 立即預訂,享受限時特賣!

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London Pass 折扣碼 - 你的旅行,你的方式| 使用代碼在選定的持續時間通行證上節省 FLAT 5%

使用 Go City Pass 探索巴塞羅那! 現在在結帳時使用給定的折扣代碼預訂,您將立即享受 5% 的固定優惠。 匆忙!

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London Pass 折扣碼 - 使用您的電子郵件地址註冊即可獲得 250 美元的優惠券!

立即使用您的電子郵件地址註冊,您將收到 250 美元的代金券,您可以使用倫敦通票在線申請第一個訂單。 立即註冊,立即領取 2022 折扣碼!

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London Pass 折扣碼 - 註冊並在全包通行證上節省 5%!

立即獲取您的全包通行證並立即節省 5%! 立即使用您的電子郵件地址註冊並訪問倫敦 80 多個景點。 匆忙!

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London Pass 折扣碼 - 在London Explorer Pass攻略上獲得 FLAT 20% 折扣! - 2022 年旅行卡!

與您的親人一起訪問 80 多個熱門景點,而不會傷及您的口袋! 在此促銷期間,使用 London Pass 折扣碼 2022 並在您想要的通票天數獲得 20% 的固定折扣。

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London Pass 拍賣 - 碎片中的景色 | 通過通行證享受免費入場並節省 37 英鎊

花更少的錢體驗 The Shard 的美景! 立即在線獲取您的通票,您將節省 37 英鎊的普通門票價值。 現在預訂!

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London Pass 拍賣 - 在威斯敏斯特教堂的正常門票價值上節省 25 英鎊

擁有倫敦通票的威斯敏斯特教堂會讓您的興奮加倍! 立即獲取您的通行證,享受免費進入這個景點,節省 25 英鎊,這是成人的正常門票價值!

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More about London Pass

How it works? 

Being a digital sightseeing credit pass, London Pass gives you instant access to over 80+ destinations in the city without any fuss!

All you have to do is to select the duration of your credit package, download it to the official app and scan it at the gate of the 倫敦景點you want to visit to enter.

Please note that your credit package will stay active for consecutive days and not for the 24-hour periods and use the London Pass折扣碼 while booking to obtain great savings on your orders!

Money-back Guarantee

With its 30-days London Pass cancellation policy, travelers were already booking confidently with this platform and now, it has extended this policy to 90-days.

Yes! You are eligible to get refunds for your unused passes for a period of 90 days within the days of purchase considering the Covid-19 situation.

If your request falls out of that 90-day window, then you will not be eligible for a London Pass refund but you will have 2 year grace period in which you will be able to use your pass. 

What you get?

London Pass offers you the ultimate sightseeing experiences to the travelers with a tailor-made pass for the visitors to the city.

You will be able to explore London’s most famous landmarks through 1- day hop-on and hop-off bus tour while saving time and money simultaneously.

An incredible value for money awaits you while you download the London Pass app for getting these 80+ attractions, things to do, and itinerary at your fingertips. Make sure to add the London Pass優惠 or折扣碼 for more savings!

Free Entry!

London Pass 拍賣 - 倫敦塔 - 在線獲取通行證享受免費入場,節省 29.90 英鎊

免費進入倫敦塔並以正常票價節省 29.90 英鎊! 立即在線獲取您想要的通行證並享受優惠!

Get Discount
£38 OFF

London Pass 折扣 - 倫敦動物園景點門票免費節省 38 英鎊

使用倫敦通票進入倫敦動物園! 您可以享受普通門票價值 38 英鎊的免費入場優惠。 現在就衝到登陸頁面,享受福利吧!

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How do I use the London Pass discount code?

  • Visit our website and type London Pass in the search box. 
  • Click on the suggestion appearing below.
  • There’ll be London Pass折扣碼 and promo codes listed on the page. 
  • Click on the code & you’ll get redirected to the 倫敦pass Taiwan website.
  • Add the pass to your cart. 
  • Use the code on check out. 
  • Get massive savings!

What is London Pass Oyster Card for? 

London Pass offers 牡蠣卡 that enables the travelers to use buses, overground trains, and any other public network vehicle and you can use the 牡蠣卡 separately from the London Pass card. 

How to use my London Pass?

You just have to get your London Pass scanned at the entrance of the 倫敦景點 or the ticket counter in order to activate your credits and enter the attraction. The credits will automatically be deducted every time you visit an attraction. 

What are the payment methods I can use?

London Pass accepts payment methods like credit and debit cards along with cash to buy the Oyster cards. Make sure to use the London Pass折扣碼 on your bookings to grab savings every time you buy credit online. 

What is the age limit on a child's pass? 

Children that are aged between 5 to 15 years can get a child pass from the London pass however, the children below the age of 11 should be accompanied by an adult. 

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Rome And Vatican Pass 優惠券代碼 - 註冊以節省高達 10% 的羅馬和梵蒂岡城通票 2022!

與您的朋友和家人一起在羅馬城市度假,並通過這個驚人的優惠節省大量費用! 立即註冊以獲得適用於羅馬交通、羅馬公車、羅馬必去等的獨家折扣代碼,最高可享受 10% 的折扣!

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The Hong Kong Pass 優惠券代碼 - 使用 Go Hong Kong Pass 2022 可節省高達 50% 的費用 - 立即註冊!

獲取 2022 年香港通行證,享受超值優惠和輕鬆預算。 立即註冊,無限次進入 10 多個景點可享受高達 50% 的優惠。

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Consisting of the greatest ideas to make every vacation special, 倫敦pass is considered as the ultimate destination in 台灣 when it comes to planning the best sightseeing experience.

This travel organizer will provide you with the list of top destinations to explore and the amazing things to do while you are on holiday using the London Pass優惠碼 for massive savings. Get ready to experience the perfect journey of your at the top 倫敦景點 like zoos, theme parks, local tours and visits, and much more under roof!

About London Pass

Popularly known as the world’s largest sightseeing pass business, London Pass has introduced a better way to experience and discover new destinations by creating passes for the same.

Say goodbye to the paper tickets to pre-decided itineraries, as this travel platform brings you the most exciting things to do in a city with freedom of doing it your way and security of savings on every booking.

While you use the London Pass折扣碼 for savings, you get a pass to mind-blowing 倫敦景點 including magic shows, quirky museums, thrilling adventures like jet-skiing and zip-lining, which will all be curated especially by our local experts.

倫敦pass has passes for over 30 destinations around the world like London, New York, Sydney and Oahu to help you explore more than just the basic places that everybody experiences. 

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Fast track the formalities and start to enjoy every trip and travel with unlimited fun and convenience with this ultimate travelling portal using the promo codes available on our website. 

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To ensure the utmost convenience and utter ease of the travellers, London Pass ensures your London pass 購買 of passes are covered under the 30-day standard money-back guarantee and extended money-back guarantee.

In case you have any trouble travelling or have a change of mind, then make sure to contact its customer care services at for a refund.

You just have to send a request within 90 days of purchase and you can unlock experiences in cities like Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orlando and beyond!

24/7 Customer Services

Contact the London Pass 客服 in Taiwan through these means:

  • Call at +44 20 7293 0972 (for customers from outside the UK). 
  • Start a WhatsApp chat at +44 (0) 7827534453. 
  • Fill out the contact form and submit it. 
  • Follow its team on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 
  • Us its email address for help. 

Get the App! 

Download the London Pass on your device and start exploring attractions with free passes, get a mobile e-pass, speed up your visits to the designated destinations without having to wait in a line.

With a simple click, you will be able to get access to hundreds of places to visit and London pass 景點 at your fingertips and plan an incredible trip in the heart of London. While you book your itineraries, don’t forget to use the London Pass折扣碼台灣 and 優惠碼 to get massive savings!