Kering Unveils Sustainable-Innovation Award

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jan 04, 2019

The Luxury goods firm Kering has recently started an innovation award with the collaboration with global innovation platform Plug and Play in China. 

The fresh sustainable-innovation award is made in order to promote sustainable innovation within the luxury and apparel sectors in China. This has allowed the local startups and technologies to work more dedicatedly in order to get a reward. 

This brings positive reform in the industries, disrupt the textile value chain and create a positive impact on environmental and social impact. 

Many businesses will be given an award for their variety of resources and alternative raw materials, green supply connection and the annular market. This has granted access to key networking contacts and funding opportunities. Whoever will be the winner, will get a price of the worth €100,000 for development purposes.

Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering's chief sustainability officer and head of international institutional affairs said that Kering is happy to announce its collaboration with Plug and play in China where the company who is innovative and has a source of inspiration will be noticed and get a reward for their creative efforts.

Marie further said in her statement, “Innovation and creative problem solving is critical to reinventing luxury business model as the Kering Sustainable Innovation Award concept catalyse's new ideas and clarifications in the Greater China territory to help us in our mission.”

There will be three winners who will get award in September. 

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