Slick Case 折扣碼 & Slick Case 優惠碼 October 2021

Get high-quality and affordable covers for your iPhone, MacBook, AirPods, iPad, and other devices using the Slick Case折扣碼 for massive savings on your orders! Shop away your favorite graphic print, abstract, marble pattern, or customized designer cases from Slick Case台湾 and keep your device safe and awesome looking at the same time.

36% 折扣

Slick Case 折扣碼 - Best Seller Collection - 現在在線訂購併享受高達 36% 的折扣

暢銷系列! 在登陸頁面上在線查看選擇,享受您的訂單,享受高達 36% 的驚人折扣。 現在去購物!

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25% 折扣

Slick Case 折扣碼 - 2021 年萬聖節特賣 - 購買任意 2 個定制案例並享受 25% 的折扣

2021 年萬聖節特賣 - 從登陸頁面上的可用選項中訂購任意 2 個定制案例,並在結賬時立即獲得 25% 的折扣。 立即訂購併享受優惠!

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10% 折扣

Slick Case 折扣碼 - 歡迎優惠 - 使用此代碼在全店購物並獲得 10% 的折扣!

歡迎優惠! 使用您的電子郵件地址註冊並在全店範圍內享受 10% 的特別優惠。 在結賬時使用此促銷代碼即可立即享受優惠!

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Slick Case 折扣碼 - 享受每筆訂單免費送貨,無最低消費!

抓住這個絕佳的機會,享受購物車中添加的每件商品的免費送貨服務。 在此促銷期間購物,享受無最低消費的優惠。 匆忙!

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10% 折扣

Slick Case 折扣碼 - 註冊即可享受全店 10% 的折扣 - 立即購買!

立即使用您的電子郵件地址加入,您可以享受全店訂單 10% 的折扣。 註冊時直接在您的郵箱中索取優惠券代碼!

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Slick Case 折扣碼 - 萬聖節旋轉贏 - 現在參與並領取 20% 的優惠券!

萬聖節旋轉贏 - 這是為您準備的特別促銷活動! 參加活動並有機會獲得高達 20% 的優惠券折扣。 立即使用折扣代碼購物,享受全店優惠。 匆忙!

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Slick Case 拍賣 - 2021 年萬聖節特賣 - 在全店購買任意 2 件商品並獲得 50% 的折扣!

2021 年萬聖節特賣 - 購買更多商品以節省更多! 現在在登陸頁面上獨家購買任意 2 件商品,並在結賬時獲得高達 50% 的驚人節省。 匆忙!

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15% 折扣

Slick Case 拍賣 - Spooktacular 萬聖節特賣 - 立即在線購物並獲得 15% 的 FLAT 折扣!

Spooktacular 萬聖節特賣 - 在登陸頁面上獨家探索各種黑色和橙色 iPhone 手機殼,並在結賬時享受 FLAT 15% 折扣的訂單。 現在下單!

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Let the covers you choose reflect your personality with the right prints and quality material from Slick Case Taiwan; get the cases custom-made based on your likeness without any fuss.

No matter if you want to gift a customized back cover to someone or want to use a personalized case yourself, this is the place to get it done.

You can also take advantage of the Slick Case折扣碼 or promo code on your orders to get massive savings while you get your favorite among crystal and glitter marble, nature, animal print, abstract print, and more. 

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35 美元起

Slick Case 拍賣 - 暢銷書系列 - 在線訂購保護殼和保護套 35 美元起

用時尚保護您的設備! 從登陸頁面上提供的 Best Sellers Collection 在線選擇,並以最便宜的價格享受您的訂單,起價僅為 35 美元。 現在下單!

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Slick Case 拍賣 - 每次在线购买均可获得特别礼物-快点!


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45 美元起

Slick Case 拍賣 - Macbook 和 iPhone 手機殼套裝 - 只需 45 美元即可購買

Macbook 和 iPhone 手機殼套裝 - 在線訪問特殊的手機殼和外殼,並以僅 45 美元起的特別折扣價享受您的訂單!

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Slick Case 拍賣 - 購買任意 2 件商品並獲得第二件商品 50% 的折扣!

這是一個特殊的機會,可以享受在線購物的大量節省! 從登陸頁面上的選項中選擇任意 2 件商品,第二件商品可享受 50% 的折扣!

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Slick Case 折扣 - 註冊優惠-全店購物享受高達40%的折扣!


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起價$ 25

Slick Case 折扣 - 筆記本電腦拉鍊套-在線訂購僅需$ 25

筆記本電腦拉鍊套-在目標網頁上查看完整的選擇,並以最低的起價$ 25享受在線訂購。匆忙!

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起價$ 78

Slick Case 折扣 - 筆記本電腦皮革保護套-在線訂購僅需$ 78


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從$ 42.99

Slick Case 折扣 - Macbook保護套裝-價格從$ 42.99起

從登陸頁面上的Macbook Protective Package在線購買,並以最低的起價$ 42.99享受在線訂購。匆忙!

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起價$ 45

Slick Case 折扣 - 網上購物Apple Watch皮革錶帶僅需$ 45

Apple Watch皮革錶帶-在此優惠期內在線獲取所需的選擇,並享受最低的起價僅為$ 45。匆忙!

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How do I use the Slick Case discount code?

  • Visit our website and type Slick Case in the search box. 
  • Click on the suggestion appearing below.
  • You will find Slick Case折扣碼 and coupon code listed on the page. 
  • Copy any of it and you will be redirected to the Slick Case台湾 official website. 
  • Add back covers or iPhone cases to the cart. 
  • Apply the code you copied earlier for savings on check out. 

What are the payment options available on Slick Case? 

You can use American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal to pay for your orders to Taiwan. Also, make sure to use the Slick Case優惠碼 before finalizing the payment to grab some discounts! 

How can I track my order?

You can track your orders through the courier’s website FedEX or DHL for express shipping or you can also contact its customer care services for tracking the standard shipping orders. Sometimes, it takes 1-2 for the tracking details to get updated on the website!

Where can I add a Slick Case review?

Go to the review section available on its homepage to find the option for adding Slick Case store reviews or product reviews based on your experiences with this website.  

When will I get my refund? 

Once your return is processed, you will get a Slick Case refund within 7 business days after deducting an admin fee of 10% from the payable amount if the item was opened. 

These offers have expired, but they might still work!

15% OFF

Slick Case 拍賣 - 定制 iPhone 手機殼 - 立即在線訂購併享受 15% 的折扣

定制 iPhone 手機殼 - 在登錄頁面上在線訪問這個驚人的收藏,並在此促銷期間享受您的選擇,可節省 15%。 現在下單!

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From $65

Slick Case 拍賣 - 定制 MacBook 保護套 - 立即在線訂購,僅需 65 美元

提供多種字體和顏色的定制 MacBook 保護套! 立即在登陸頁面下訂單,以最便宜的價格享受您的訂單,起價僅為 65 美元。 匆忙!

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From $28

Slick Case 折扣 - Airpods 保護殼! 現在在線訂購只需 28 美元!

Airpods 保護套 - 在線訪問此特別編輯的保護套和保護套,並以最便宜的價格享受您的選擇,起價僅為 28 美元。 衝到登陸頁面並享受購物!

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Ajeet Singh
by Ajeet Singh
Deal Expert Manager
More about Ajeet

As the one-stop destination for sleek, unique, and stylish back covers, Slick Case Taiwan is known for its extremely good quality of material, collections, and accessories for those who are concerned about the safety of their devices.

You can enjoy unique MacBook & iPhone cases and decals from this No.1 retailer and enjoy great discounts on your favorite design using the Slick Case優惠碼 on your orders. It also offers Worldwide Free Shipping when you spend 100 USD, Halloween sale discounts, and other promotional offers like Spin to Win to help you save on your purchases.

About Slick Case

Committed to providing high-end solutions and tech-savvy accessories for Apple users, Slick Case is an international brand operating in over 50 countries. It is especially for those tech-geeks, who love trendy and stylish accessories to amp up the looks of their device without having to compromise with quality.

Slick Case consists of MacBook packages with mousepad, laptop bags and sleeves, protective packages, iPhone case and screen, airtag case, pop socket, and much more to improvise the looks of your device and offer great protection at the same time.

Make sure to use the Slick Case折扣碼 or promo code to save massively on your orders without any fuss and say goodbye to the boring look of your device that is getting too monotonous for you. Enjoy great savings during the Slick Case sale!

Returns and Warranty Policy

Under the Slick Case returns policy, you can return the cases and back covers within 30 days of delivery through any courier service of your choice.

To arrange for an exchange or a refund, you just have to fill out the return form or email your return request at If the item has been unpacked from its original packaging, an admin fee of 10% will be deducted from the refund amount.

Every item that is bought from this store is covered under the warranty of 12 months and if you have any concerns about your order after the return period, then you can file a claim. Warranty claims made after 6 months carry a reshipping fee.

FREE Shipping to Taiwan

Slick Case SF free express shipping is applicable on all the orders to Taiwan without any minimum spend giving all the shoppers a chance to get the finest covers for their Apple devices.

Your order will be delivered to your address within 2-4 working days without any fuss and you will even be able to acquire additional savings through Slick Case折扣 and優惠碼. So buy your favorite accessories and redo the look of your MacBook keyboard, AirPods, iPhone or more without stressing your budget. 

Customer Care Services

  • Call the Slick Case Taiwan customer care services at +1(888) 979-7054 with your order number for help. 
  • Email your issues at and get help. 
  • Drop them a line through the contact us form under its customer care section.
  • Leave Slick Case reviews. 
  • Follow its team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for regular updates and news on the latest arrivals and hottest deals. 

Join them as an Ambassador

Become a Slick Case Ambassador and start getting free products once you subscribe to this brand as a member! This membership program is open to all the fans, influencers, and any individual who would love to share the Slick Case products through their social media accounts.

Just sign up and start enjoying freebies from this premium store simply by showing your fondness for this store and get discounts by adding Slick Case折扣碼 or promo codes on your orders as well!