12 Things You Need to Know About Modest Fashion Trends in the Middle East

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jun 11, 2019

In this post, we have discussed what modest fashion is and how you can wear the best modest clothes without compromising on your style and fashion. So, after looking at what’s trending and what people love wearing we have arranged 12 best things that you must follow in order to achieve the right style!

On a monthly basis, Google receives about 8,000 searches on “Modest fashion” just not because of the religion but many women have started liking the cover uptrend and are seeking to make it a style statement.

Some women feel they find modest clothing empowering and feel the freedom to walk anywhere they want without coming up front with the male gaze. Majority of women who are opting this statement are based in the Middle East and their demand is also growing in the US and UK as well. We’ve found a few interesting modest fashion trends 2019 that will likely to rule this year.

As compared to other places and women choices, modest dressing has gained huge momentum for quite some time now. In the year 2017, there were many new Middle Eastern female clothing that became popular including long-sleeved dresses, high necklines, midi dresses, maxi dress, hijabs, plazo sets and quite a few more.

Though we know that first, the brand gets famous in cities like Paris, Milan, or New York then eventually it reached other parts of the country. But in these modest clothing trends, it caters UAE first. 

What Does Modest Fashion Really Look Like?

Before taking a look at fashion trends in Dubai, you must know that the modest fashion trends are just not becoming popular in the Middle East but its voice has reached globally. Now it has reportedly set the scale up by gargantuan proportions over these next years. Many designers are now launching modest wear including the latest one from a specialist online store called The Modist. It offers suitably modest pieces with an incredible roll of brand names that have likely to create interest among every kind of girl shopper. 

When you footstep outside of this explicit monarchy, you will witness that the runways, cool brands name, street style stars it's plain to see that runways, cool brands, and street style stars are embracing the big shapes, covered silhouettes, layering and everything are covered up. 

Certainly, modest fashion is not a new trend but it is found everywhere. And as a movement, it has picked up its pace on a decade, but people still have that haziness about what actually is a modest fashion, what it looks like and how it's affecting all the style-freak girls right now. Keep on reading to know more about it! 

Things You Should Know about Modest Fashion Right Now!

Here are 12 things you must know about the growing fashion trends in Dubai of modest fashion.

1. The hijab trend is all about making a bold statement by focusing on feminism

The hijab is the most modest and religious garment that attracts Muslim women as well as many other people living in Middle-East. Somehow, this has become a bold fashion statement in today’s industry. It’s about making the decision to wear it, cover what they want and dress confidently without being under societal pressures. Wearing the hijab will let women in keeping their heads held high in public without becoming a rallying point for feminist around the Middle East. 

To shop the best hijab online, you can check Riva fashion coupon code where you will get a great collection of women hijabs available on different styles at low prices under Modest fashion.

2. Dubai/Arab women changing the fashion world through their decent style 

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Arab and Middle Eastern women have turned up their fashion game and now no more allowing them to be stereotyped and became as the passive mother figure often forced by mass media. They are changing the world greatly with their style and designs. So, if you are looking for Dubai fashion online shopping then you must know quite a few Arab and Dubai fashion designers name such as Farah Al Asmar, Rula Galayini, and Yasmine el-Said, Zhor Rais.

3. Middle Eastern brands are the hottest fashion trend in Dubai

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The Dubai fashion trend is the most exciting trend that many people now look for all over the world. There are many exciting and celebrity-loved fashion brands that are now coming out as an inspiration in the Middle East. The brand's name like Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Noon by Nour, La Bourgeoisie, Rami Kadi, Georges Chakra, and Georges Hobeika are all available on 6th Street. You can also get all these top brands of Dubai at cheap prices by using the 6th Street coupon code. All these brands are quite famous including they are worn out on the red carpet at next Paris Fashion Week.     

4. Take inspiration from Instagram for Middle Eastern modest fashion trends

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If you are looking for best fashion suggestions then Instagram is also a great place where you can find women flaunting best modest and hijab-friendly attires coolly in the Middle East as well as outside the Middle East. For best inspiration, you can follow these popular Instagram handle - Dina Tokio (@dinatokio), Dalal AlDoub (@dalalid), Hend AlRumaihi (@hendrumaihi), Farah Emara (@farahemara), and Latifa AlShamsi (@latifalshamsi) where you will find the Instagram fashionistas trying out modest wear at ease. Before buying any attire, take a look at their Instagram profile and get updates on best modest looks. 

5. Best Mum-to-be modest fashion attires

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Who said maternity clothes are unfashionable and frumpy? If you feel that you have not got that figure to be in best fashion clothes then you can look great inspiration from Sprii website. Here you will get great apparel options to buy of latest fashion style and to get them at cheap price use Sprii coupon code on your purchase. These styles will make you confident to flaunt your style with ease and gives you the best fashionable look.

6. Muslim fashion YouTubers publish tutorials and popular social media figures

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Youtube is one popular source to get the newest fashion trends attire. There are many fashion bloggers who present some best, latest attires style- from hijab tutorials to latest styles that have never looked more colourful. You can get great inspiration online and also can get an update on what your favourite celebs are wearing.  Also, those women who do not know how to wear hijab properly can learn these tutorials and learn the right way to wear them.

7. Long skirts and flowy dresses are back

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If you want to look modest in your clothing style, this doesn’t mean that you have to cover up all and look boring. The long skirt dresses trends we should not forget as it keeps everyone engaged in being modest as well as their stylish best. You can recreate the classic look from the ’50s or ’60s too as in today’s fashion, there is no restriction to what you are wearing but you can look beautiful even in a long poodle skirt or flowing daytime dress without going out of fashion. You can choose Dubai fashion online shopping by using Farfetch coupon code and get yourself some modest latest design of dresses, skirts and covered attire.

8. Long and broad-length trousers are replacing short shorts

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Besides having long skirts, dresses, you can get yourself wide and broad length long trousers that have clearly replaced the short shorts obsession. Even during summers season too, you can wear short shorts and feel stylish even during summers. Now, women have started realizing that they no longer want to show off their legs in order to look stylish. Mostly, women around the Middle East are coming up with some new ways to even carry off their baggy jeans and wide-length office pants look casually.

9. Layer your clothes to show your exceptional style

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Many women get easily smitten by skin show, short sleeve, revealing top but still don’t want to show off your skin, then choose modest fashion scene from the Middle East. Layering is the ultimate new trend that many women prefer in order to look decent with their clothes. Also, the best part about layering is that it makes your look unique with exceptional specialized style.

10. The hijab lets you perfect any outfit 

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To attract people with your choice of clothing, you must have a focal point that draws in the attention. Somehow, hijab is becoming the trend to get the best modest look. Basically, the other places which re-adopting this trend are only adopting it because they find it different and decent fashion. To choose the right hijab, you can prefer to go bold with your colour choice, fabric material, the shape of the scarf and inspire everyone near you.

11. Don’t show off your skin or body to look stylish

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If you feel that off-shoulder tops, short dresses, crop tops etc will only make you look stylish then you are wrong. You can even look fashionable if you dress up decently. With the body positive movement, there are many types of attire that are decent as well as fashionable and do not let you feel awkward about your body. 

The modest fashion attires are also promoting the idea that the size or shape of your body need not to be flaunted openly in public for them to criticize. Muslim fashion influencers in the Middle East remind the secret to keep your body hidden with proper clothes along with not compromising with fashion and style. But the secret to dressing modestly is to choose loose flowing clothes, modest outfits, and opt hijab that is becoming the most popular trend as we have already discussed it.  

12. Being fashionably modest is encouraging women empowerment 

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Finally, we admit that the most important thing to know about modest fashion is that they become famous from the Middle East and since its popularity rising, it started empowering millions of women and men all around the world. 

If you dress decently, it will give you a sense of control over your own bodies and lets people stay true to how you want your dress while being in complete freedom to be bold as well as daring with your fashion sense. 

When you will be in your best modest look, you will realize that you have never looked so magnificent.

Quick Modesty Rules you must swear by! 

So, after you have known the best things that will let you dress attractive and modestly, it’s time you must look at these modesty dressing rules and must imbibe it in your dressing!

  1. Don’t wear too deep neckline dress. Judge it by keeping your four fingers below your collarbone and make sure your necklines are not below it.
  2. Avoid wearing the vertical materials and fabrics that sculpt your body, like spandex
  3. Do not wear tight fitting clothes that reveal your body curves or figure.  
  4. Avoid wearing a halter or backless garments and keep your back covered. 
  5. If you are wearing tank tops, then cover it with any layering like a jacket or scarf. 
  6. Notice the buttons on your shirt and make sure there are no gaps in between that could reveal your skin beneath. 
  7. Do not wear excessively tight pants with short tops. 
  8. Choose shorts and skirts that extend past your arms.  
  9. If you are choosing sleeveless clothing then opt for those having at least two inches thick strap. 

Hope, the above tips and tricks would have made it simpler to wear rightful decent clothes. Visit Farfetch store now and shop some best modest fashion trends in Dubai!