5 Epic Adventure Activities to Try in Dubai

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 14, 2019


Dubai is a place where luxury finds its home and that in itself serves as a testament to the greatness of Dubai as a city. Dubai is looked upon as a benchmark of architectural excellence, paramount hospitality and tourism comfort wooing each one of its visitors to the core. While one can argue about the expensive nature of the place, but then you must not undermine the bargain that it is meant for, which is no lesser than royal luxury and comfort. And when you do get it, it does come at a cost.

But even for those of you, who are keen adrenaline junkies, there is another way around it. The luxury infused with the rugged and rusty desert terrain and complemented by the coastal borders turns into a truly commendable place for seeking adventurous sports. There are plenty of them indeed that you can try in Dubai. So simply get your flights and hotels booked with the Emirates Promo Code and Hotels.com Coupon Code to avail exclusive discounts on the booking of flights with Emirate UAE and reserving your stay from Hotels.com UAE respectively and go for an ecstatic trip without delaying your plans any further. To get your adrenaline pumping action started, let us take you through 5 Epic adventure activities that you should try in Dubai.



Snowboarding and waterboarding are more familiar names for many travellers but sandboarding is something oblivious to most of them. The reason is obviously due to the lack of places for doing it. You can hardly find a playground as vast and open as The Arabian Desert set up for your snowboarding activity. This is relatively more steady and balanced when you compare it with waterboarding and sandboarding but then, you must not forget that it is an adventure at the end of the day and one must respect some basics to ensure safety and security. The only thing which does feel bad about it is that you will have to climb the dunes and reach the top after every slide which does consume a lot of energy. Well, it would be a nice idea for those who are looking to shred some extra fat.



This is one of the more popular and highly commercialized adventure sports which is done in water. It has been made popular specifically by the movies and other such video advertising tools. The truth is that flyboarding has a mesmerizing and captivating ability like no other thing as it gives a sense of flying or floating to the person performing it as well as the person who watches it would find it equally intriguing. You can find a number of private tour organizers providing this facility near the coastal areas which you can book in advance to save some extra bucks using the Cleartrip Coupon Code. So do not miss out on this rare experience because it is something you will hardly find anywhere else.

Hot Air Balloon Rides


The Hot Air Balloon Ride may seem a joke but it is not and you will realize it as soon as you are left in the balloon for the first time all alone. More than half of the people would skip a heartbeat or two upon slightest of movements. The Hot Air Balloons can reach the height of up to 4000 metres and more. At such a height, even the brave-hearted will find some strange sensation inside their stomach for sure.

Kite Surfing


The site surfing activity has gradually become the more popular and more exciting variant of surfing which the professional surfers are trying to do these days for developing better skills. It not only provides the joy of surfing but also makes for an exhilarating and fun-filled and wavy ride through the ocean. You can book an adventure tour in Dubai including the kite surfing and other enjoyable experiences with the great offers from Cleartrip Promo Code to get your dose of adrenaline rush.

Sky Diving


The sky diving is a really ultimate adventure which tests a person’s courage, will, self-determination and confidence all at the same time.  What else could you expect from an experience that requires you to take a free fall from a great height with complete gravitational force at work to keep your pace well over 120 km/hr? It is something impeccable and unexplainable you can only experience. Simply get you to plan for Dubai rolling and remember to avail the Emirates Coupon Code and Hotels.com Promo code to get cheapest deals on flight tickets and hotel accommodations for this adventurous journey.