6 Outfits to Pull Off Oversize Fashion Trend with Panache

Post by Anupam Pandey | Feb 21, 2019

Back in those school days, it was more of a cost-effective trick to get oversized uniforms and dresses so that the outfits could be able to fit in the body for a longer run of time in those growing ages. Buying a larger size used to be a very deliberate intent but not even once has it been for the sake of fashion, at least not for my parents. Most of the guys when they reach colleges begin to sense a kind of styling freedom as they are no longer being compelled to wear those baggy clothes by their parents as they had seen throughout their childhood. I guess this is also a major reason why the college-going youth is more inclined to skinny and slim outfits until they complete their graduation.

The skinny outfits have been one of the most preferred fashion styles of the last century and it was at large, more dominating than any other outfit for many decades. There was a new trend which started to grow simultaneously along with it without much recognition. But with the arrival of hip hop musicians on the limelight suddenly made the oversized outfits a trend to reckon with and soon it began to influence the mainstream with a completely new genre of fashion, this is what we now know as the oversized fashion. Today you can find all popular fashion brands coming up with the whole range of garment pieces under the oversized staple. You can check out the entire range of oversized outfits and buy such products from the branded fashion products at discounts too by availing the Souq Coupon Code by shopping them online.

If you have been sceptical about how the oversized fashion outfits, here we have detailed 6 wardrobe pieces to pull off the oversized fashion with perfection. 

Oversized T-Shirts

The oversized t-shirts have been one of the most popular wardrobe staples used in the street style and hip hop music videos are a classic example of it. You could easily notice the oversized tees being used in abundant numbers in many hip hop and rap music industry. If baggy tees have become a very influential style today, it has only become possible due to the hip hop musicians and rap singers.  All of this might not have been as cool as it is considered today if those hip hop celebrities had not flaunted it in their music videos, concerts and public appearances. One of the other significant contributors that have helped the oversized tees gain popularity amongst the average youth is the flip boarders and street performers. To get the oversized tees the right way, one ought to keep it neutral and play safe with the colour combinations. For instance, baggy tees of flashy colours might not be a good idea if you are not complementing it with a toned down bottom. As far as fitting is concerned, it is oversized what do you expect it to be like.

Baggy Jeans/Trousers

Many people don’t like baggy jeans or trousers and there are those ones too who hate it to an extent that they would be really happy if it got banned. To be practical, this style is a tricky one and many people get it wrong and end up appearing like fools rather than in an oversized style. First of all, one needs to get the baggy trousers or jeans cropped and resized according to one’s size. Most of the failed styles are often guilty of having an awkward length which is hardly manageable even after being folded twice more than what is actually required. The waist should also be stitched to the perfection which is not something that can be oversized but many people try to hang it around in a very awful and pathetic way which does more harm than any good at all. 

Oversized Hoodie

The Oversized Hoodie has been one of the hottest trends that have been given by the rap music industry to the fashion world. The rappers are in fact often showed it as a characteristic essential of their cult music personality. This style has always been a hallmark of street hippie culture and underground dance groups. The hoodie was apparently not so successful style of clothing until the oversized hoodie arrived and burst it out to the top of the popular fashion trends. The Hoodie is not just oversized; it is blown out of proportionate in size. The hoodies have become a trendy layering option as well as a very full sleeved t-shirt. Most of the hoodies usually come in printed graphics or logo themes and one could also spot many with quotations and urban phrases used as slangs by youths in their friend circles. The printed black coloured hoodies are one of the best-selling clothes in the market. One thing that should be kept in mind is that don’t go overboard with the logo, graphics or quotes unless of course, you are truly a hyped personality who is known for ‘reckless or nasty’ kind of attitude that doesn’t give a second thought to what others could think of you. Oversized Hoodies with big tongued sneakers are a deadly combination that could make anyone a hipster look.

Oversized Shirts

The oversized shirt is a kind of style that has found its place in the urban youth very gradually with time. Since the oversized hoodies, baggy tees and trousers were hitting a right chord with the street fashion, it was always on cards to adopt this variation with other garment outfits as well. There was an initial attempt made by the street style designers by evolving an unbuttoned version of shirts for wearing them as layering over the plain solid coloured cotton tees. This idea fused with the oversized trend and came out with oversized full sleeve unbuttoned shirts which were able to attract the hippies and the punks of the street going generation. Soon this originally a street style shirt established its place much beyond the scope of street fashion and became a freestyle casual outfit which is very commonly be seen in the college-going youths as a casual outfit. One thing that should always be considered is that you use the checks or plaid shirts for going oversized and avoid using the average formal or textured shirts by any means to get it the right way.

Oversized Blazers/ Cardigans

The coats which are oversized do not necessarily be called coats as they have more familiar appearance of a modified cardigan jacket rather than the coats. One of the more well-known fictional characters in the novels and movies, Sherlock Holmes is a classic case of styling oversized coat with aplomb. The character had a legitimate fashion appeal due to its inadvertently noticeable styling with those black coloured hats and large coat that he always wore when going outdoors. So, if you have been a fan of this legendary detective character, you should look no further for inspiration on how to wear an oversized coat without looking weird. The important aspect which should always be followed is to stick with neutral and greyish colour shades such as brown, burgundy, pastel colours, whites and steel-grey etc. The way of presentation in this style is a very important one and you must not let your combinations and under wrapped garments hidden behind the layering of the coat. You can buy trendy clothes at cheapest prices using the Sprii Coupon Code UAE and get your look updated with the changing trends of the fashion industry.

Oversized Sweaters/ Jumpers

The Jumpers or sweaters, the term most people would easily relate with, are certainly the most simple of all the outfits in oversized style. This is relatively very seamless transition which doesn’t need much to adapt in terms of pairing and combination match. This is also due to the fact that the sweaters are inherently the winter season outfit and it doesn’t matter if you have wrapped yourself with an oversized knit sweater in the cold weather. After all, who would blame a person for being protective in the chilling temperatures of the winters? All being said, you should also keep in mind that these jumpers must go down with a contrasting tone with the trouser or jeans you wear. The oversized jumpers are very stylish and purposeful at the same time. The coolest thing about these knit wears is that they are versatile enough to go down well with the casual trouser and jeans combination or even with the joggers and sports lowers with effortless ease and comfortability. But do remember that it must not be too wide or out of proportion in size as this could make you look more of an awkward than style-savvy men.

Keys to Oversized Look that Works

There is certain nitty-gritty of all things in the fashion world and this is vital to keep the basics of style for ensuring that it actually works the way it is ought to. In oversized trends, this is even more important because there is a very small margin to play with and anything beyond that could make you appear embarrassed as a laughing stock. So when you want to flaunt the big look with oversized outfits, keep in mind these 2 key elements for your better…   

'Knowing the Occasion'

The oversized trend is successful without a doubt and it does make you look stylish too. But then there are some constraints to a dressing sense in terms of when and where you can flaunt the style appropriately. A dress is not for every occasion and the same applies in the case of the oversized outfits too. This is inherently a street style casual outfit trend and one simply can’t pull it off at every given place and rightly so. You should only use this style when you are out on the streets roaming or going to a nearby local market or even on a casual outing with your friend circle. But this outfit would be the worst possible idea if you try it when going for any formal meeting, business-related gatherings, marriages or any other societal celebration.

'Not Big But Oversized'

Yes, this might sound confusing even though it is not. You should understand the difference between big and oversized to get this point sensibly. Many times, youths go for an unprecedentedly big sized attires in the name of oversized look and make a fool of themselves by getting into wardrobe mishaps and all kinds of frustration with the dress. The actual thing that one should understand is how the oversized clothes should ideally be like when you consider this style. The garments must be oversized but only at certain places while the measure of shoulder and waist must be technically be made with the ideal measurements. The pieces those are stretched or too big at wrong places such as the baggy jeans on the waistline or shoulders of the blazers or jackets etc. The general fitting is essential to make any clothing comfortable for the person wearing it and this is true in oversized outfits as well. 

'Finding a Balanced Appeal'

The look can be built and ruined by matching of the overall outfit. To actually pull off a look to perfection, you got to make the right choices keeping an eye for the right balance between the combinations of garments used. The colours, the textures, the shades and the contrast, everything should be poised enough to ensure the appeal of the look on whole. The radical or flashy overtone of any of the pieces in the oversize look is the worst thing you could do while trying to flaunt this trend. Also, remember that you should only incorporate one or a maximum of two oversize garments in an entire dressing combination to keep the appearance subtle, neutralized and impactful.

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