A Young Man's Guide to Casual Wear!

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 07, 2018

Younge men are not too fond of custom suits made up of finest silk imports with classic ties and trousers. The youth seems to rejoice with the idea of fashion and wants to incorporate a subtle dressing style to even the most formal dresses and that makes it rather hard for most of the younger generation men to get the basics right when it comes to formal wears.

So, here is a guide for all of those who want to infuse a sense of fashion while keeping the dress casual at the same time. First and foremost, it is really hard to consider the most lavish suits being worn by the younger lots as they enter into their careers right out of the college. With barely affordable prices, those classy and dapper suits are a distant dream for most of the youths and this drives them into a need of getting things sorted in the nicest ways within the budget. So here are few Souq Coupon Codes to shop dresses from your favourite brands at great discounts.

What To Wear?

The basic thing about the casual wear is that it can be really diversified and confusing at various levels. The cliche of dressing it without appearing odd also makes it a tricky thing.  To begin with, the casual wear gives you the luxury to try new looks for sharper appearance but always keep in the mind that those looks must not be stuffy and grossly overdone at the same time. Going overboard never works, whether it is about dressing casually or formally.

So what are the dresses that you must have in your wardrobe when it comes to casual wear? This can't be grossly generalized as every person has his own choice which he wants to stick with when dressing up in an casual attire. But bring said that, one ought to consider a few ways of dressing.

If you take a view of an average youth's wardrobe, you would at least find a pair of Jeans, a few t-shirts and shirts and some other accessories including sweatshirts, windcheater or casual jackets. If you don't have any of these, you are much likely going wrong with your dressing aesthetics which can look cool occasionally, but if done more often than it got to make you an ill-dressed man with all due respect.

The trick is diversifying – taking the same casual level of dress that most young men wear, and adding new looks to it to stay sharp without looking stuffy. So here I provide you with some of the basic casual wears that you must have in your wardrobe in order to find a suitable dress for occasions.


Odd trousers

I don't think there would be many people unfamiliar with trousers but most of the people wouldn't have heard much about the casual trousers which are specially designed with the help of woollen fabrics. If you go around the road noticing most men, you would easily find many men wearing the commonly used blue coloured denim, even though there are a plethora of options available in terms of colour and texture gradient in the limited colouring options. You can use the woollen variants of trousers to get a viable and successful alternative to rough and rugged jeans when dressing up in a casual attire. The colourful trousers stand out even amongst a larger volume of people. It does go well with casual jackets and windcheaters especially.


Corduroys are a kind of lighter dresses as they are specially prepared with lighter fabrics mixed with certain things. They are not just comfortable and breathable in terms of designing but also look great and make a very good alternative for jeans especially. CXorduroys generally look well in lighter colours and give a much-needed reprieve from the darker coloured jeans. It is especially good for parties and evening outings to say the least. The sturdy and relaxed nature of this attire makes it a very convenient and easy to use the option from all perspectives.

Grey Flannel Trousers

This is one attire which is not as much popular as it rightly deserves to be. Even though most youths do find it attractive, it is still considered a bit old-fashioned and conservative according to them but it is rather a misinterpretation of sorts. This is one of the best matches for wearing simple shirts and blazers. This is a kind of casual wear that can easily pass off as if amongst the formal ones. The pair of a decent collared shirt with it makes it a perfect on-duty attire.

Looser Jeans

There are a multitude of options if you want to look out for in the casual attire. The attires can vary upon the condition in which they are to be worn. According to the purpose or place of your visit, you can choose a from these other options of casual trousers.

You can choose looser jeans if you want to keep it fairly casual on a day of some manual labour. Though it must be noted that loose jeans are not tightly fit or precise, still the jeans must fit appropriated to the side of your waists in order to keep yourself a bit flexible. There shall not be much sag in the bottom or crotch and it should be properly tapered on the lower legs in order to keep it well placed.  The colours could be varied but darker colours such as indigo blue and black suit the best. The white jeans have been a very popular choice amongst the teens of late and you can go for them too with a bright t-shirt.



This is a collared shirt with a very soft fabric such as soft cotton or denim used to prepare it. There are many kinds of shirts which can be categorized in this category of which Oxford workshirts and plaid or checkered lumberjack shirts are classic examples. These are also being made with the lighter woollen fabrics which give a very classy and premium overlook to it.

Polo T-shirts

These are inarguably one of the most popular types of the t-shirts and every person must own at least a couple of these in their wardrobes. Having these shirts in white, solid dark and narrow stripes can be the best option for your wardrobe. The one with the logo is the although the more preferred one to have but you ought to give the ones without logo a try. The major thing about this kind of t-shirts is that they should not be bought cheap because they are not the ones good for casual attire.  

Rugby Shirts

These are just another kind of shirts which are similar to classic long-sleeved polo t-shirts. They are often carrying horizontal stripes and an emblem or a logo at the top of the left side which can be either fictional o of some real teams. This can be left upon an individual's choice whether if he needs a real team's logo or the one that doesn't keep his favourite team out for everyone to see. They look good for a collegiate kind of appearance and especially liked by the youths who have just come out of college. 

Breton Top/ French Shirt

This is often called amongst people by the name of French Shirt as it has 3/4 sleeves and usually come in the alternative stripe patterns. These shirts generally have navy blue or white coloured stripes although there are many other colour options available nowadays. This variety of shirt has featured amongst our list because of its unique and eye-catching look that looks bold and straightforward from the onset. Using this attire with a beret is not a good option as it might go on looking like a caricatured French dressing which you would probably not like to be looked upon as. 

Guayabera/ Cuban Shirt

This one is a style that comes from the South American continent and is peculiarly been name a Cuban styled shirt. These are really a very good casual attire with multiple front pockets and a very soft collar. The shirt usually holds design pleats or embroidery works which gives it a very decorated appearance. The decoration work varies by and large and you always have the option to go with your style of decoration whether it is a light work of pleats or an extravagant embroidery. This attire is one of the best for campings and outdoor tours to flaunt a very useful casual attire with exotic soberness, more so during the summer seasons.


This is one attire that can add browny points to the overall casual style of your appearance without going overboard or trying anything hard with your looks. This is a kind of attire that can be used all year round for its useful and innovative designing that makes it apt for being draped around during the winters and worn like a light overcoat during the summers. This attire is available in cotton as well as woollen variants which you can choose for your convenience. Although, the spring and summer version is always a much more obvious choice as you do have the option to go with the Jackets in winters.


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