Book Cheapest Flight to Anywhere with These Seven Secret Online Flight Booking Tips

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Jan 24, 2017

There were 53.02 Million people walked through the Changi Airport, Singapore in the year 2016. Sydney is not much behind and has managed 26 Million travelers in 2016, which is 2.3 percent rise compared to the previous year. The similar statistics from Kennedy Airport from New York and Heathrow Airport from London tell us the air travel has become cheaper and the number of frequent flyers is increasing each day across the world.

Don't you agree with the conclusion? Neither travel expert at If you are a once-in-a-blue-moon traveler, you don’t need to worry about the depth of your pocket, but those love to explore the world, wish to be together with family or expand the business horizons need to be absolutely spot on when it comes to saving money on online flight booking.

At CollectOffers, we love to provide exclusive coupon codes and discount offers and money saving travel deals on flight booking and hotel booking. We continuously scan online travel agencies, airlines and airports to find out the best flight deals. But, having an exclusive coupon code from CollectOffers isn’t enough. Therefore, with summer travel season up ahead, we have rounded up the best money saving tips here.

Keep Your Searches Top Secret

This is little weird here. But yes, we are asking you to keep your searches secret from those flight booking websites which are actually mean to help you book the flight tickets. Nope, no need to get confused. But need to remember that browser cookies alert the website about repeated search and website may increase the price. Hence it is always advisable to search the flights in incognito mode or private browsing mode for the cheapest airfare possible. Make sure you close and restart Incognito mode each time you search the new flight route.

Use The Best Flight Search Engines

The simple fact is if you are not the best, you are not in the business. Therefore, it is essential to pick only the best Flight Search Engines and Online Travel Agencies to book your flight tickets. There is for booking flight tickets to any part of the world. If you wish to navigate the Asia, you can check the or if you wish to book cheap flight tickets to any Chinese destination you can check Qatar Airlines and Etihad Airways are worth a shot if you are heading toward UAE or Middle East Asia.

Embrace Budget Airlines

The intention is to enjoy the destination, not the career that carries you the destination, right? So if you are not fascinated with a VIP treatment on the board of a flight, look for budget airlines, which are quick between destinations, and are far cheaper than the premium airlines. However, there is a bottleneck in booking budget airlines. Budget Airlines would not let you carry a lot of stuff onboard. You will be paying extra for your language. But, if you are intended to save more on flight tickets, budget airlines are the best option.

Check and Track Discount Offers

Mind you, this is the best way to save lots of money while you book flights online. Only a few discount offers are displayed on the websites because online travel agencies do not want to give you discount if it is possible. However, there are many secret deals that are provided to the coupon portals. If you check the, you will find countless coupons and special discount offers of online travel agencies as well from the airline itself. CollectOffers also excels in offering daily deals for cheap flight booking and last minute deals for online hotel booking.

Avoid Long-Haul Flights

In the first instance we don’t see it making sense on board for over 12 to 18 hours even if it is a direct flight between two prime destinations, let say between New York and London. Plus direct flights are always expensive. Instead, go for the two or three connecting flights with more than the decent overlay and book each flight separately. Travel experts at CollectOffers are of the opinion that when you book separate flights with a layover, you will be able to save more than valuable money.

Think of Using Local Airlines

When you don’t book international premium airlines for a direct long-haul flight, you give yourself a chance to book local airlines in your flying destination. For example, if you are flying for Sharjah from Singapore, instead of booking Singapore Airlines, which is anyway a premium airline, go for the Etihad Airways, which is UAE local airliner. If you are using the local airline to travel to its home destination, you are assured to saving few more bucks and spending little more extra on local shopping.

Consider Hidden City Ticketing

A little complex concept but can save a real good money if you excel on booking tickets to the hidden cities that supposed to be your destination. Well, it is this simple. If your destination is the one in which two connecting flights meets to exchange the travelers, there is huge possibility that you will be charged less for traveling up to the hidden destination and not the full to the connecting destination. If also helps airlines reduce the baggage charges. And now there are online sources available that help you search the hidden destinations.

Not that you are going to apply all the tips at a time or excelling on booking cheap flight tickets. There could be a possibility that all other tips may fail for you except the one that offers you coupon codes. Therefore, keep visiting for the best of travel deals on online flight booking and make sure you have the finest travel experience.