Dubai: Paradise For Every Shopaholic!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 20, 2017

Okay, now that if one says only women are limited to shopping, please you know that it’s just half the truth. If women love jewelry, fashion and beauty, the men’s too have their categories to shop be it tech, fashion or accessories. And now that you are a shopaholic, you might certainly be aware of the synonym of shopping. Yes, it is none other but Dubai! 

Traveling to Dubai not only limits you to witness its tech-savvy buildings, skyscrapers and magnificent architecture and one thing that you cannot miss is shopping. Traveling to Dubai won’t be complete until you shop. Dubai offers you from fashion to beauty, from tech to gold and rugs to carpets! One can buy everything from round the world at Dubai. 

You get things from Iran, Turkey, India and China. You are not only blessed to visit enormous and magnanimous shopping malls in Dubai but street shops are a blissful delight to the shoppers.  One might get the notion that malls and street shops are available in every country and there is nothing new to it but, our beloved readers, you might not be aware that Dubai not only get you these but also has Shopping Festivals’ that are organized every year.  

These famous shopping festivals are worth a mention here. The most well-known that attracts thousands of shoppers from across the world is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which kicks off every year in January and goes on for a month.

So, now to give you a peek-a-boo about 5 famous shopping destination at Dubai, we provide you a rundown to those.

Dubai Shopping Mall Despite the number of malls in Dubai, the Dubai Mall, located near Burj Khalifa is one of the largest and most famous in Dubai. With thousands of luxury brand stores available in the mall, an underwater zoo, Dubai Aquarium and Ice Rink and many more makes the mall class apart.

Mall of the Emirates Not only the Mall Of Emirates offers a great experience with hundreds of premium store but also provides you an unforgettable experience. The Ski Resort- where you get an ultimate skiing adventure is at The Mall of Emirates.

Gold Souk Gold Souk is the most popular souk of Dubai and worth a visit even if you have no plans to buy. Located in Deira, adjacent to Dubai creek, it comprises covered walkways dotted with numerous jewelry shops. 

Textile Souk In Bur Dubai, the textile bazaar or souk comprises of plenty of shops dealing with variety of textiles like silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, readymade apparels, footwear and souvenir.

Meena Bazaar Meena Bazaar is a local market place in Bur Dubai, adjacent to Al Bastakiya area. The market area is famous for jewelry and wedding jewelry, watches, textiles, furniture and accessories and spices from India.

Hence, these were the 5 shopping destination that you must visit when traveling to Dubai.