Eid al-Fitr 2017 Is About To Arrive So Fashionistas Prosper Your Fashion With A bang This Eid!!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Jun 22, 2017

With the inclination of modernity, the trends prosper with a success that spell bounds the spectators and even the wearers. Fashionistas are the people who possess a great sense of fashion that inculcates the real modern hub of fashion. Hey!! pretty women's out there get ready for some fashion experiences that will bewilder you with the current trends flourishing in your own city.There’s nothing like having big delicious feasts and meeting with your family and friends so here is an upcoming occasion that will enamor you with a great sense of excitement equally for food and fashion. Eid it is. Yes!! If you have difficulty picking out the perfect outfit for that family gathering during Eid then have a look at these modest clothes and accessories that are perfect for the occasion.

Tod's Slippers:

Tod’s launched a women’s limited-edition collection of slippers for the Middle East this April, and it’s the perfect mixture of sophistication and comfort The slipper has a lightweight leather sole combined with soft calfskin leather, tiny front tassels and rein stones. This is definitely something I see people wearing with their long abayas. It is the perfect addition to a relaxed outfit. Plus, they are super easy to put on. Available at all Tod’s boutiques.

Michael Kors Kaftans And Hand Bags:

An award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear goods, Michael Kors has announced a new capsule collection of kaftans and handbags designed for the Middle East. Capturing the brand’s relaxed glamour, the range showcases unique kaftans with graphic leaf-print and floral-embellished versions. Also, floral studded updates are added to the signature handbags. The white and black floral handbags are perfect for the summer. The kaftans are ideal for the summer heat. Making it look fun, flowy and trendy is not easy, so grab one of those kaftans and match a bag with it. This collection is available at Michael Kors stores in the UAE. 

Carolina Herrera launches abaya:

Just in time oof this Eid and Ramadan, the American designer Carolina Herrera launched her first abaya collection. By re-creating the classic abaya, the brand shows how the elegance of black comes to life in delicate fabrics such as crepe and lace combined with two of Carolina’s timeless signature styles, polka dots, and bows.Alongside the abayas, Carolina Herrera also incorporated a range of evening wear designed for women in the region. What’s pleasant about these evening pieces is the vibrant colors that come in modest styles, which works perfectly for Eid & Ramadan.

M2Malletier bags

Melissa Losada Bofill and Marcela Velez draw inspiration from florals and desert landscapes for their Spring 2017 collection. The new collection features embroidered flower details as well as hand-drawn floral prints on calf skin, with colors inspired by the designer’s travels in Afghanistan and Marrakesh. The distinctive looking bar-like handle creates an edgy look that we all want. Floral details in combination with the metal handle add a touch of hard and soft ultrachic styles.

Enjoy your Eid with syncing vogue trends that will definitely hype up your fashion world.