Fashion Myths That One Needs To Break Them Up!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 16, 2017

Myths have not only been relevant in our childhood but also hovering around the fashion industry and among fashionholics! We are pretty sure that from the word ‘myths’ you would have become nostalgic about the silly adolescence misconceptions we all had. But then leaving that thing a sound memory and moving on to some serious busting some fashion myths. 

Myths like ‘after certain age women should change their style.’ Like seriously? No! This myth should definitely be busted. One can dress up in any outfit, which she likes herself in. Not just this single myth, but there are a number of other myths that are followed by you fashionistas. Well, all we say is that it is time to break the hashtag.

We aren’t saying to completely ignore the rules, no- but there are certain myths that if followed with precautions and creativity will make you stand out and unique with loads of style!

Below we provide you myths that are certainly making a dab and need to change! 

Prints on Prints Well, there are a number of times when you are told and advised that you shouldn’t be pairing up prints with prints. Well, here lies a glitch- pairing up similar prints never go wrong and actually is unique and smart. 

Avoid black and navy together This is one of those myths that we have been hearing since our childhood. People have misconceptions of the two not making a good pair but we definitely ask you to avoid the myth and this one really give you a chic look! 

Sportswear is for sports only Have you ever tried wearing your joggers for a casual day out? Or have you invested yourself in this myth? Well, if not try out pairing your pair of joggers with a crop top and carry a sling with it, rest will be a magic in itself. 

Maxi dress is a nay for short heights Let us just totally ignore this myth. Maxi dresses can very stylishly worn by short-height girls. The ill-fitted clothes are the ones that make you look out of the box, not a particular pattern. And yes if you still feel maxi dresses make you look short, pair up with wedges. 

So, these were the myths that can be avoided, ignored by you and they totally make you stand unique and flaunt a great style statement.