Here’s a Perfect Travel Itinerary to Explore London During your Tour for Cricket World Cup 2019

Post by Anupam Pandey | May 27, 2019


The cricket season is about to take over the world this summer as the biggest international cricket cup is about to begin from The Oval Cricket Ground in London with the host country playing South Africa on the inauguration day of the tournament. The tournament would see the final champions crowned at the Lord’s Cricket Ground again in London. So basically this should be enough to give plenty of opportunities to explore London, apparently one of the most visited tourism hubs of the World.

To get you an idea about the time you may get to spare in London, there are 10 matches of the competition scheduled to take place in London itself. Even if you plan it aptly, there should be no reason why you won’t get enough time in your hand for the travel fun and sightseeing tours of this brilliant and lively English city. So without further adieu, just grab these Emirates Coupon Code and get your tickets with some great online deals on flight tickets to ensure you don’t have to get your budget ruined just for reaching the place before you even set out for exploring the marvels of London. Once you are done with the flight bookings, you can make yourself aware of some facts before moving to London.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - Group stage fixtures in London;


England v South Africa

South Africa v Bangladesh

Bangladesh v New Zealand

India v Australia

Sri Lanka v Australia

Pakistan v Australia

England v Australia

New Zealand v Australia

Pakistan v Bangladesh

The Oval Cricket Ground, London

Built in 1840, the Oval has a rich and varied sporting history. It hosted the first Test match in England in 1880 and was where the Ashes was created back in 1882. Cricket aside, it hosted the first international football match in England (Scotland v England) in 1870 and the first FA Cup Final (Wanderers v Engineers) was played here in 1872.

If you’re a lover of art there are several galleries in the area to enjoy. Just behind the Oval on Vauxhall Street, you’ll find the Gasworks Gallery showcasing contemporary visual arts.  A further 10-minutes’ walk away, is the Newport Street Gallery where you can marvel at Damien Hirst’s impressive art collection. On the same road, you’ll also find Beaconsfield Gallery which has a vegetarian cafe if you work up an appetite strolling around these galleries! Cross over Vauxhall Bridge and Tate Britain is moments away.

The Lords, London

Lord’s Cricket Ground (widely known as Lord’s) is the largest cricket ground in England and is the home ground of Middlesex County Cricket Club. Founded in 1814 by professional cricketer Thomas Lord, Lord’s is regarded as the Home of Cricket and typically hosts two Test matches a year.

Cricket lovers will definitely want to add an extra day to their trip to Lord’s. The ground is home to the MCC Museum, one of the oldest sporting museums in the world. Here, you’ll find exhibitions dedicated to the history and development of the sport, featuring unique items like the original Ashes Urn. Combine your trip to the museum with a tour of Lord’s for the ultimate non-match day experience at Lord’s.

The ground is also close to the iconic Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles recorded almost all of their albums; the zebra crossing that features in the cover of their Abbey Road album can be found right outside the studios too. Other attractions near Lord’s include the Sherlock Holmes Museum, ZSL London Zoo and Madame Tussauds.


London is one of the best cities in the world on a number of different parameters and surveys hold this fact strong as ever in their lists every year. I would like to believe this shall serve enough to indicate the plenty of travel-fun awaiting for you in the English Capital. London is also incredibly diverse and there are people from all over the world living in this lively British locale. There is actually so many a place that you would find it frustrating to keep any of the travel experience out of your itinerary.

Shopping Destinations

Discover the best shopping in London. Whether you’re looking for designer clothing, fun souvenirs or the perfect gift, there’s a wealth of London shopping to enjoy. One day you could be browsing London markets for unique items, antiques and specialist food; the next you could be exploring famous London department stores for the latest fashion and homewares, or enjoying retail therapy under one roof in the top shopping centres in London.

To be frank, it is really very hard to shop in London even though it is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world that you would wish to go shopping. There are too many options and it literally spoils you for choices.  The shopping here can give you the opportunity to explore the top brands of the world, flagship stores, impeccable gift shops, clothing, shoes, leather good, luxury products and what not. Some of the best shopping hubs inside London are Oxford Street, Westfield Stratford, Harrods Departmental Stores etc to name a selected few.  

Green Beautiful Landscapes

It is truly astonishing to find such a modern city like London to manage an exquisite greenish space within the city. But London manages to do excellently and has a plethora of such places where you can find yourself sitting under the lap of the green natural surroundings without actually going to the outskirts of the Capital. There are a total of eight marvellous and beautifully decorated Royal Parks which are Hyde Park, Richmond Park Chelsea Physic Garden, St Jame’s Park etc to name the more popular ones of all. And yes the sports arenas and parks are not included in it.

Free Things Explore

If you are worried about the budget, you are probably unaware of the options that you get in London which would not cost you a penny. The city is a home of a number of incredible museums of the world which are known for their amazing collections and galleries. Luckily for you, most of these museums and galleries are open for public display without any ticket or charges as such. So there should be enough for you to see and enjoy in these museums all without spending a penny from your pocket. By the way, if you are truly conscious about the budget, do not miss out on the cheapest online hotel deals for getting your accommodation managed with the help of these Discount Code and enjoy a chilled out stay in the most luxurious hotels within your convenient budget.

Always New Experience on Cards

Whenever you are visiting London, one thing that you can be surely expected here is something new to explore and experience. There are a large number of events and festivities happening in London no matter which part of the year you come. Out of these, many are just something new and unforeseen even for the local residents of London. So you can already understand what awaits for you to see and experience when you are going to cheer for your team in the ICC World Cup 2019 in England and Wales. Even if you have been to London before, you would still find many intriguing things happening around in London on every other day. 

Popular Attractions

There are a plethora of attractions, to begin with, and some of them are too popular to be unknown to you if you have done your basic schooling in any part of the world. So if I have to tell you a few names of these attractions, I would include the London Eye, the Clock Tower, The London Bridge, the British The museum, The Natural History Museum, the Madame Tussauds Statue Gallery and what not. If you want your sightseeing tour guided to perfection, you can simply avail the Cleartrip Coupon Code and get your tour customized while ensuring the best travel offers for a convenient and relaxed experience of the attractions. 

National Gallery


As mentioned earlier, London is a hub of museums and most of them are remarkable in their own unique way. But if I was to name one museum that you should not miss out in case you only have a limited time to spare of sightseeing, I would suggest the National Gallery Museum for its rich historic and cultural symbolism of the British past. It has a number of outstanding artwork collections and almost each one of them has its own legend in the field of arts. From the European medieval arts and paintings starting from the late 12th century up to the 19th century, it does make for a splendid collection to witness as an art lover. Some of the best artists kept in this gallery are Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Renoir, Titian, Van Gogh etc. This museum is located at the glorious location of Trafalgar Square.

London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most iconic attractions of London along with Big Ben and the bridge. It is one of the most noticeable things you would get to see in the London Skyline and probably never forget the massive structure for its sheer size. The London Eye is the world's highest observation wheel and it should be sufficient to imagine the scale of its altitude and size as a whole. This wheel has a total number of 32 capsules and the weight of each capsule is estimated to be around 10 tonnes. The wheel can hold 25 people in each capsule. You can climb the wheel to its 30 minutes long ride and you will get to see more than 50 attractions of London within this single ride of 30 minutes only. 

Madame Tussauds

At Madame Tussauds, you'll come face-to-face with some of the world's most famous faces. From Shakespeare to Lady Gaga you'll meet influential figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty. Strike a pose with Usain Bolt, kiss Brad Pitt or receive a once-in-a-lifetime audience with Her Majesty the Queen.