Let’s See What’s On The Other Side Of The Luxurious City Dubai?

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Feb 27, 2017

Dubai- is a name which needs no introduction as the entire world knows that here modern architecture stalls tall and luxury shopping stores explains how classy people reside here! Still, some people confuse this city to be only one shopping hub rather than offering a mix bag of everything one traveller can expect. 

Yeah, from food, luxury hotels, maverick architecture, beaches and magnanimous shopping malls the city also has something more to show which somewhere gets lost in the glitzy lifestyle of the city. 

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Alright, let’s discover the not-so-popular places of Dubai. 

Hatta Pools

The Hatta pools are one of the amazing getaways in Dubai. Yup, locals there know about it but in case you are travelling there for the first time, you can also visit this place, which is only half an hour drive from the ancient village of Hatta, and 10 minute drive from Oman. The pools are seated within the Hajar Mountains. Visitors here enjoy swimming through narrow rock corridors, amidst spectacular waterfalls.

Al Quoz

Cited as the industrial zone of Dubai, this place is quiet underrated in terms of sight-seeing but not all know that the place has amazing art galleries which will help you enjoy the picturesque art.  It is also a great place for some thrift shopping and especially for those who want to enjoy custom made furniture.

Lisaili Camel Market

Lisaili is a Camel market in Dubai where you can see hundreds of camel on sale regularly. Apart from the Camel sale, you can get here handicraft and trinkets as well.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Centre

RAWKS or Ras Al Khor Wildlife Centre is a wetland reserve renowned for attracting migratory birds in large numbers. The wetlands have large numbers of birds, crustaceans, small mammals and fish.

Bastakiya area

If the architecture of various places attracts you then visit the Bastakiya area of Dubai. It is one of the historic regions in Dubai. There are a lot of narrow lanes here. Make sure not to miss out on Al Fahidi fort which remains the oldest existing building in the whole of the city.

Happy Travelling!!!