Maternity Outfit Ideas For Different Occasions And Seasons!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Apr 17, 2019

As soon as you and your bump growing during pregnancy, it is very easy to start feeling increasingly unfashionable. According to research, about 7 out of 10 women think that they look frumpy, shapeless and unsexy during pregnancy and thus they start neglecting their fashion. Moreover, the research also commissioned that deciding what to wear for different occasions and season was also difficult for them. But unlike the earlier days, today maternity fashion has improved to a great extent. Designers are creating designs that can flatter women’s body according to their growing bump. So, if you are expecting your first child and thinking of what to wear and what not, then here’s an article to help you out with your maternity dressing style. 

Choosing the most comfortable and trendiest maternity outfit is not an easy task to do? Almost all expecting mom find difficulty in choosing the right dress for the right occasion that looks absolutely flattering with your baby bump is hard to do. Thus, here’s a guide for all the pregnant ladies who will soon going to be a mother and wishes to look as glamorous as they were, without the baby bump. 

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Now, coming back to the topics of what to wear and what not, read through the following points-

Maternity Outfits For Different Seasons!

For Summers-

1 # Maxi Dress

It is said that maxi dresses will grow with you and they are an important fashion staple in every expecting woman’s wardrobe. For that flamboyant and cute feeling during the sunny season, these dresses are a great fashion staple for you. A beautiful white dress is an absolute summer staple. The flowing and breezy maxi dresses in vibrant prints look cool when paired with sandals and jackets. There are many varieties of maxi dresses available in the market and each one looks fabulous on anyone who wears it. 

2 # Summery Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses are perfect fashion staples for expecting women who love staying sassy and classy during summer. If you love showing off your smooth shoulder along with your belly, then the off-the-shoulder dress is great to give you that instant summery look. Look for vibrant prints and colors to feel fresh and stylish all day long. Whether you are going out to meet your doctor or simply heading to a nearby supermarket, off-the-shoulder dresses are super easy to pull down your body instantly.  

3 # T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are summertime rage when it comes to comfy-casual dressing. Go for multicolor stripe t-shirt dresses to accentuate your baby bump with horizontal lines. Expecting moms or pregnant ladies look absolutely stunning in this cool form-fitting dress. T-shirt dresses are light and super-easy to carry. Moreover, they are versatile enough to be paired up with almost any type of comfy flat footwear including sneakers, ballerinas and loafers. 

For Winters-

1 # Turtleneck Sweater Dress

To look cute and huggable during winters, get yourself a turtleneck sweater dress. Winter stylish neckline, this sweater dress look is super cool and fashionable to wear during winter on both special as well as casual occasions. Turtleneck sweater dress perfectly embraces your baby bump while flattering your body curves in the best way. Look for solid tone turtleneck feature banded cuffs, rounded hemline and dropped long sleeves features. 

2 # Maternity Knit Dress

As the temperature drops and weather turns colder, a comfy and cozy option is a must and maternity knit dress is a must-have maternity winter wear this year. Great outfit option for pregnant women, beautifully knitted sweater dress can rock the transition of the season from hot weather to cold weather. Furthermore, these dresses are cool enough to be paired with warm leggings or tights and a jacket. 

3 # Jeans, Jackets And Long Coats

As the weather turns colder, you need something that can keep you warm and cozy all day long and it is not only to protect you from the freezing temperature but also provide warmth to the little one growing in your tummy. For a fashionably comfortable winter pregnancy phase, you must buy yourself a pair or two jeans. Also, buy one or two long coats and jackets to look absolutely stylish and warm from within. 

For Monsoons-

1 # Maternity Jumpsuits

Whether you are attending a baby show party or simply going out for lunch or dinner with your loved ones, maternity jumpsuits are an ultimate go-to outfit for pregnant women. Strapless checkered style cropped length trousers, and classic belt, maternity jumpsuits are perfect monsoon season maternity wear for women who wish to make a stunning entry in special parties and get-together. 

2 # Maternity Culottes!

Make maternity culottes your fashion staple in your monsoon closet. These are super comfortable and versatile enough to pair with almost any top-wear. Team black wide-legged culottes with a long-sleeve top and flat boots to keep your legs protected from water and also the slippery surface. With bump accommodating design, these maternity culottes perfectly flatter your baby bump without providing much stretch to it. 

3 # Maternity Skirts

It is rightly said that unlike earlier days, today's fashion industry has provided plenty of options in stylish skirts for pregnant ladies. Right from midi skirts to flared maxi skirts to pencil skirts, maternity skirts provide a flattering look to pregnant figures. While midi skirts are an excellent staple that goes perfectly with a baby bump, classic pencil skirts, on the hand, looks absolutely professional and are perfect to wear to the workplace. Miniskirts also look great for if you wish to show off your silky smooth legs in heels. No matter what type of skirt you choose to wear, ensure to balance your look with loose tops. 

Maternity Outfits For Different Occasions!

For Special Occasions-

1 # Skater Dress

With a nice flowy bottom and fitted bodice, a skater dress can be your ultimate party outfit during pregnancy days. This is because it makes you appear quite flattering and stylish even with the baby bump. For warm summer parties and other special occasions, a skater dress will provide you extra comfort because of the flowy design. If you wish to make huge savings on the purchase of trendiest maternity outfits online, make sure you avail Sprii coupon code. The code will help you grab the best discount deals. 

2 # Bardot Dress

If you are not into wearing super-fitting bodycon dresses, a stylish maternity Bardot dress with short sleeves and scoop neck will make you look elegant and gracefully on special events during your pregnancy days. It will give you a nice silhouette while providing plenty of space around your tummy to flatter nicely. Go for a Bardot dress made from a blend of spandex so as to attain a comfortable fit. 

3 # Elegant Maternity Gowns

If you had to attend your best friend’s wedding and that too during your pregnancy phase, then an elegant long maternity party gown is a perfect outfit to choose. Go for a stylish lightly embellished gown as it will not only flatter your baby bump but will also make you look even prettier and sophisticated. The flowy design will provide a leaner and taller silhouette. 

For Casual Outings-

1 # Wrap Dress

A classic wrap dress is maternity fashion must-have, this is because it is so flexible, super-easy to wear and soft that it allows you adjustment of fitting as per your body shape. A maternity wrap dress is an ultimate go-anywhere fashion staple perfect for all casual events. So, whether you are lazing on your comfy sofa in your garden or going out for shopping with your friends, a wrap dress is the most convenient option to choose that can be adjusted according to your baby bump growth. 

2 # Bohemian Maternity Outfit

Show off your pregnancy glow with the trendiest bohemian style maternity dresses perfect to wear on all casual occasions such as Sunday brunch, lunch dates with your favorite girlfriend, movie date or kitty parties. These are the cutest and comfiest maternity clothes which gaining immense popularity today. The light, floaty style will keep you cool and high-fashioned. The prime reason to choose bohemian maternity outfits is that they suit almost everyone. These are committed to making you look gorgeous without much effort. 

3 # Cute Maternity Rompers

For all those casual outings and hangouts in cafes and restaurants during the pregnancy days, maternity rompers are super comfy clothes to wear. These are full of fun and funky detailing. Maternity rompers are super spacious to enable you easy movement all day long. If minimalist dressing is your style, then maternity rompers are the perfect outfit for you to flatter your growing baby bump in the most minimal way. 

For Workplace-

1 # Maternity Top & Shirts

When it comes to buying maternity clothes for the workplace in the initial days of pregnancy, maternity shirts & tops are simply bet option to choose. These are classic and formal, and always make you look professional. The comfortable blouses, loose fit tops, and crisp button-ups are great workwear clothes for pregnant women. A stylish hem-length flowy blouse looks great when paired with skinny trousers and wedges. Avoid wearing crop tops and tight-fitting blouse as they might make you feel uncomfortable all day. 

2 # Pencil Skirts And Blazers!

If you are in the initial stage of pregnancy or in the first trimester of pregnancy and do not feel like letting your colleagues know about the good news, then you can simply hide away your growing baby bump with a tailored pencil skirt and blazer combination. Pair a crisp button-down in solid tone like white, blue, pink or bold color with your well-fitted blazer that can hide away the excess bulge coming on the sides of your body. Blazers not only hide away your side bulge but also make your look and feel professional. 

3 # Flared Dress

A flared dress is yet another must-have maternity fashion staple for pregnant women seeking to look professional in their initial days of pregnancy. A flared dress is simply an ideal workplace maternity outfit because it hides away your growing bump with its flared and does not let anyone notice about the changes that are taking place in your body. A flared dress is absolutely flattering and comfortable to worn all day long without any hassle. 

So, these are some must-have maternity fashion staples for pregnant women who wish to look beautiful and happy in all season and on all occasions. So, whether you are seeking a dress for your baby shower, or any special event or simply looking for an attire that will flatter your bum elegantly at the workplace, the guide above is here to help you with everything. 

Not just finding the perfect outfit for different occasion is important, it is also important that you choose your dress according to the season. And thus, the guide above has compiled a list of maternity outfits that perfect to wear ib different-different seasons. 

Hopefully, your problem of what to wear and what not according your growing baby bump will be sorted out and you will have a wonderful time during your pregnancy. Also, note that to make your pregnancy even happier, do avail Awok coupon code to enjoy maximum savings and discounts every time you purchase maternity dresses from the portal.