Smart ways to buy more but spend less on this 11.11 sales

Post by Anupam Pandey | Nov 05, 2018

The online market is on a spree of exponential growth and it is not easy to ignore this giant anymore. Those who are still not able to believe in this highly successful platform are only doing their own loss at the end of the day. It would be like purchasing a product at an expensive price when you can have easily got it at much lower prices. In fact, the services provided by the online shopping websites is much better articulated and user-centric than you could have found elsewhere on the streets. The E-commerce sites provide an extremely enormous range of products for any given category that you will most often be able to buy the product of your wish and it is something that can be a problem when it comes to street shopping.

The contemplations of many arguers who have always been against the concept of online shopping are nowhere to be seen. The value and the degree of customer satisfaction are always on the higher side in the e-commercial business than to the retail ones. The best part though that has made a massive difference is the lowest prices and a plethora of amazing offers that allow customers to benefit from the Sales. You find a number of sales seasons conducted by these websites. It is the month November which means the time for one of the best sales of the year, i.e. 11.11 sales. You can find some of the most astounding deals on all types of products. This sale holds the record of being the biggest sale by selling 4 million products within these sales. This year, it is again being anticipated by many savvy online shoppers as they would try to bag some great Souq Coupons to avail unbelievably cheap prices on the best brands.

How to Leverage from the Sale?

This is a reality that only a certain number of users are actually able to extract the maximum leverage of such online sales. There are a number of people are unaware of how the online platforms are providing buyers with a treasure of opportunities and one can find a number of ways to ensure the best price before buying a product. These ways take a little bit more time while shopping but the wait is always worth it. So if you want to get these tricky ways of getting the products at the most valuable cheaper prices, this post is just meant for you. So learn these tricks of the trade and utilize it to gain immense benefits on this 11.11 sale.


Understanding the dynamic pricing trap...

Most of the online retailers use a clever strategy which is known as dynamic pricing of the products. This is basically a way in which the online sellers try to lure the costumes into a purchase. The sellers prepare a very flexible pricing which can vary from one customer to the other. If you want to understand it in simple words, this strategy means that the seller is offering two different prices for the same product to two different users which is determined using the user’s certain data. If a person is looking for a product, it is quite usual that he might end up searching about the product on the search engine and a plenty of other websites.

In this tactic, the online retailer would use the cache data to get specific information about the demand & the preferences of a person, the factors that might interest the user and the pattern in which he spends money on online shopping. This intimate knowledge about the user is extracted from the user’s browsing history and some other information available in the cache. This data is put to a perfect use as the website determines the budget, approach likes and dislikes of an individual and then enticing the user by offering the product in that price range which would naturally encourage him into buying. The easiest way to prevent any e-commerce retailer using your cache memory against you is by deleting your cache memory. Another way that could avoid any such thing is by using the ‘incognito mode’ while browsing the relevant products on your system.  

Put items in your cart and wait

It is one of the easiest ways of making a website offer you a better price for a product that you desire for. Just log in to your website account and search your favourite product and add them to your art and leave. That’s it. This would certainly invite the attention of the seller if you would just place a product in your cart. This gives a positive sign to a seller about a customer wanting to purchase a certain product due to unknown reasons. The businesses have this unique tendency of vouching to close every possible deal that they can find to increase their sale. By placing a certain product in your cart and keeping it there for some time, you would be treated as a hot lead that can be converted into a sale. Thereafter, all you need to do you should just wait for a day or two and the website would automatically try to woo you. This could be a mail containing an exclusive discount coupon or a cashback offer or simply a price-cut, but one thing is certain, you would be getting a better value for your money.


Connect over social media

It is not always about the actions that you take before a purchase that could fetch you better purchasing options; it is more often about the attentiveness and involvements that you maintain much before you buy something.  Thereby, it is a very critical factor if you stay updated about the latest offers and deals being given by the shopping website. For this, you just need to follow the e-commerce page on the variety of popular social media platforms that you use. The businesses always social media to promote their latest offers and plans to their loyal audience connected through social media. Thus, you would keep a tab on the offerings and grab it if it interests you. One other key thing that would help you is the fact that the business would count you amongst its loyal consumers and most businesses try to keep their loyal customers happy and satisfied for which they sometimes give exclusive loyalty rewards and discounts.


Subscribe for Mail Alerts and Newsletters

It is also a necessary thing to ensure approachability from your part. This can be achieved by signing up for the promotional emails and newsletters. I know it is often a headache for anyone to assume such emails as utterly useless junk but trust me on this, it is not a junk. In fact, it is a blessing in disguise. There are a number of promotional emails that businesses send through mailers to their subscribers and a few of them would indeed contain one time offers or discount coupons that can be availed to get exclusive deals while shopping next time. For instance, you could get special Awok Coupon Codes for just signing

Compare prices online

It is rare to witness the prices on two websites are exactly the same for the same product. The reason behind this is earlier mentioned in the first point itself, the dynamic pricing strategy. This means you don’t always get the same price for the same products and there is no certainty that one would always maintain lower price than the other. Any of them could be offering a better value for your purchase at any given point of time, and it is really helpful if you compare the prices on all the competitors before selecting the website to purchase from. At present time, there is always a smartphone with internet access in our pockets thanks to technology, and you can always use your smartphone to do the comparison within a minute or two with absolute ease and ensure that you choose the one that is offering a lower price on that point of time.


Try to get price-drop refunds


As the prices of such online shopping sites are rather volatile and keep changing from time to time. But apart from such changes which don’t always make a great difference, there is one thing that does change the equation for the buyer. This sudden change is called price drop or price slash. This kind of change can often happen in the case of smartphones as there is a really rapid pace at which the new and better products keep replacing the prior ones. It times it is really awful when we find the price of a product being slashed down by some difference just after we bought that product. In such cases, there is much more you could do than feeling cheated. You can contact the online website from where you bought the product and ask for a refund for the amount of difference in price i.e. the price of the product of the price drop to what you bought it for. Although this can only be availed within a specific number of days after a purchase and if the price drop occurs after that number of days has passed, you would no longer claim for the difference in price.

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