Style And Inspire With Captivating Fashion Of Dubai

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 31, 2017

Dubai being a culturally conservative city, the fashion of Dubai is not quite revealing; and we guess that is what makes it all the more fascinating! Fashion enthusiasts go awestruck with the street style or the happening glitz of its panache. Dubai is a globally renowned shopping destination as well, therefore making it stand out different when it comes to fashion when compared to the other Middle East countries. 

Dubai is full of glamorous events- fashion shows, ramp walks, vibrant day and nightlife and what not! So there are many opportunities for a woman to bring out her sense of style. Dubai's weather conditions which reach  30° C and falls to 18° C, provides all the more opportunity to dress and style with glitz and glam. Basically, it’s always a summer wardrobe so it’s possible to wear light fabrics and bright colors all year round. 

Dubai is also very contemporary and a melting pot of cultures, but sometimes it is fun to try and incorporate some traditional concepts too.

On that note whatever style statement you would like to flaunt, one can do that stylishly combining with the trends and fashion updates. Dubai might have mild winters yet if you want to add layers you can glamorously do that with beautiful abayas, robes and capes. Maxi dresses are one that gives you the casual yet elegant persona. Playing with sizzling add-ons will give your look the complete drape! 

To take inspiration from Dubai’s modest and alluring fashion below are the 5 stylish avatars that you can check out for that oomph gaze!

Street Style with Abaya By definition, Abaya is a loose, long robe which a very common garment for the women in the Middle East. Traditionally abayas are plain black, however within recent years, the styling of abayas have also changed and now they are available in different colors decorated with beautiful colored embroidery, beading, gems, crystals and ribbons, making them to an eye-catching piece in the wardrobe of modern Arab women.

Fun with Maxi Dress A maxi dress gives you a flow and provides you with a chic appeal. The best part about a maxi dress is that you can layer it up with abaya or a kimono or just flaunt the bohemian-cum-hippie look with lots of silver junk jewelry and a head gear.

Add the flare One of the looks that the world is going gaga about is the glamorous flared pant or the palazzo look. The very fun part of experimenting with flared trousers is that you can carry it as an all-day to night look. Not only that it is one of the outfits that go for a casual to a formal look as well. Throw a layer to your dress and add heels to give it a stylish avatar.

The skater skirt The latest fashion trend that is trending nowadays is the skater look. One can see that as skater dresses or skater skirt as well. Long skater skirt paired with an embellished top combined with a hijab gives a wholesome traditional and contemporary appeal. 

Keep it simple 
When you go on a Dubai trip with the stylishly dressed up women, the common part that can be observed is the simplicity. Pairing perfect fitting denim- the light color ones are a thumbs up, with a loose top and either adding a layer (or no layer) or a romper with a jacket and how can one forget the accessories?    

So, you can now take inspirations from these Dubai street style fashion and pose a dazzling getup just like a diva!