The Best Locations in Dubai for Travel Lovers

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 22, 2019


Dubai is a place which can make even the laziest of travellers to go outright berserk. The person is left with no other choice but to have a blast with the number of crazy fun-filled destinations tempting him to break the stereotypical mould of laziness. Beyond the fun and activity-based theme parks and other similar places, Dubai also has greater depth with its interesting history, culture, culinary, architecture, natural desert landscape, impeccable infrastructure and lifestyle of the highest standard known to mankind. You would literally find it hard to make excuses to not travel to this amazing city of UAE, other than citing budget constraints.

To be frank, the budget is also not a genuine excuse these days as you can plan a very cost-efficient and affordable trip to Dubai with precise management of your tour schedules and travel itinerary. If you can crack a tour plan, then most of your problem are sorted related to budget as well as travel arrangements because all you have to do next is make the advance bookings online using the best deals on flights with Emirates Coupon Code and get your rooms reserved with the Promo Code. So you would be saving a hefty sum on your air tickets and travel accommodations already. There’s more than you can manage throughout the trip while viewing all the best locations in Dubai.

Desert Safari in the Sand Dunes


Dubai is famous for it's desert and sand dunes, so your trip would never be considered complete unless you enjoy the desert safari in the arid deserts far in the outreaches of urban Dubai cityscape. The luxury is definitely not going to be the same in the desert safari but it is an experience of a lifetime worth taking. This activity can be enjoyed with not just your friends but also with the family as there is nothing very hard or harsh about it as many people might assume it to be. In fact, you can book a well-organized desert safari tour that includes a proper stay, local culinary, traditional music and dance and much more. Using the Cleartrip Coupon Code would also help you avail some great offers on your bookings.

Suitable for: Friends, Family, Solo
Timings : 3:30 PM till 9:30 PM Daily

Dubai Marina


The urban landscape of Dubai can be best enjoyed at the Dubai Marina. This is probably one of the most exotic places in Dubai and the place definitely catches a lot of attraction from the tourists visiting the city. The Dubai Marina is arguably the largest Marina in the world and a great place to visit for shopping and night outs. The nightlife of Dubai can also be best experienced at Dubai Marina.

Suitable for: Friends, Family, Solo
Highlights: Check out the eateries and boutiques.

The Luxurious Palm Islands


If you have heard of artificial islands but never been to one, you definitely need to visit The Palm Islands. The Palm Islands are the collective of two different artificial islands situated mainly in Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. While the island in Palm Jumeirah is complete and can be visited by the tourists, the one in Jebel Ali is still not completed yet which is why you can’t visit that yet. The islands are named so because of the shape it takes. Majority of the tourists and even the expats suggest viewing the islands from either in the air or from any of the popular skyscrapers around in Dubai like that of the Observation Deck in the Burj Khalifa.

Highlights: Hire a speedboat at Palm Jumeirah to explore the entire island around.
Price: $36-$50 for a complete island tour

Dubai Fountain


The Dubai Fountain is one of the best places to witness the beauty of Dubai at night. The fountain is built in Dubai so it is obviously the most fantastic fountain in the world. The altitude of the fountain is apparently the highest in the world. The maximum height reached by the fountain is 900 feet and each of the fountains is very well choreographed and explodes in rhythmic patterns. The combination of the lighting and the waterwork of the fountain makes this a really exciting visual experience that will blow your mind out of proportions. Music is constantly being played to give a more pleasant vibe to the already amazing atmosphere.

Suitable for: Friends, Family

Etihad Museum


For the history savvy travel enthusiasts, the Museums are always an enticing place to explore. But when you consider Etihad Museum, the experience of history is further taken to a different level with a very detailed and articulate rendition of history in a completely refined and well articulate view through the museum. The museum covers the entire history of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with some exclusive collection of artefacts and historical antiques. The museum also has some rare copies of videos, documents, archives and a lot of other valuable things. The Etihad Museum is one of the best historic tours in Dubai.

Suitable for: Friends, Family
Price: $6.24 for adults

Al Bastakia Ruins


The culture and history of every place is unique and those interested in exploring the cultural past of Dubai and its surrounding regions should definitely visit the Al Bastakia Ruins. This is a perfect place to explore the past of the place while also providing ample adventurous experiences to thanks to the sandy terrains of the area. Nearby the ruins of the old city, one can find the modern white coloured the mosque which showcases a really intricate work of architectural designing done on the coral, limestone and gypsum that has been used in the construction of the mosque.

Suitable for: Friends, Family, Kids
Highlights: Do check out the view from the top of the Al Bastakia terrace from where you can enjoy a vivid panoramic landscape view of the surrounding desert territories.