The Essential Style Guide to Casual Dressing That Every Men Should Follow

Post by Anupam Pandey | Dec 20, 2018

This is effortlessly easy to look good by wearing a suit. Any man who knows the right man to stitch an appropriate wardrobe and has enough money would hardly fail to impress others with his suits and attires. All that person has to do throw his money for buying a premium clothing and hand it over to the skilled tailor to stitch it for your measurements and it would do the job almost every time. The probability of failure is not even there until and unless you are relying on the wrong or lesser expertise tailor. There is only one thing that you can do and it is to prepare the knot of your tie. The things are not that simple with casual dressing because there is no particular line that could limit the extent of casual attire.

While there is a certain uniformity in suits and formals but there is nothing as such when you look at the casual attire. It is all a bundle of mixed matches and combinations with so much variation that it is often confusing to prepare the right dressing combinations. Add to it the scope of manoeuvring and experiment and it all gets messed up to even decide what is fashionable and what is not. You can blame the tailor for your faulty suit but there is no chance of hiding in case of casuals. You can actually purchase an unimaginable range of casual dresses on the online fashion stores these days. To be frank, I always prefer the online fashion stores for shopping my casuals due to the incredible range and varieties available on these stores and also for the deals available online such as these Souq Coupon Codes that avail exclusive discounts and value for deals on genuine branded products.

What Is a Casual Dress?

It is always advised to get detailed information about something before trying to dig deeper. So let us begin with understanding the concept of casual dressing itself. The casual dressing is literally anything that you wear according to your choice. It has no dress codes, no specific combinations, no routine matches or anything else that one could use to determine the scope of a garment. While such a free choice looks great from the onset but it is also the root of the problem itself. In casual dressing, there is not one specific direction to follow and you can either follow others from the crowd or evolve your own way to it. This is always a safer option to follow the crowd but if you make your own path, it can work in any of the two ways i.e. for and against you.

Most people follow the crowd in the fear of looking like a fish out of the water and are very sceptical about their own way of dressing becoming the butt of jokes. But one shall not undermine the other side too. There are many popular casual types of attire today which faced a negative response first up and many of the times became ridicule for the person who brought the idea of those dresses. For instance, distressed Jeans was highly criticized by many people of the fashion industry during its initial days but soon things turned around and the idea clicked the mind of the hipsters and youths. So there is nothing wrong in experimenting with the casuals as long as it inspires others. It takes courage and confidence to be different from the crowd but if you can pull it off, your styling will work for your better. One of the best things about casual dressing is that you don’t need to empty your pocket to look good as is the case with formals suits, all you need is creativity to experiment and flaunt new combinations with confidence that can inspire others. It is meant to work for you as long as you trust style.

The Style Guide to Casual Dressing

As I mentioned earlier, there is no rule book to determine the direction of casual dresses. It is all about sporting your style without compromising on these essential elements of casual styling.

Perfect Fit

The fitting is one of the key essentials that apply to any dress that we wear irrespective of the dressing style. The casual attires should specifically be more inclined to be more comfortable and perfect fit as this is the sole motive of the freedom of making your own combinations and preferences while dressing. Apart from the comfort one has while wearing a dress, the fit also decides whether the clothing is able to deliver the intended look. Too tight or loose fit attires lose their potential to impress others as the edge of style gets lost in improper fitting.

The perfect fit of a garment is relative and dependent upon the usage of a dress. For instance, night clothes are not meant to be tight while skinny jeans look awkward and awful if loosely fit. Another important aspect of fitting that needs to be stressed is the physique of the person who is wearing a particular dress. If you get the right fit, a dress would leave a lasting impression as it would not only make you better styled but also feel more comfortable to wear.

Simplicity and Detailing

There are many dresses which appear vague due to the over highlighted and loud designing. But people who truly understand the aesthetics of styling know it very well that too much of anything is not good. The use of the tacky logo and oversized pieces in the name of styling does not make a dress stylish. In fact, it is the simplicity and the essence of the dressing that outlines the stylish appearance. Simplicity is always better because it is evergreen and never becomes uncool. It is always safer to go with pared-back clothing that is not only straightforward but also provides the scope of trying a lot more combinations than an over-stylized garment. Minimal styling is the way forward in casual dressing and it looks much better than those tacky and loud attires.

While keeping your dress simple, it is also equally important to vary the way you wear the garment. There are many small and deliberate variations that can change the overall appearance even if you are wearing the same combination of dresses. This is about the detailing of how you pair the same dress. For instance, one of the most basic combinations of casual dressing is the Denim paired with a T-shirt. But the same pair can exhibit a different detailing to your style if tuck the T-shirt in or keep it half tucked or keep it out, roll the sleeves or not, roll the bottom of the jeans or keep it tailored. These are very subtle variations which can bring a substantial change in the overall appearance of the same pair of dress. These details could always be used for the better.

Seeking Trends for Inspiration, Not Stick to Them

The casual attires don’t have any set rulebook or restricted uniform. But one can personally evolve own ways of developing the casual styles. It starts by charting out some basic dress codes which could then be modified and altered to change the look by using the other styling elements and accessories. This makes the process easier and simplified. The casual dress code usually has a limited option if you notice it this way. You can use the trousers and jeans in a rotation for the lower half while some plain T-shirts and a few colour shades of oxford shirts. That’s it. Now all you need to do is decide the variations possible and keep them in particular match with the sneakers you have. This is not always that hard once you sort out a certain way of rotating what you have and utilizing the right matches.

One thing which makes people falter while pairing up the combinations is because they are over stressing on what the trends say. The trend isn’t writing on the wall and it keeps changing. To rely upon something as vulnerable as a trend is always a wrong move. You should be interested in the trends but do not necessarily let the trends dictate your style. You can use them for inspiration and use your own intuitions to make up your own dressing styles. This one of the best ways of being trendy and yet not become part of the crowd of what others follow.

Key Casual Garments

So now that you know how to get rolling with casual dressing, here are some key parts of clothing for the casual look.



The popularity of jeans has never gone down ever since it entered the market. There are many different combinations of fabric being used to prepare Jeans by various brands and it is mostly upon an individual’s own choice to choose the one of his suitability. That being said, you shall at least get raw denim jeans for the sheer vintage look it offers. The best part of raw denim is that they get better with the time as they get faded to serve as timeless off-duty casual attire.


It is another important part of casual dressing and one has a plethora of varieties available these days. But always remember that good quality cotton has no alternative when it comes to wearing T-shirts because cotton is not just comfortable and smooth on the skin but also gives a very relaxed and natural balance to any casual style. There are some other options of fabric such as linen and synthetic polyester, but there’s nothing better than good quality combed cotton in comfort and fitting.    



The sneakers have been growing in popularity and especially became the most sought-after shoe style in the last three or four years. You can also try the trainer shoes which is one of the latest shoe styles formed by taking some cues from sneaker while other from the joggers. The trainers are not just very comfortable and versatile but also add a more accomplished charm in the casual attire. You can use the white sneakers which have become a rage these days or go for the one with leather for a more sober look. Check out the latest collection of sneakers online and use these Noon Coupon Codes to order them at great discounts.

Lightweight Jacket


The lightweight outerwear is one of the most sophisticated ways of making your casual attire look much better and impressionable. The bomber jackets, in particular, have attracted a lot of hipsters and college-going teenagers. But they don’t look any less on the mature men either as one could easily flaunt a mandarin collared bomber with effortless ease. Bombers must be made with a piece of good fabric and it is highly recommended that you do not compromise with the quality of fabric because a good quality bomber lasts several years.

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