The Most Popular Categories Purchased Online By UAE Shoppers!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jan 11, 2019

In this blog post, we have discussed why online shopping is beneficial and what caution you should take before shopping online. Also, we have revealed the top categories on which UAE shoppers prefer to shop online and what per cent of people prefer buying specific stuff from online.

Who doesn’t love to shop? Whether it’s a man or women, everyone loves to wear the best dress and shop some really cool pieces that make them feel confident about their look. Online shopping is bliss as it is unique in its own. You can shop your favourite pieces and find great deals at the place of your choice. Yes, this means you do not have to leave home out and roam around several shops and boutiques that have popped up in UAE.

The best part about online shopping is that you can choose to shop almost anything of your choice including from electronics,  furniture, gadgets, beauty items, fashion, home and kitchen, fitness essential and lots more. 

Be cautious! While buying, choose a reliable platform where you can get the best deal online at affordable prices. Virtual stores are the best forces that allow you to shop from the comfort of their homes without creating the pressure on the salesperson, and finding out ways to reach the store. 

Things to do before Shopping Online


Before you start your shopping from an online store, make sure you check the following things before you start your shopping:

1. Read the return policy 

This is the most important thing you should know before you shop online. So, when you go online then make sure you can easily return something if it isn’t the right size, quality, style, colour or even if it is damaged. Most websites offer a great return policy and offer easy to follow return policies. Whereas there are some sites that offer clearance on sale items, some don’t allow a return on the package while some make sure that you read the fine print before making a purchase.

2. Customer Review for the product you are buying

Before you make an online purchase, choose to read reviews online. Like if you are doubtful about the quality, wear and tear from normal use then you can read the reviews online and find which product will be ideal for you.  But remember, every product will have an occasional bad review so don’t change your mindset based on it. Make an aim of finding at least 70% of positive reviews. 

3. Online coupons and discount codes

Before you order anything from online, make sure you find the related coupons and discount codes from an online coupon provider. Do cursory searches for an email newsletter that will let you offer a site or brand coupon via free shipping option. There are many websites online that offer valuable and unique coupons online to their email newsletter. You can subscribe to them and use some usable coupon codes that offer you free shipping facility.

4. Read the description of the product carefully

When you are buying any product for the first time, then read the description of the product thoroughly and find out what it offers you and how to use the product. By learning about the product, you can easily use it wisely and do not have to face the repercussions of buying it.

5. Check its expiry (if the product is any eatable)

It is important to shop useful and healthy item especially if you are buying any eatable. Before you add grocery item to your cart, make sure you check on its expiry date and its manufacturing date before utilizing the product. As sometime when you are buying in a hurry, you may not notice to such minute details but by being careful you can prevent any mishap.

6. Know the shipping charges and time & date of delivery

Get the estimated price of the shipment and the expected delivery date and time before purchasing a product online. As sometimes there are few websites that may take more than required time, so in case you need the product in a hurry then you must not prefer to buy it or choose another website that offers you the same product with required time.

7. Look for alternatives

When you find an appealing product, don’t just buy it as soon as you see it. Look for alternatives, different brand sizes, colours, and styles. Be a little cautious to check the best price available, by comparing the same product on different sites. This can be great for those who are looking for electronics, appliances, tools, clothing and many ordinary purchases made online. Also, for buying a kind item like books and movies, you can take out time to check the price and compare the prices like shipping charges, after delivery costs etc. 

If the above things are satisfying then you can start your shopping and fill up your shopping cart with all your favourite items.

Keep reading below to understand where and what items you can shop online in UAE. Souq and AliExpress are one of the constructive online stores that tend to offer you almost everything you wish for. Go online and grab all that you wish for now!

What Type Of Categories Do People Prefer To Shop In UAE?


There have been many types of research done on purchase intentions of people. Nielsen data found that online purchase intentions in UAE has doubled since the year 2011 and found out what people prefer to watch, listen, and buy. But there are only certain types of good that appeal to the virtual shopper.

1. Clothing accessories and shoe shopping


Among all the shoppers, the majority of people around the world say that they prefer to buy entertainment (61%) and service (56%) categories more frequently from online than going on local shops for purchasing. And while very few people just about 38 per cent say that they buy durables items more from online such as fashion apparels, accessories as they get many varieties of options online. You can use Aliexpress Coupon Codes UAE for shopping online and grab unlimited fashion apparels and accessories at a reasonable price.

Overall, this means Fashion emerges greatly as the category and occupies a good space among online users for purchasing penetration. The survey revealed that 61% of respondents prefer buying from this category. 

2. Mobile Phones


Are you planning for online mobile shopping? Well, you can totally rely shopping from online as there are many online brand and merchants that offer you unlimited deals and offer without compromising on the quality. Some people may assume online shopping as a risk as they may feel what if they don’t receive a good quality product or by chance handed the default piece. To be assured, you can choose a trusted online shop like Souq where you will get all brands mobile phone at absolutely budget price.

Even the survey suggests that 47 per cent of UAE residents agree on purchasing a mobile phone online and treat it as a reliable method.

3. EBooks


Buying an EBook means you have millions of books available at your fingertips. EBooks have become a need and driving force in today’s fast-moving world. There is no doubt that E-readers have become very popular than ever these days, and with so many facilities available on the go, you should not lock yourself up into a store or manufacturer’s ebook but you can go online and grab some best ebooks. The plus point about shopping from an online store like AliExpress is that you will get all varieties and brands name at one place. 

About 28 per cent have responded to it favourably and about 55 per cent of respondent say that they would never purchase a hardcopy of the book online. 

4. Musical Gadgets and speakers/ headphones


Shop the best selection of musical instruments like Guitars, Pianos & Keyboards, Tabla, Drums & all kinds of musical sound producing instrument online by using Souq coupon codes to enjoy a great discount on your shopping. 

A music lover will definitely find some great options online and can choose among the variety of instruments available at just one click away. In the survey, it was found that about 49 per cent of UAE residents love to listen to music on the go and prefer to shop from online stores.

5. Videos, DVDs and Games


Do you love to play games and get entertained? Choose to buy latest and high tech games that will let you play as store owner or shopper. About 24 per cent of respondents feel shopping electronic items like games and DVDs from the online store as they find it convenient and reliable option. The online shopping is your one-stop destination for gaming, this means if you wish to feel amused or want to buy a reliable game then there are multiple options to choose from.

6. Electronic Equipment


Finally, electronic equipment acquires its places and has a high 23 per cent favourable response in UAE but compared to the global standards, it is still considered a low ratio. There is no doubt that many consumers wish to buy electronic components online as shopping online will let them gain several benefits including low price, EMI option, quality, guarantee, warranty, specifications, delivery free and much more.

7. Groceries and other Eatables


Nielsen’s survey also reveals that many online consumers prefer to increase online consumable category purchasing. Many online stores are available that offer packaged grocery goods, medicine/healthcare services. About 33% of UAE residents shop eatable from restaurant/meal kit delivery, 30% prefer packaged grocery food and 27% like medicine/healthcare.

Still, finding a grocery store in your area is a difficult job which can be achieved with the help of online stores. With the easy availability and nearness to the area, consumers now prefer to shop groceries from the online reputable store.  Some stores allow you to pick up your already-bagged groceries, equipped by a personal purchaser, at an elected door. This means you don't have to go to the store to shop and choose your favourite items.

8. Home & Garden Essentials


Gardening and home decoration are one of the skilled jobs which many homeowners love to do. If you feel that you are one of them then you must understand the need for useful home and garden essential then you can get some essential goof from the online store. With these tools, your garden and house will deserve the right care and concern it needs. Explore some really useful tools available online at the best price. 

Gardening is the best activity to do at your home. It’s also one of the nicest ways to play with kids to get their hands dirty with nature. So, when you see colourful blooms or delicious fruits and vegetables growing up from your garden then you are near to create a perfect garden.  

9. Mother  & Kids Essential


The percentage of people shopping kids and mother essential depends on the basis of a number of mothers and newborn babies in UAE. Many mothers who are heavily pregnant might not prefer to go local stores and shop some essential useful items instead they prefer shopping from online stores where everything will be available at one place and they can easily get it delivered at their home.

10. Perfume & Beauty Items


If you wish to get beautiful skin and smell good then by using Souq coupon codes, you can easily shop some useful beauty products at a reasonable price. You could shop cosmetic products, hair products & skincare based on your personality and your skin type. Now, you can become beautiful in no time by choosing over 1000s of products available at your service.

Get online now and shop your favourite items at amazing prices based on the purchasing pattern of people.


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