Top Fashion Brands Which Own Tremendous Value!

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 24, 2018

When we talk about fashion, it is basically associated to how good you present yourself to the World. While many people fail to recognize the aesthetics of fashion in a correct way, there are those people too who are naturally blessed with a good taste of fashion and dressing up. The ones who fail should not try something that looks forced and poorly suited. 

When you know that your fashion consciousness is lagging or absurd, you can try one basic idea. Such people should look out for fashion brands that hold a reputation in the industry. Such brands often tend to make their dresses after a very calibrated effort in designing and use creativity to a right extent. 

These brands might cost a bit more than usual brands but they are worth it as they give a guarantee of making fashionable attires that look sober and elegant from every point of view. If you want to try any of these top brands at cheaper prices, you can purchase them from online shopping stores such as Souq and Awok and avail additional discount and deals through collectoffers.

Here are the top fashion brands that have attained a huge brand value due to their fashionable products.

Manolo Blahnik


This fashion brand is known as a premium footwear brand worldwide as it was started by one of the most respected fashion designer of the same name. The brand started from Spain and slowly gained massive number of customers throughout the European region. Being a fashion designer’s own brand, the products are fabulous and very uniquely designed. 

While a few people from the older generations might say that it is weird but for the high end society, its product are considered as the dream footwears. There is hardly any colour pattern that you would not find in this brand. Everything you wish for can be fulfilled by just connecting with the brand and briefing them about your personal footwear fantasy.

Tiffany & Co.


This luxury brand is known for its exquisite jewellery products. The brand is based in the New York City and is amongst America’s one of the most selling jewellery products. The company is not just limited to the US alone and has its wing spread across globally. It is hard to find a region where the product of this brand are not selling right now. The wide range of ornaments and designer jewellery sets are not the only products that this brand owns. Tiffany also sells many different kind of fashion accessories and antiques that include sterling silver, crystals, leather goods, perfumes and fragrances, china sets and different kind of personal accessories too. 

The brand is known for is premium quality luxury goods and is considered to be one of the best places to purchase Diamond jewellery. The branding of Tiffany is also unique as the company hails itself as pioneer of style and taste. So there is no chance that you could go wrong when you rely on Tiffany & Co. for your fashion accessories.



Who doesn’t know Prada? It is a very famous name in the fashion industry and is one of the most trusted brand used by celebrities across the globe. The company is known for its Italian origin which is by the way, one of the most respected region for fashion and designing works. 

Prada is basically a brand that doesn’t fancy its chances on a variety of products and rather focuses on its strengths i.e. luxury goods. The brand sells shoes, leather products, purses, perfumes, hats, boutiques. Prada also organizes runway shows. The company had ventured into the mobile phone market in association with LG.

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G)


A renowned name that comes from the Italian fashion industry, D&G was started in the year 1985 by two legendary fashion designers of Italy, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The headquarter of the brand is situated in the Italian city, Milan. The brand is a specialist in producing luxury products and trend setting fashion accessories.

The brand has very youth oriented products and it always caters to the younger generation of the population. The brand has two different range of products both of them having their own distinct audience. The brand has been churning up millions and millions of money every year which tells a lot about the success of the brand in market.


This Italian giant is one of the most wealthy fashion brand with an estimated worth of over 8 billion dollars. The company was started in 1921 at Florence, Italy which is now having a presence in every corner of the world. The brand value of Gucci has been terrific and it is proven by the fact that company has grown its revenue with every passing year without even a single exception. 

Gucci mostly produces luxury fashion accessories and leather goods. The product range is very diversified although all the products fall under the fashion industry. The brand has become synonymous to Italian craftsmanship, exclusive designing and sophesticated luxury. With the new collaborations and tie ups, the brand is expected to grow even bigger in the next few years.

Louis Vuitton

This French company is one of the oldest fashion brand that has been actively working for over 150 years. This long run is itself an achievement enough to proove the mettle of its brand value. The company was started in 1854 and it gradually settled to be a very reputed name in the fashion industry worldwide.

This brand sells a multitude of products that cover almost every aspect of fashion industry. The company gained popularity for its luxury trunks and leather goods in its initial days. As it started to make a good name in market, it gradually started to expand its product portfolio by creating products such as Sunglasses, Shoes, Belts, Watches and Jewellery items. Today, the company has one of the largest chain of retail outlets spread across all the continents and with equally high demand worldwide.


This fashion brand is known for its high end products worldwide. The company was started in the year 1975 by Giorgio Armani and his partner Sergio Galeotti. The company based out of Italy has a very versatile range of products that cover almost every aspect of fashion and accessories. The Armani Exchange has been producing products from readymade clothings, suitings, haute couture to jewellery and perfumes.

The company owns many distinct lines of subsidiaries to capture a healthy share in the market. Most of the products being sold in the market  by Armani have a expensive but nevertheless extravagant recognition. The brand covers every age group under its big range of products and ensure that any person irrespective of his age could find product of own liking within the brand. The brand is one of the most unique premium brand when you consider the fact that it has equally demand of products among men and women alike. The company sells a huge catalogue of fashion accessories too that includes, eyewears, watches, leather products, handbags, caps and cosmetic products. The brand has maintain a high reputation and is selectively being sold by only high end shopping outlets.


This brand has been a very revolutionary one which brought a serious makeover in the fashion industry by creating a new fashion oriented approach with its products. The company brought forward a sublime culture of fashion branding using the famous celebs and their name for introducing many different lines of product.

The incredible success of Chanel isn’t just restricted to one domain or two but a plenty of variable options that raised out of its newly discovered path. The product such as Marilyn Monroe Perfume range, Paris Hilton’s sunglasses and many more paved a way for fashion industry to begin with a new era of product branding that used celebrities to get attention and woo them with qualitative stuff to gain loyal audience with time. This brand sells products for both men and women and there is no shred of doubt that this brand created in 1909, is ever going to fade away, thanks to its creative marketing strategies and decent products.


This company was founded in the year 1946 by the eloquent fashion designer Christian Dior. This brand has very nice image due to its very selectively prepared and well designed products. This brand has followed the principle of 'less but the best’ and has not escaped into selling a crowd of products in desperation of utilizing its brand value to generate maximum revenues. The brand has instead capitalized on its quality and awesome designing to get the loyalty of thousand of customers with the time.

Being a premium brand, it is rather expensive but it still maintains a very distinct base of customers who want nothing but the best without caring about the pricing. The fashion industry respects this brand for its ubiquitous domination in terms of luxury items and premium products. Even though, the brand has a lesser number of products, but it has still managed to get a very diversified category of products under its belt. The brand is known for its footwear, eyewear, leather goods, skincare and makeup products along with a few other fashion accessories.


This is a british brand and it holds a very high value in the fashion industry for variable reasons. The company owns a very diversified range of products which aesthetically cover most of the fashion categories. The company is known for its distinctive tartan patterns which have not been found elsewhere in any other brand. Although, one could easily spot many copied versions of it in the market. The clothing of this brand especially the overcoats, suits, trench coats and other such attires are considered amongst the best in fashion industry.

This company has not just grabbed the respect for its premium clothing and ready to wear attires but also for the unprecedented expertise in the fragrance industry as this company is known for selling fragrances that are not available in any other brand. The mind blowing perfumes of this brand have garnered a very high number of customers who just don’t want to try any other high end perfumes after trying this brand’s perfume for once. Other than this, Burberry is also known for its classy leather goods, shoes, watches, bags and other kind of accessories too.

Fashion Brands are not just the architect of the fashion and accessories that we wear but they are are also the representative of the lodern lifestyle and remind us about he changes our society has gone through. As the society is never stationary and keeps on changing with time, so does the fashion. The fashion is a dynamic entity which follows no strangulation or boundaries. There is a lot that a person can experiment with but when it comes to inspiration, these brands will never let you down. Choose products from these elegant brands and you will sparkle your fashion sense to perfection.

To get your fashion right, you must follow a very simple and open minded approach. How you look after wesring an attire can be inflenced by your confidence all the while. So always be simple in your choice and prefer the options that you would easily pull off with confidence. These fashion brands entail a brand value that gives the person this confidence and thereby makes them more poised as a person. 

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