Yay Or Nay? 5 Beauty Trends For This Summer

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 03, 2017

Beauty and Fashion world have always been the hot topic of discussion among women. Be it the secret eye-to-eye competition or the out loud discussions of the runways and shows. Well, there isn’t anything wrong about it, hands down! However, the motive is to look confident and pose a fashionista gaze when it comes to stepping out of your place.

There are a number of trends that come up each season and some stay while some receive thumbs down. Following the runway trends, the red carpet looks of celebrities and seasonal colors- we have come up with 5 amazing beauty trends that are going to make a stay this summer 2017. And yes, it all depends on you pretty lassies as you give it a yay or nay! 

Below is the rundown of the beauty trends that you can flaunt all day long, for a glammed up weekend night and that on the professional front as well. So, depending on what look you need you can choose your look and voila! 

The Smudgy Eye The era of the smokey eyes has come to an end, now! Need to know what replaced it? Well, it's the smudgy eye. The smudgy eye is all about "late night, early morning" feel. If your liner goes off-piste, what does that mean for you? Yes, it's no longer a big deal.  

The subtle lips When the temperature is high and whether scorching, a bright lip can be a bit high-maintenance, as face-melting conditions and a sip of cold beverage demand a reapplication. So if you crave color that lasts a bit longer, go for a subtle nude and light shades of pinks for your lips.

Flashy Nails Love nail art? Well, have you thought about statement nails? Make merry, as flashy nails and fingertips are all about this summer. You can try out silver colored tips or the golden glittery look to go bold and make a style statement.

Highlights The previous season it was all about strobing and contouring. However, highlighting your face with a sheen of glitter is all that is in this season! Try on a very subtle look with highlights. A simple stroke of kohl on your eyes and bright lipstick and you are good to go! 

Beach Look Well, there are times when you are too lazy to apply makeup also you cannot step out of your place with those tresses and dark circles! The beach look is all about it. You need not do much to get the look. Just get your hand on concealers and need not cake too much. Blowout your tresses and you’re done. Yes, do not forget to give your lips the natural touch.

So, these were the 5 trends which will be seen this summer and now it is up to you whether you give it a yes or a no! 


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