10 Accessories Available for Your New Apple Gadget On Black Friday Sale!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Nov 16, 2018

In this post, we will discuss the newest and latest Apple accessories available in the market on Black Friday Sale. Being an Apple brand lover or owner, you must know these accessories that can make your phone and gadget more valuable. All the accessories are mentioned with the respective discount available online on heavy discount.

As the year is on its end, we look the massive sales happened this year where major sales were done for Apple. The band released on the deluge of swanky new gadgets that have made many sellers surrender for paychecks and purchasing the top-notch most demanded device. Also, as the Black Friday approaches, we also expect to see a huge sale increase in Apple gadgets across the UK.

The Apple brand is the most quality brand preferred by most people. When a person wishes to buy a new gadget, he always prefers Apple brand as it is the best luxurious phone available right now and the brand in itself has a great value. 

Recently, they have introduced the most talked about iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4, the Homepod, a low-cost iPad, and new MacBook Pros. This establishment and innovation will continue to spread in the market. Also, later during this year, they might debut new iPads and Macs.

Though iPhones are an incredibly competent gadget on its own, still there are many accessories available that add value to your Apple Gadget. These gadget’s accessories can make your experience better with time. 

The best part about buying Apple accessories is that you can use your gadget in a more efficient way and can enjoy using it more. These gadgets make a huge difference and take a lot of money from you so when you maintain it effectively by using the necessary accessories, you use it more effectively. During the Black Friday Sale, which is falling next month, you can grab many deals online and save money like never before.

When is Black Friday this year?


Black Friday always falls after the Thanksgiving Day, this means this year Black Friday will be on 23 November. It will offer many great deals online and after the sale finishes, Cyber Monday Sale will be on its way on 26 November. 

During this sale, many online merchants will be participating to offer great discount and amazing deals to customers. Already many online stores have announced its best deals starting this week only, while the others are planning to start their sale soon. 

One can expect to see amazing deals from now on until 2019 arrives. So, if there’s something you’re eyeing on for a while like iPhone and Apple gadget accessories then it is the right time to buy some great accessories available online at a huge discount. 

Will Apple join in with Black Friday 2018?


There have been many rumours about whether Apple will be participating in Black Friday Sale 2018 or not but to stop all rumours, Apple is back in recent years it has decided to offer gift cards rather than discounts.

In 2017 Apple's one-day event offer customers some free gift card valuing up to £120/US$150 with specific purchases. So, this year we expect something similar and more beneficial during Black Friday sale. 

Apple's one-day-only bundle deal has many multiple cards. So, when a customer purchases a Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch; they will enjoy great savings. The amount on the gift card will be based on the price of the product and gift cards spend on Apple stores. 

In 2017, the biggest gift cards were of £120/US$150 on purchases of a MacBook or iMac, £20/$25 back for buying an Apple Watch Series 1 or iPhone SE. 

This year also, it will be worth noting that what new exclusive deals arrive in for apple and on its accessories.  

You'll be pleased to know that Apple products are available on discounts from third-party retailers in the UK on Black Friday, so you may get a chance to enjoy some great discount too than just relying on Apple's free gift cards.

Best Apple Accessories Available on Black Friday Sale This Weekend!

Below, you'll find some unique accessories that are a sure perfect way to keep your phone protected; take the best pictures, and a lot more. Buy it now from Argos and Currys as all the essential accessories are available on Black Friday Sale.

#1- M2 Square USB-C & Quick Charge 3.0 Charger 


For a phone that cost almost equal to a month's mortgage/rent, you should wish to keep it safely with you and want to use it very often. The best thing apple come up with is its premium charging equipment. 

The iPhones models are launching up in the market that comes up with a puny 5W charger that may take all the battery from your device at snail’s pace. And along with this, they also offer the remedy for it - like the M2 Square USB-C & Quick Charge 3.0 Charger is the most efficient charger that you can buy. The charger is well made, engineered with an influential 60-watt USB-C port and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, therefore promise to deliver next-level speeds. It also helps you in charging the gadget four times faster which is a definite treat for iPhone users. 

This charger can be easily compatible with many Apple devices including - iPhone, MacBook Pro, and other USB-C devices. The speedy power hub lets you charge your phone battery in 35 minutes up to 80%. 

#2- 10-Ft Lightning Cable: 3-Pack 


The Apple's standard issue Lightning cables are disreputable, you may often see the lightning cable started to conk out only after few months. This is the reason you may look for its replacement and manage the inevitable failure which happened only with some months. 

The most compatible 10 feet lightning cable is highly preferable as it lets you get free on your device and move away from the power outlet frequently to go through your phone notifications.  

During the Black Friday Sale, you can enjoy Currys PC World voucher codes and get this lightning cable at a discount price.

#3- Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit for Smartphones 


If you are shooting something important in your phone camera or generally taking a selfie, you might something shake resulting in a blurred picture. No matter you have a great camera on your phone and you feel like you do not need a professional camera but since it’s a phone and something it can be slippery when you are taking a professional shot then your best bet is to buy a Ztylus stabilizer rig kit.

This kit will perfectly adjust to your phone and let you click a nice picture. It stabilizer kit offers a secure grip and comprehensive ergonomic constancy for clicking picture-perfect shots. 

The kit has a mount on top that attaches accessories like a microphone and lighting, Also, the kit includes a  1/4-inch to 20-inch support that mounts at the bottom for putting on top of bigger tripods.

#4- Clear TPU Protective iPhone XS Max Case 


The new iPhone XS colour is the one thing to look for. There is no doubt that the new iPhone XS is the most desirable gadget by many people. The shiny appearance of the iPhone can be hard to maintain and so it is highly recommended that you use a phone case that will protect your luxurious phone.

This protective case available at discount on Black Friday sale at Argos voucher codes maintains the fashionable case-less look. If you accidentally drop your phone then the case will protect your device and keep it safe. In most cases, the phone cover will protect you to manage your phone easily.

#5- Podium-Style Charging Stand 


Do you often get dismayed by the number of times a day Screen Time indicates you pick up your iPhone? You can buy this podium style charging stand that helps you keep your phone and easily use this charging stand to support your device so that you don’t have to feel tempted to pick up all the time to work bazillion times as you work. 

The charging stand holds up your phone or tablet at the most favourable view angle that helps you charge your phone at the same time.  You can charge up to two devices on this stand easily as it has two built-in USB ports

#6- iPM 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad 


When Apple launched its official release of hotly-anticipated AirPower, many were left disappointed as they don’t give any sign before its launch. But to charge your phone, who says you have to wait to enjoy the luxury of charging your devices.

This latest iPM 3-in-1 pad helps you to charge your device easily and has the capacity to charge up to two smartphones and an Apple Watch. It also helps in tiding up your workspace and provides you with a clean space unlike the annoying wires and it also adds more functionality to your desk or nightstand.

#7- iMemPro USB-C Hub for Apple MacBook Pro 


As we know iPhone has got rid of the headphones jack and also it bid goodbye to the trusty USB ports on its new MacBook Pros. 

If you are not happy with this development and missing the USB port then you can buy this USB-C hub which has return the ports back and features all the ports that need to be transferred from all different kinds of devices at lightning speeds, plus a USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and an SD/MicroSD card reader. 

You can buy this output high-resolution to the 4K monitor screens that will allow you to use the built-in 4K HDMI port easily on your devices.

#8- ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop & Monitor Stand 


They say that a clean desk will allow you to make your task even more productive. When you are at the workplace and your desk has many scattered documents then it may make your task dull and boring. 

With the help of ProBASE HD USB-C Laptop & Monitor Stand, you can easily raise your Apple monitor at a height of your comfort and can easily work. The stand has built-in USB 3.0 ports, a 4K HDMI port, and a USB-C data port. This allows you do manage your task easily and do multitasking too. It is a great powerhouse that has a side drawer which helps you in storing the flash drives, stationery, and other work essentials easily.

#9- MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse 


The Apple Magic Mouse is one of the most preferred devices available in the market. Its sleek design, multi-touch surface, seamless tracking, and many more features clear that Apple magic mouse is the need of the hour. Before buying this magic mouse, make sure you know about its features that let you save yourself from acquiring carpal tunnel with the help of these mouse cushions. 

The MagicGrips has the functionality to provide glue rubbers that easily stick to the sides and make it a large, concave surface on your rest fingers. You can use your fingers to move your mouse and make a larger hand size for clicking pictures.  This also offers broader grip and enhanced comfort in clicking pictures.

#10- Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods & AirPods: 2-Pack 


The suspected mystery of the AirPods 2 is likely to reveal the same design of its predecessor. The latest earpod that meaning they will still fall out of your ears when you move around too much. If you own the Apple AirPods & EarPods, or are planning to purchase the new version, and then make sure you buy this Earhoox 2.0 and create in more snug to fit easily in your ears. 

So, whether you’re hammering it out on the oblique or headbanging, make sure you look at the Earhoox that is made to make your earphones stay long lasting.  

Shop the above accessories and much more only on Black Friday Sale at slashed prices.


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