10 Top Mind Blowing Holiday Destinations in Spain That You Must Visit in 2018

Post by Anupam Pandey | Oct 04, 2018

Spain is one of the most prominent tourist hubs in Europe which can be easily concluded from the fact that it is statistically receiving the most number of tourists amongst all the European countries. There are more popular destinations that are worth a visit in Spain than in any other European country. Yes, you may argue that Switzerland is a great place from the tourism point of view but there is an aesthetic difference between both the countries in terms of vividness and the sheer multitude of landscapes which Spain possess. Every city and village of the country has something very unique and oblivious to any other place which makes it an extremely exciting place. 

Actually, Spain has it all that you can expect from a good tourist destination, from its white pristine beaches to its distinctively rich history and to its gorgeously picturesque landscapes, everything is assorted altogether to make it an absolute gem of a place to explore. It would be petty if you miss out on the marvellous locales offered by this country. You can also find some of the best hotels and resorts in the world in this country. You can experience the premium luxury of these hotels at exclusively cheap prices using these Hoteles Globelies Voucher Codes while booking them online.

Here we would list out a few of the most incredible destinations of Spain that every tourist must visit in 2018.


If you ask most visitors about their ultimate favourite amongst all the cities they have visited in Spain, Barcelona would be the undoubtedly the popular choice of many of them. The city is known for its profound architectural sites, praiseworthy atmosphere and stunning surroundings. The Mount Tibidabo is an exquisite location that offers a mind-blowing view of the city beyond to the Mediterranean Sea. There is an amusement park on the peak which has been serving amazing and exciting rollercoaster rides to its visitors for more than a century. A mountain is also a great place for hiking lovers who could find a few beautiful trails for the hikes.

You can also visit some amazing restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes. Then you have some extremely well-built architecture which has gained an iconic reputation for the sheer artistic designing and structural magnificence. There is a reason why this place is an eternal choice of most visitors who travel to this city and it is better to experience it because there are certain things that are beyond words to explain and this city is certainly amongst one of them.


Ibiza is one of the most renowned places relatively known for its outstanding white isles, calm & soothing beaches and crazy clubs that organize some of the best parties in the world. Historically, Ibiza was just a small and quiet village away from the urban locales where fishermen used to live. But as the time progressed, the astonishing beauty of its white sea-shores and the isolated locales became very popular amongst the people for a perfect reprieve.

Soon, Ibiza became an extremely cherished destination for its ideal relaxation retreats and peacefully rejuvenating atmosphere. There are a few very nice centres for the Yoga lovers too. So whether you are a hardcore party animal who just want to chill all night long or someone who finds solace in isolation, this place is just the perfect holiday destination no matter how you want to rejuvenate. 


Tenerife is one of the best amongst all the Canary Islands widely regarded for its enjoyable holiday packages amongst travel enthusiasts. The Island is located between the African mainland and Europe and offers impeccable experience to travellers who come here to rejoice and refresh their mind during the vacations. The place has a very wonderful lunar landscape that captivates the mind in just one view. Then, there are some impressive locales on the surrounding regions of volcanic peaks which seem to have appeared right out of some other world. The Island also holds the highest Mountain peak of the Spain,

Mount Teide which has been developed into a national park by the authorities. This has been done in order to preserve the natural beauty created by the craters and lava flows caused after the volcanic eruptions that took place here thousands and thousands of years ago which have apparently made it one of the most recognized geological locations of the planet. The overall view of the locales is absolutely majestic and will be preserved in your memories for the rest of the life specifically because of the extraordinary and peculiar sights that are hardly believable. Tenerife also has some of the best luxury resorts in Europe which you can book using these Dream Place Hotels Vouchers for jaw-dropping discounts on your bookings.


If you ever visualize about a place that has an intriguing resemblance to the fairy tale lands in the real world, it would be quite similar to what Granada looks like. It has everything that you would find in a Disney fairyland i.e. extravagant forts and castles, mountains peaks capped with snow, lush greenery and cobbled roads. Just take a view of the Alhambra Palace which is apparently one of the most renowned attractions in Spain, it would eradicate any doubt if you ever have one about Granada being a fairyland.

The palace is built at a height which makes it’s a visual delight and it also showcases some of the well preserved medieval art and architecture of the Islamic tradition. There is a region known as Sacromonte which used to be the residing place of the gipsy community of the Granada which was the original place of inception for the extremely famous dance and music style known as Flamenco. The place looks breathtaking with its white caves which are changed on the sides of the surrounding hills.

San Sebastian

If you are a culinary freak and you just can’t get enough with your desire to have tasty dishes, San Sebastian is absolutely a heaven that you will fall in love with beyond any doubt. This town in the Basque Country coast is very elegantly developed and has some of the most delicious and desirably tempting cuisines. The Basque tapas are kept for the showcase which is known as Pinxo and can be found on display at all food vendors, bar tops or bakery shop that you would visit in this town which usually consist amazingly delicious morsels topped on well baked crusty bread slices.

This is very popular by which food vendors try to illustrate their specialities and every kind of delicacies that they have in their menu. The city is also known for the very uniquely shell shaped Concha Beach which is usually a popular destination amongst those who visit the place with their families. The city also beholds one of the best-surfing destinations in Europe at the Zurriola Beach and you can find an infinite number of surfers of all sorts trying to balance themselves with the flowing water. Altogether, San Sebastian is a very family friendly and extremely culinary friendly place which adds one more feather to the beauty of Spain.


Madrid is a popular place and one of the major reasons behind the popularity of Madrid is also because it is the capital city of Spain. But if you actually travel across the city, you will find that Madrid offers much more than just that you expect from a capital. The city is full of heritage sites and museums that portray the distinctiveness of Spain’s history and culture in its true sense. The city has been widely regarded as one of the best places for artists and has been popular for giving some of the best artists known in the world including Picasso and Velázquez.

There is a popular place of art galleries for public display known as Madrid’s Golden Triangle which is must visit as it beholds some of the most popular works of many world-famous artists. Madrid also has the Royal Palace which is the largest amongst all the palaces in Europe in terms of area coverage. The city has many well-built buildings, churches, shopping markets and bars which you can find on every other street while roaming around. Do not forget to visit The La Latina which has many tapas bars and you would find many local Spaniards crawling all over the place.


This place is not something that anyone would usually expect to see in Spain due to its lavish lush green landscape and mystic atmosphere. The place is reminiscent of Irish landscape in a certain way far from the sunny beaches and dry landscapes that you would find in the southern regions of Spain. This area is known for its heavy influence of Celtic culture and has a very long mythical history associated with the land.

The Romans used to consider Galicia as the last end of the world going beyond which was considered a taboo. There are many legends and cults associated with Cape Finisterre Cliffs that lie in the western parts of Galicia. This has been a blessing in disguise as it was later discovered that there’s an archipelago of Atlantic Islands which was named Cies Islands and it has been preserved as a nature reserve.


It is one of the best mountaintop destinations that you will ever come across. The Ronda village is situated near the city of Malaga which is located in the southern part of Spain. The city has been a popular place for its historical place Puente Nuevo which is actually a stone bridge which is the connecting link between the new and old towns of Ronda.

The bridge goes across the El Tajo Gorge which has frighteningly steep drop and can really terrorize those who have a fear falling from heights. Ronda has been popular for its culture of bullfights and Plaza de Toros is the oldest bullfight ring in Spain that organizes bullfight events and many people from across the globe come to watch it. It is a popular destination for visiting during the summers due to its relatively cooler atmosphere.


This is one of the prime coasts of Spain which has also been a popular historical place of the past. Though many people who visit this place are often ignorant about the town itself as they go away towards the beaches, still those who actually want to explore the reluctant beauty of a cultural place will find this town intriguingly interesting place in itself.

This town has a very organic beauty due to its natural location that has a majestic backdrop of Mount Benacantil to give a dramatic touch to its coasts. The mountain peak also beholds the marvellous Santa Barbara Castle. The soaring mountain rocks along with the sea and abundant sunshine all come together to provide this town one of the most convergent sites of natural ecstasy in one place. Along with the old regions of town, you must not miss out the marine coasts where you will find a plenty of tapas bar to hop over.


Valencia is the city from where the most famous Spanish cuisine has evolved, the Paella. You can find this dish at almost every major restaurant and shop but the most satisfying feeling to this dish is while eating it from a beachside restaurant. The local cocktail known as Agua de Valencia is a popular drink which is usually offered alongside the Paella.

The city has some popular tourist attractions too including the incredible old town region which has been home for many local families for several centuries. The famous Science and Arts centre is one of the best places to discover which has been very well designed and given a futuristic touch altogether. The centre has been built on a former riverbed and includes an aquarium, a well-equipped IMAX theatre and a science museum.