2 Most Epic Island Destinations of Spain That Will Make You Go Crazy!

Post by Anupam Pandey | Oct 17, 2018

Spain is a place with a profound history and rich cultural roots.  There was a time when the Spanish Army ruled many territories all over the world and Spain was amongst the most powerful kingdoms of the world. This gives any place a lot of associated memories in form of architectures, heritage and traditions. But above all this, one thing why Spain is one of the leading Tourism hubs of the world is due to its impeccable beauty and sensational landscapes.

While the mainland has most of the historical aspects of all, the Spanish Island territories are just as good as it can get. The Island of Spain is probably one of the highest rated tourist destinations in the world and it is getting better and better as more people are discovering the aesthetic beauty of these archipelagos. They are widely regarded not only their seaside locales but also for their terrestrial ambiguity.  There should be no shred of doubt left in your mind that it should be amongst your first choice for the next holiday trip. You can avail the Dream place Hotels Discount Code and book your next trip to these beautiful islands with some jaw-dropping deals and lowest prices.

There are two large collections of Island Archipelagos on the sea near the Spanish coasts, Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Both are equally outstanding in terms of what they offer to the visitors.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is an archipelago that consists of seven small Island territories. These Islands are situated at a distance of around one hundred kilometres away from the southern coastline of Morocco. All the seven Islands have their own distinguished features but one thing that remains common in all is their beautiful beaches. These Islands are a part of Spain but one will find them very familiar to the vibe that one gets in the Caribbean Islands.  All the Islands have a very tranquil and laid back kind of feel to them and have all the facilities that one can expect in any mainland territory. Even the UNESCO respects the fact that the Canary Islands are one of the most unique places of our planet. Few of their places have been awarded the UNESCO Biosphere reserve status. Actually, this is due to their relatively distinct form of landscapes formed after the volcanic eruptions which are preserved in its true form without any human interference and it is being scientifically researched to understand the natural process of development of landscape and the surrounding rock formations.  So, let us now discuss the various Islands and what they offer to their visitors. 



If you are looking for an Island Holiday Package, then Lanzarote will be definitely there in the list. It is an Island that is known for its suave cool clubbing and joyous holiday packages. This Island is also known for its luxury resorts and hotels that are rated a few of the best ones in the world. You can experience the true luxury of beach resorts here and if you are wondering about the prices, you don’t have to worry because you can easily book them with these Lanzarote Discount Vouchers and get exclusively made offers for your pocket-friendly travel plans.  If you take a view at the landscape beyond the beaches, you will find a landscape that appears to be a place on ‘Mars’ or ‘Jupiter’ due to the strange extraterrestrial feel created by the black and red volcanic rocks. There are many vineyards in this Island where you can find one of the best variety of vine i.e. Malvasia. There are some rock tunnels which are carved within the big rocks due to the flow of Lava after volcanic eruptions. There are so many other activities that you can do on this Island and especially its beaches.


This Island is also referred to as the ‘Beach of Canary’ due to its exotic beaches. It has also got probably one of the longest stretches of white sand on the beach that runs for over 150 kilometres without any interference in between. The dramatic volcanic sites are common in the Canary Islands and same is the case with this Island too. This Island is one of the ideal holiday playgrounds thanks to its lengthy white coastline. This place is also a famous site for Kitesurfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Even if you are not a pro at it, no need t be disappointed. You can get a plenty of help in the nearby agencies and learn this exciting water sports on this Island. Cheese prepare on this Island are really popular and it is highly recommended to taste a fresh one here.

Gran Canaria

This is the capital city of the Archipelago and therefore most of the administrative head offices are on this Island. This place is amusingly called a miniature continent due to its too much versatile landscapes within such limited area. To understand that, let me put it this way; you get a chance to experience the fume of a volcanic crater, the barren lifelessness of the desert sand dunes, and thrilling experience of mountainous hilly terrain and tranquillity of lazy white sand beaches, within one day. Yes, you can visit 4 completely different and unrelated landscapes within in a day. It is as much versatility as a Continent can offer. Apart from this, Gran Canaria is also known as a great wellness destination due to its health-oriented fitness and yoga centres and spa hotels. If you wish to get a fitness trip, use these Gran Tacade Promotional Codes and book it online at the cheapest prices.


Tenerife is the largest of all Canary Islands in terms of area. This Island is widely popular in European and American youths for its incredible clubs and the oozing party vibe. But this would be your misconception to adjudge it nothing more than that. It is indeed very versatile and awesome place to visit with many mesmerizing qualities. Whether you love sports or you are into nature photography or an adventure junkie, you will get your interest well served within the limited landmass of Tenerife. There are as many as eight large Golf courses on this Island and few of them are widely regarded amongst the best ones with all the types of facilities at disposal. The Island has a famous name for whale sightings not far from its seashore. Tenerife also has the largest mountain peak of the Spanish territories, Mount Teide which is apparently a volcanic mountain.  If you want to get a stay in the plush luxury resorts and enjoy fun-filled vacations like no other, get the Tenerife Discount to save a lot from your travel expenses.

La Gomera

This is a very unbelievably majestic place that enchants a magical spell on you with its amazing landscapes. The things that you get to see on this Island can’t even be thought about elsewhere. For instance, there are many streets on this islands that have been made up of bare sand which will be just not believed by anyone, if you ask most of the people in the world about it. The most interesting language on the earth is being probably spoken here on this land. The voices made to interact in this language actually sound like a bird chirping or a very unique type of whistling if I may say so. This Island is full of lush green forest and hilly terrains which together form an excellent combination for the trekkers to explore. The whole Island is a very beautiful presentation of the natural beauty in itself.

Balearic Islands

This is the second archipelago under Spanish territory which consists of four major Islands and several other inhabitable small Islands. These Islands are probably more popular than Canary due to their lesser offshore distance from the coasts of Spain. These Islands are usually inhabited by all kinds of Spanish communities most of which have moved here from the mainland at some time in the past. These Islands offers a great respite to the Europeans and one of the preferred holiday destinations by the Spanish citizens too.




Mallorca is largest of all the Balearic Islands in terms of land area. It also has the capital city of the archipelago La Palma de Mallorca. This Island is known for its religious charm created by the large cathedral and an attractively build old-style quarter. There are many resorts on the Island that offer great Luxury stays. This Island has been a famous place of party lovers with its clubs and pubs that offer a really amazing clubbing experience.  Due to its large size, the northern region is a bit far off and has a separate identity. But it has also not been unaffected by the party vibe of this Island. There are small mountain villages in the northern territories with many beautifully built architectures and attractive locales. The wooden train of Mallorca is an experience like no other and it is highly recommended for the visitors to go through it.