2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jun 19, 2019

The 8th edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup is on progress and there is a lot that you may have been missing out on about this privilege tournament for women football players. While the FIFA Men’s World Cup gets a lot of traction for all good and bad reasons, but it is sad to find no such limelight being thrown upon the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. This may be true that there has been a gradual shift where the gradient of the mainstream attention given to the men and women in the sports world is getting lesser by each passing day, but it is also true that a change does not necessarily be gradual. So here we have covered for you everything relevant that you would need to seek this biggest football tournament for women with more information and curiosity.

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The tournament is being hosted by France and 24 Women’s National Football Team are qualified to fight for the glorious FIFA World Cup. The tournament commenced from 7th June and would get concluded in exactly one month with the final match scheduled to be held on 7th July to eventually see which team is going to take the glory. This is the first time France has got the opportunity to host and the third time a European Country is hosting this tournament. There would be nine venues for the matches across 11 stadiums in total. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 was won by the USA and it would be entering the competition as the defending champions. This tournament is introducing the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System for the first time in Women’s football matches.

This tournament can prove to be a game changer in establishing the relevance of female gender in the world of sports that has been long due for quite a long time. You can also become the flag bearer of your favourite team and be present in the stadium to cheer them during the game with exuberance to boost and motivate your team. Keeping your budget under can be tough during such tournaments but not for those who avail this Hotels.com Discount Code for France Hotels. It would ensure that you get the luxurious rooms of your liking in the Best 5 Star Hotels of France without worrying about the bills.


FIFA has launched its Official Mascot for this world cup too as it always does for the other FIFA World Cups that have been organized in the past. This time, FIFA has launched a new Mascot ‘Ettie’, a young chicken with a very keen passion for football.

Name - Ettie

Species - Poussin

To give you an idea in brief about the conceptualization of ‘Ettie’, you should search for Footix, the official Mascot for the 1998 FIFA World Cup for Men’s National Teams. Ettie has supposedly evolved as the daughter of Footix which itself belongs to a long drawn line of feathered Mascots of the past. Ettie has been described to have a family link with a popular French Symbol, the Gallic Rooster. This made her the most suitable contender for being named as the Mascot for this tournament which is also being held in France. You can find yourself at ease for travelling through the venues  and cities for matches with the help of online bookings and to avail the best prices for bookings, do not forget to use the Omio Voucher for Bus Tickets and the Omio Discount for Train Tickets bookings to save as much as possible in such tight travel schedules created due to the fans rushing for this tournament.



The qualification of the National Teams from Africa is done on the basis of the 2018 CAF Women’s Africa Cup of Nations. This tournament was held last year in between the month of November and ended on the 1st of December. This cup was hosted by Ghana. Out of the 8 teams that participated in this tournament, the top three teams in the points table were to be qualified for the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019. These three teams were Nigeria, South Africa and Cameroon. The winner of the tournament was Nigeria which won the cup for the third time in a row and it has now won 11 African Cups in total.   


There are 5 berths for the Women’s National Teams from Asia which is decided from the Asian Women’s Cup tournament rankings of the team. The AFC Asian Women’s Cup was held last year in Jordan. Out of all the participating nations, China, Thailand, Australia and Japan were able to reach the Semi-Final stage of the tournament and therefore got their place booked in the Women’s World Cup this year. The fifth berth for the World Cup was decided from a qualification match for the fifth spot, which was eventually won by the Korea Republic to confirm their place in this World Cup.


Europe is one of the biggest hubs of Football and has the craziest following for the game of Football. The process of qualification of teams from Europe is a complex one that involved various Women’s World Cup 2019 qualifying rounds. The first stage is the qualifying round that filters 35 teams out of all the National Teams participating for the berth in World Cup. Then, these 35 teams were categorized into 7 different groups with 5 teams in each group. The winners of these groups confirmed their berth in the cup finals, which are Italy, Spain, England, Norway, Scotland and Sweden. France was already qualified after being chosen as the host nation. The last team to qualify as 'Netherlands' after defeating Denmark in the qualifiers held to reserve the last berth in the Women’s World Cup for the European region.

North America and Caribbeans

There are 3 berths for the National Teams from North America to qualify and fight for the World Cup. The USA, Canada and Jamaica won their tickets to France 2019 at the 2018 CONCACAF Women's Championship, which took place between 4 and 17 October 2018 in the USA. Fourth-placed Panama was defeated by Argentina in the intercontinental play-off in November 2018.

South America

The Copa America Femenina 2018 was held between 4-22 April in Chile. Brazil and Chile finished top-two to qualify for France 2019, while third-placed Argentina also booked their place after beating the fourth-placed CONCACAF side Panama in a playoff in November 2018.


Hosts Fiji advanced from the preliminary round (25-31 August) to join the eight-nation field for the 2018 OFC Women's Nations Cup. New Zealand won the tournament held between 18 November - 1 December 2018 in New Caledonia to qualify for France 2019.


Tournament Favorites – France

In the seven prior World Cups, France was never pegged as a tourney favourite. Yet a seasoned squad stacked with quality players and a country still reeling from World Cup glory has consolidated its odds. Even if the country wasn’t playing host to the 2019 edition of the World Cup, they’d still be considered favourites. Despite the recent retirement of arguably the best France player of all time, Louisa Nécib Cadamuro, France has a full stock of quality players piled one after the other to represent their country. Only France can boast having two players – Wendie Renard and Amandine Henry – on the final shortlist of 2018’s Best FIFA Women’s Player Award. The squad France will bring to next summer’s Women’s World Cup will be mostly comprised of players that have played in multiple major tournaments and are now entering the prime of their careers. It should also be mentioned that France has one of the best women’s domestic leagues in the world and that Lyon, a side that is nearly a mirror reflection of their national team, it has also won the domestic title and the most last UEFA Champion’s League title.

Dark Horse – The Netherlands

Typically countries that compete well are populous and have a winning tradition. Yet with only 17 million citizens and four World Cup games to its name, the Netherlands has neither. The women’s Dutch side announced itself in world football after winning Euro 2017. On their road to victory, they swept aside Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and England countries with far greater footballing success than their own. Winning such a competitive tournament means that Holland can play with the greats. Leading their squad is the 25-year-old Barcelona midfielder, Lieke Martens. She was an unknown commodity a few years back but has burst onto the scene as of recent after winning the UEFA Women’s Players of the Year 2016-17 and The Best FIFA Women’s The player in 2017 awards. With a current world ranking of 9th position, and fans eager to compensate for the men’s team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Holland has all the pieces in place to make a deep run in next year’s tournament.

Biggest Disappointment – Brazil

Brazil’s FA is on a destructive path as the players from the national team penned an open letter to their FA complaining about the same. The list of grievances included the unwarranted firing of the team’s first-ever female coach, lack of leadership opportunities offered to women within the organization, and a general lack of respect. As a result of the aforementioned injustices, stalwarts chose to retire. Brazil may be a very popular football team for Men’s football,  but sadly there is a history of neglect female in the field of sports, football being no exception to it. To give a brief overview of the condition which women’s football suffered in the country, you can simply see it from the ban imposed on women football till the year 1979. Brazil still managed to go against the run of the mill and gave football some of the best female sports athletes in the world overcoming such a tragic condition faced by the women football players for years. In such chaotic times, Brazil has still managed results, finishing first in the 2018 Copa America and fourth in the Olympics. Yet with the squad seemingly ready to implode, the resentment the women’s team has for its FA may come to a boil at the 2019 World Cup. These politically motivated and misogynist actions of Brazil’s FA can shatter their Women's division to the dust in times when all other nations are keenly investing and supporting their women’s national teams for the encouragement of female athletes. .