5 Places in UK That You Would Absolutely Love To Visit

Post by Anupam Pandey | Sep 12, 2018

The tourism industry has been blossoming ever since the faster modes of transportation have been invented. The trains and flights have made the distances look petty to what they were usually considered in earlier times. London happens to be one of the most visited places in the count of travellers visiting a place. But there are a few other less known places in the UK that every visitor would love to visit.

The United Kingdom is a very classic place for tourism. It has few of the best holiday destinations which happen to be very favourable for family trips. There are a number of beautiful places in the United Kingdom that will charm you with their glorious surrounding and ecstatic scenery. These places we are about to discuss often find travellers who would keep visiting the place for the sheer pleasure and peace of mind these places provide to a person. If you haven’t visited them, it is highly recommended that you do visit them for your better. For motivation, these are the best travel deals that can be availed using Breakfree Holidays Coupon Codes and Holiday Extras Coupon Codes.

Here are the 5 Places that you would absolutely love to visit…

Lake District

It is an ideal example of what a British holiday is expected to be like – marvellous mountains, tranquil lakes, sober marketplaces and villages. Lake District is galore of lovely sceneries that you can enjoy under the fresh environment. The Lake District also has a large national park to explore along with many heritage sites and historic places to visit.


If I was to name the place with the cleanest beaches in the world, it would be Northumberland. The place also offers the option to take a ferry ride to Farne Islands. You can also take a drive over to visit the Holy Island. The extravagant castle of Bamburgh which is situated at the edge of the sea gives a glimpse of the old times of knights and queens. Then there’s Alnwick Castle which most of the Harry Potter fans would find a resemblance with.

Scottish Aviemore

Scottish Aviemore has way too many adventures to offer which aren’t expected from one place. You have various options to choose from and none of them is any less interesting. You can’t get over the outdoor activity parks here with options such as biking, wall climbing, hunting the clay pigeon, gorge walks, kayaking, fishing, trekking and zip wire riding. Aviemore is just the perfect place where you can have a blast along with your friends or family.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a short ferry ride away from the shore. The place is an absolute heaven meant just for holidays. The place offers all the things that most people could ever think or expect from a holiday trip. You have the option to visit the beautiful countryside’s, fabulous beaches and various other fun activities. The place is relatively sunny which provides ample sunshine if anyone relishes sunbathing.


If you want to explore a classic British place, it should be Yorkshire as it has got the dales and moors, beautiful locales, mountain peaks, stunning coastline and national parks too. Younger ones would specifically like the Scarborough. It has a Sea Life Center along with many parks and penny arcades to engage them. The trip would be called incomplete if you don’t visit the Alpha Mare Water Park which just awesome and super enjoyable with numerous fun slides, a water playground and a lot more water-based activities.